Rejet’s new CD! Love☆Don!!☆Quixote

Love Don Love Don Love Don,
Love Don Love Don Love Don!!!

The song is just too catchy and I swear I wasn’t the only one spamming comments similar to the above while watching the Live Event. (・∀・) The colourful pop and slightly comic-styled art is also perfect for a school themed CD!


As I mentioned in the compilation post, Love Don Quixote is a Situation CD where the man Kabe-Dons you. (Your back is against the wall and he places his arm(s) to stop you from escaping.) The heroine enters St. Don Quixote where the student council is rumoured to consist only of handsome men. She gets involved in an incident quickly and has the student council members take an interest in her. She then become a fledgling for the student council, but one of the school rules is that a relationship is forbidden! Here starts a secret love with your seniors!


#1 Student council Vice President: Monami
CV: Kondou Takashi
Release Date: April 29

“Get hated by everyone other than me. You should just be looking at me.”

He became vice instead when he lost to Roy in the balloting. He hates losing and has lots of self-confidence, so is watching for the President seat like a hawk. If you tease him that he has a girly name, he won’t speak to you for half a year. (I’m actually more amused that his name can be mon.ami, my friend. lol)


#2 Student council Secretary: Shizuku
CV: Nojima Kenji
Release Date: May 27

“Can I leave a mark on you to prove that you’re mine alone? Fufu ♪”

He has grades at the top of the cohort and yet he thinks that it is only normal. His worry is that he hasn’t been growing much since middle school, but uses that advantage to come close to you…


#3 Student council Secretary 2: Taichi
CV: Yonaga Tsubasa
Release Date: June 24

“That voice really excites me. Hey, let me hear more of it?”

The second secretary but mostly leaves the work to Shizuku, and is the elder twin with Sousuke. He makes friends easily, which is a charm point, but he loves playing pranks on others and seeing them hold their anger in or being annoyed. A little devil.


#4 Student council Treasurer: Sousuke
CV: Kimura Ryohei
Release Date: July 27

“Don’t make that face. I’ll not be able to stop because of you.”

The treasurer and younger twin. He seems to be purposely making himself look like Taichi. His charm point is the mole on the corner of his mouth! And be careful of his leaking pheromones….. (It sounds weird but it just means he’s very boyish and sexy)


#5 Student council OB: Reno
CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu
Release Date: August 26

“You won’t listen to your senior? Punishment is needed for a bad child.”

He is normally a smiling koala but when he switches into Prince mode, he just keeps seducing you! But his true personality is only known by the members of the student council…. His university recommendation has been decided so he often comes over to the student council to play when he’s free.


#6 Student council President: Roy
CV: Hirakawa Daisuke
Release Date: September 30

“If you don’t tell me clearly I won’t do it. What will you do?”

He is the one who executes things that the council has decided on. The commanding aura that he gives off scares even teachers. With a sweet voice and smart words he takes control of the person…. No one wins him!



LOVE DON LOVE DON LOVE DON!!! (・∀・)(・∀・)(・∀・)

I guess I’m interested in Taichi and Reno the most but for now I’ll be waiting to see if it’s worth the money.

6 thoughts on “Rejet’s new CD! Love☆Don!!☆Quixote

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  2. “Be careful of his leaking pheromones” xD The release dates are pretty far away, might forget about this series coming out when it does.


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