Rejet’s new CD! Yuu Gen Romantica

The seven wonders of your high school as you get possessed by the spirits. How nice. (・∀・) As I mentioned in my compilation post here, Yuu Gen is a Situation CD whereby you experience getting possessed by different kinds of Japanese ghosts with the famous dummy head mic. Summer is a time where we like telling ghost stories to ‘cool off’. I’m not sure we got this tradition and my dad’s ghost stories were never frightening. (They were mostly bad oyaji jokes.)

Story: (click to enlarge)


This comprehensive map was amusing enough. The hitodama (human souls that glow like a fire) mark where each of the 6 Youkai (spirits) you come into contact with normally are. The spirits in human form, speak to you in the afternoon and lure you to themselves at night.

Mystery 1: The kamikakushi(disappearance of people) in the old dorms. “Hey did you know? In the place where the old dorms are is said to exist the grave of a Tengu. Perhaps after moving it, people who went there alone at night were said to mysteriously disappear. Some never returned…….”

Mystery 2: The will-o’-wisp in the cooking classroom. “Hey did you know? If you go to the Home-ed cooking classroom at night, a blueish-white will-o’wisp can be seen dancing around. It is said that the wisp is actually a Fox spirit who has lost his home and will possess any human it sees. Your consciousness gets dim slowly and finally…….”

Mystery 3: Being unable to move in the infirmary room. “Hey did you know? If you rest until night in the infirmary, a strange binding happen to you and you won’t be able to move. In the state where you can’t twitch even a finger, you will hear the sound of coming coming closer and closer to you in the dark. And when you strain your eyes to see………. Haha, what do you think it is….?”

Mystery #4: The piano can be heard in the empty music room. “Haha, did you know? There’s a rumour that you can hear the piano being played in a sad melody in the dead of the night. But NEVER peep in. Because if you’re caught by ‘It’, you will be forced to dance till you die to the tune of the music….

Mystery #5:  The howling in the gym. “You know, have you heard this? There’s a horrible howling coming form the gym at night. If you open the door, it’s the end for you… ‘It’ will possess and follow you forever and ever……”

Mystery #6: The flower boy of the toilet. “You already know right? If you knock on the door of the last cubicle three times in the boy toilet at night, a voice will be heard saying “Come on in” If you tell your wishes to the flower boy there, he will grant them… is what they say. So come on to the toilet at night, yeah! Don’t hold back on anything!”




#1 The Tengu who seduces you actively “Hifumi”
Release Date: April 29

“You’re scared out of your wits and yet you won’t run. It’s my first time meeting a woman like you.”

He normally goes to school in a human form and has taken a liking to the deserted old dormitories. The more he likes a girl, the more he tends to bully her and he even uses his powers as Tengu to become invisible and plays tricks on others. But in reality he really wants to get along with humans and even wants a girlfriend. (lol) But he knows others are afraid of him so he is unable to take the next step. As a result, he is also awkward sometimes.



#2 The tsundere fox spirit “Zakuro”
CV: Sakurai Takahiro
Release Date: May 27

“I have no interest in stupid women. If you come close I’m going to possess you.”

When he is in human form he is a delinquent student and having caused incidents in school, he is on suspension now. Being fond of scaring humans he loves turning into Onibi (will o’wisp). Having lived for a long time, he is sly and looks down on humans. He hates humans but is extremely faithful to those who have done him good. He loves abura-age. (a kind of fried tofu)



#3 The sluggish eight-tailed Orochi “Iriya”
CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke
Release Date: June 24

“Shall I teach you fun things that you don’t know?”

Rich, with good grades and with the sexiness of an adult, he is highly popular in school. Having been sealed for many years, he is always tired and is often seen napping in class. Being tired of seeing so many different dreams he wishes for something exciting. He is weak to Cola and becomes drunk once he drinks it, and very sexy. (lol) *Orochi is a giant serpent.



#4 The haraguro cat spirit “Arahagi”
CV: Kaji Yuuki
Release Date: July 29

“Do you want to try getting controlled by me? I treat my toys carefully you know?”

A bishounen and is popular in school as an idol-like existence since he sings well. No one knows what he’s thinking and where he’s from and he’s actually evil despite looking amiacble and friendly. When he sees someone getting anxious due to his actions he smiles. But one way to beat him is to give him some catnip!



#5 The yandere Inugami “Toneri”
CV: Hirakawa Daisuke
Release Date: August 26

The problem child that is forever unable to graduate. In the track-and-field club, he has prodigy-level reflexes in sport. He is normally friendly and an idiot but once he likes someone he gets extremely attached and possessive. (Not a pun. (・∀・)) He loves meat. *Inugami means Dog-god



#6 The beautiful toilet Flower Boy “Hanawo”
CV: Midorikawa Hikaru
Release Date: September 30

“Hey, since we met here, don’t you think it’s such Fate!” *In the toilet

He rarely comes to school and is celebrity level in school due to his good looks. Sometimes ore-sama, sometimes gentle, he has lots of different faces to him. If he spots any lonely person he starts following them around, and loves it when people don’t catch onto his conversation and becomes unhappy if you talk too much.


I’m really looking forward to the acting of the seiyuus here. Will it be creepy and funny as I expected or will they incorporate something cute and sweet?

Get spooked! (or not :p) I recommend the Animate Tokutens 😉

20 thoughts on “Rejet’s new CD! Yuu Gen Romantica

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      • This is a good point. My problem is the completionist in me has a hard time only getting part of a series. I’ve noticed that all the CDs I’ve gotten so far are always of the “all in” variety. Or my golden rule of investing in the whole series and never just one. Due to my poorness, I might need to beat that completionist part of me down with a hammer.


      • For Teistar I’d say do not miss out on Fuji baby!!! Sanji’s was sad too, and I like Isao because of his sexy voice :p The Skit tokutens were bookmarks printed like an Opera ticket and if you got the whole series they gave you a set of mini metal charms (I LOVE METAL CHARMS RAHHH)

        For Soubou: Shou Katsu Riou, Sou Sou the sexy devil and Chou Un. It’s a bit R18 though, but the heroine is fantastic and its a sad dark story.

        I happen to be very informed on Chinese and Japanese history so you can always ask me :p Oh and I have translations for Vol.1 and 2 for Soubou if you need 😀

        Hmmm I overspent way too much as well so I totally know what you mean, but I’m pretty sure what kind of themes and which Seiyuus I really don’t care about so I 95% enjoy my purchases. The 5% goes to when I’m duped by the art and end up buying a CD for a Seiyuu I don’t like.

        Which part of Japan! Are you coming for the sakura? (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)


      • Hahaha. Okay, I’ll keep that in mind. Fuji, maybe Sanji and Isao (and those tokutens DO sound nice). I may need to budget just for Rejet CDs I want for sure and possible ones I’ll end up getting as a result. AKA if I want one CD from a series and there are 6 CDs…instead of making my set-aside amount 2100 yen for one CD, I’ll need at least 6300 to leave room to buy at least two more, hahahaha. Budgeting like a boss /shot/

        And I shall check on those translations! Thanks for pointing me in some direction xD. I’m fine with R18 stuff, but it’s always good to know beforehand whether it has heavy…uh…sexy times, or not hahaha. Different mindframe.

        Oh, nice. If I need a history lesson in Chinese history I shall let you know! I really slacked off in studying that one. I think part of it was the fact that that was the only East Asian history where I had no flipping idea how to read or pronounce the names of important historical people, hahaha.

        I enjoy a large portion of my purchases as well, at least the ones I listened to or played…unfortunately I have way more unopened things than I should. I’m so slow >_<

        I'm going to be in Tokyo pretty much the whole time because I'm staying with a friend who lives there now and I'm not adventurous hahaha. My main reason for going is a live concert actually. My favorite band is holding their anniversary concert :D. I really do like the sakura though. I was able to see it a few years ago when I studied abroad and I didn't know if my timing would overlap with it this time because they came out in early/mid-April instead of March that year. I usually try to go to Japan during off travel times because it's cheaper, but I managed to snag a decent airfare even though it's sakura season and close to spring break.


      • Haha happy budgeting! I think if you popped by to amazon jp online there’s plenty of cheap Cds for those 2 series now. I just got really interested in Chinese history at some point and my bro was playing those Sangoku games (lol) I got so obsessed I studied a whole semester on that. :p

        I think it’s good to take your time enjoying your goodies! I feel I move way too fast sometimes and didn’t appreciate the Cd jacket enough and stuff……. I’m trying to slow down here though.

        Ooh Tokyo! I was really lost in the crowd but Swallowtail and Ikebukuro I really want to visit again (´;ω;`) I hope you enjoy your trip and your concert! Haven’t seen real Sakura for a few years and I’m excited to fantasize about meeting some ikemen while looking at them (Lol shoujo manga)

        And I totally forgot to add this previously because I was running for the bus: ESUTAAAAAAAAAAA! I just voted for him and Koezaru’s psp port in Dengeki Girl’s game poll yesterday. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ Why are 2D men so cute……


      • Oh yeah. Amazon Japan. I visit that page often but I forget about it sometimes, hahaha. I forget if Global shipping applies to those or if I’d need to use a forwarding service. I know some things can and some cannot so I just gotta check.

        I see! That’s neat. I’m embarrassed to say that despite my lack of detailed knowledge of Chinese history, studying East Asian history was basically my major…although in my defense I studied Chinese history mostly in conjuction to Japanese and Korean history since those regions I studied more in depth.

        I think taking my time is alright too, but it’s more laziness or lack of time than anything. When I actually buckle down and play something, I play through it really fast. And for drama CDs, I can’t relisten to them for a while because otherwise it gets too repetitive.

        While I studied abroad closer to Yokohama, I’ve been to Tokyo several times now so I’m pretty used to it. And I get lost all the time so getting lost in a crowd isn’t as much of a difference to me, hahaha. I love Ikebukuro. I’m going to be really close to there on my trip. Otome Road, here I come~

        I hope you get to go again sometime soon but I know transportation fees can be killer. Some people don’t realize how expensive it can get if you’re in a different part/region of Japan.

        Hahahaha. Oh, shoujo manga. I’d probably be distracted by the sakura and not even notice the ikemen. While I enjoy them pretty boys I seem to be really good at not seeing them while in Japan, hahaha.

        Esuta is so adorable. Seriously, a large percentage of why I bought the port was for the Esuta route. I’ve been playing the game on and off but his character is definitely one of my favorite ones.


      • I think they do global for books and DVDs/CDs but only if it’sold from amazon themselves. If 2nd hand from others, they probably don’t..

        Yeah a night bus could cost me an entire game’s worth of money and Shinkansen… Maybe 2 games and 3 CDs D:


      • I seeeee, good to know. I have bought on Amazon Japan before from third party sellers, but I used a proxy for that so it comes out to be kind of expensive…I’d have to calculate it to see if it’s even worth it because the one I use charges about 600 yen per item so I’d have to add that onto the price. Plus shipping (which EMS is really the only option I can select), unless the item is really cheap, a 2nd hand CD might come out only a few dollars cheaper than buying a new one.

        Yeah, shinkansen. Convenient but so expensive. I only rode one once from Osaka to Tokyo. It was kind of sad because it was my first time in Japan so I didn’t realize that I had to use a different card for the trains since the one I used to get around in Kansai wouldn’t work in Tokyo. I wanted to keep my Shinkansen ticket as a keepsake but the machine ate it because I took too long to figure out what I was doing -_-;

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  2. LOLOLOLOLOL I’m dying at the descriptions. LOL WHAT. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. And Midorin’s character is so fabulous. xDDD OMG I think this might be a really fun series. Tsundere fox spirit? Awwww. SO CUTE. And seducing KENN? OMG will I survive this? I think I might have totally fallen for the Inugami, but I’m forever scarred by Hirarin playing yandere. And I have heard him so often I don’t want to listen to him anymore. Ooops.


    • HirakawaD has been getting lots of roles in which I’m interested in the CD, but it’s his fault that I’m not getting them :p

      It definitely looks funny but has potential to be absolute trash like Ookami as well… Hopefully not!


  3. So cool!
    But wait, if this theme is about the “Seven Wonders”, how come there are only Six Mysteries/Volumes? Is this going to be like “Oz to Himitsu no Ai” where Rejet release 6 volumes, and after that will release this “Finale” CD or something?


  4. Hello! |・ω・)
    Could I please have permission to use your lovely translations on my Facebook page?
    I would love to be able to use the character descriptions!ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
    I’ll be sure to link back to your blog! O 3 O


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  6. goodness, Rejet just keeps coming up with more and more titles each round, *cough*notthatthatsabadthing*cough*
    drunk Shinn-sama and Tsundere Sakupyon? man, i gotta listen to these :3
    I’m planning to get some, but I have no idea what the tokutens for the various sites are.. I cant read kanji for nuts T__T


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