Happy Sugar Darlin’-Ebihara Sora, Tsukiyasha-Jyou Jyou Gento & Criminale-Chiave CD Reviews

This is a compilation post because I’m lazy to do separate reviews (I’m playing Hyakka), but just want to stop by before I disappear for a while.

First up: Happy Sugar Darlin’, which I’ve not done any reviews yet because this is the first CD I’m listening to from the series. My first impression: Absolute seiyuu fanservice. As usual I’ll show pictures of the Cd jacket for every first copy of the series I buy. As usual, we have amusing Cd jackets from Rejet:


I think Sora’s CD jacket is the nicest, luckily for me. When I got the CD, I wondered why the cover was so dark, since the art looked much brighter on the website. I opened it hastily and Tralalalala~~!! 


The limited edition doesn’t come with free talk but a changeable cover of Sora! You get to take off his clothes and not risk whoever is in your room seeing it :p


The limited edition also comes with a SS “My Dear” of how Sora fell in love with you.


If you rub it, the rubber dots will smell like caramel pudding latte. Not really. It smelled like rubber caramel. (lol) But I’m amused by this innovative bit and it was fun to take apart the stuff inside and read the short story.

As to in depth opinions on what I think about this series, it’s good in it’s own way, but it won’t make me want to listen to every character, like LipOn which pushes for a similar seiyuu fanservice type series. My judgement is: SWEET. But not the sweet as in ‘Aww~ so cute’ but the ‘Gosh I’m going to get diabetes because he’s way too nice to her’. He’s way too smooth for a high school boy (then again, which 2D high school boy isn’t smooth) and Kaji’s acting was really nice. Let’s just say he’s a Yuiga Kakeru replica without the haraguro.

There was hardly any music but atmospheric sounds like waves and classroom noise, so you don’t get *clues* about how you’re supposed to feel at the moment, but then again, it’s just sweettalk, if some sad piano music came in it would be spoilt (but for the fun of it, I will try combining a track or two :p)

Sora’s CD starts with him asking you out, and quickly shifts into focuses on their interactions during first dates and and promises of a happy future. *chokes on the high sugar level*If you’re a big fan of Kaji, I’d recommend this (too much) because his acting is really great. But if you were hoping for something that has you working with him in a restaurant and slowly getting closer (which was what I wanted), no.


Criminale – Chiave


Chiave is also my first copy for Criminale, but I’ve heard Tempesta from my friend, and I like Chiave more.

IMG_2422 IMG_2423

2CDs, and the map of where they were at each hour was fun to look at but it didn’t matter much to me because I suck at geography.

Summary: Chiave’s story starts with him threatening the heroine in the car and when she asks to go to the toilet, he sees through her trick but still brings her out. He then tells her that he is actually her friend and his attitude changes completely luring her to run away with him. They escape from the Anfisbaina guys (not sure about the italian reading) and Chiave later reveals he actually wants to kill her so another organisation will take him in. After Father died, Chiave felt that Anfisbaina would not hold together, and so he decided to betray the family, but turns out that there was a bomb on the ship to kill both him and the heroine. While he regrets, they manage to stop it from exploding and continue on the run, with episodes of Chiave’s past and them pretending to be kissing in the cabin when the enemies barge in on their hiding spot.

My thoughts: I liked Chiave’s changing personality, from kind>untrusting>to learning how to trust the heroine and though Toriumi was good in playing it out, I would’ve preferred a different seiyuu. It is a nice idea to have the listener ‘on the run’ together with the mafia boy, but this series feels like a group of police pretending to be mafia rather than mafia boys themselves. Tempesta was slightly more threatening due to his sickness, but it still felt as if Rejet would have done better making it a police thing, rather than Mafia. Also, the forced love endings are not my cup of tea since after 48 hours someone says he loves you and would be pretty creepy in reality. The whole trusting, bimbotic heroine comes into play too, so if you’re able to get past these few things you would enjoy Criminale very much. And Toriumi’s free talk was pretty amusing :3


Tsukiyasha – Jyou Jyou Gento


Gento feels like the brother who finds you annoying but still knows your favourite food and tries to understand the complexity called an imouto. (lol) He isn’t extremely Yasha-like, and actually finds the heroine’s blood gross initially, so he rarely sucked her blood, because he’s a half. The heroine mentioned him becoming the bridge within humans and Yasha which he happily did at the end when he started liking the heroine. Their relationship was shallow though, with me thinking “wait a minute, did you just say you love her? When the heck did that happen? And women, you’re not free of guilt too. When did you start liking Gento, explain yourself now.” (lol) His similar ending to Kirinosuke also disappointed me, since there was plenty of potential for Gento’s finale to turn a more majestic way. I guess the saving point was Toriumi’s acting, and though I’m not his fan, I think his voice does suit Gento, unlike Chiave.

Gento mentioned Hayato and I can’t wait to listen to him!


I didn’t buy any of the Volume 5s, so you won’t be hearing from me about the CDs until volume 6, and my final thoughts on everything.

Sayounara and Hyakka なう!

6 thoughts on “Happy Sugar Darlin’-Ebihara Sora, Tsukiyasha-Jyou Jyou Gento & Criminale-Chiave CD Reviews

  1. LOL the happy sugar darlin’ jacket strip. Just another good reason to support the series and buy the CD 😉
    I feel that Toriumi does a lot of roles where it would have been better to cast someone else. I do like him as a seiyuu, but sometimes he doesn’t seem to be a right fit for some characters.
    Out of curiosity, do you imagine a separate character as the girl when you listen to drama CDs? I don’t really think of myself as the character (even if the intention is supposed to be like that i think??). I’m a weirdo….


    • Hmm I usually try to think of myself as the heroine, because it adds to the experience, but I distance myself immediately if I don’t like the heroine because she does something I wouldn’t do, like Ookami or when Sou Sou is being mean…

      Toriumi is quite versatile, but I tend to think of him as more ojiisan characters rather than young n’ sexy like Chiave, or Shuu from DiaMosquitoes even. But Toriumi has been in the industry for a long time so many people impose their favourite characters on his previous roles…. Sad but unavoidable…


      • My Japanese isn’t so great so I think that’s why I tend to imagine a different person rather than sticking myself in.
        That’s interesting that you think of Toriumi as an ojisan type; haven’t been exposed to his older roles so I can’t say I see him that way.
        Yeah…it’s unfortunate many seiyuu get stuck into character typing…..


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