Tsukiyasha’s differences from Dialovers & Misao review

Ok I didn’t plan to do translations or a review for this, but I received some funny emails over the weekend and thought I should redress Misao’s grievances (‘◇’)ゞ I’m sorry if this may seem a little challenging or even rude, but I promise I intend to offend in no way. Instead of responding to every email, I’ll just type a post here and take a breather from Hyakka Yakou. I’d wanted to save this for Vol.6, Hayato’s CD, but it seems like  clearing things up now will be better.

1) Misao is NOT a bisexual. 

In the otome industry, there’s either homosexual(for the fujoshi) or straight guys for the otomes. Producers will be highly afraid to introduce a bisexual into otome games and CDs, unless he’s an Onee who discovers his male hormones work better when he meets you. I’m not sure who translated the web wrongly, but “Misao is a maniac who kills both men and women, tearing them into a thousand pieces and a sexual maniac” –  should be the clearer take on Misao’s character.

2) Tsukiyasha and Dialovers are similar but different. 

Dialovers are all “Muahahaha give me your blood because it smells nice or else-” while the Tsukiyasha sextet has members who suck her blood out of accident, necessity or plain arse. The setting is different, and the intended purpose of the story is different. The dialover boys are just there for titilation, but Tsukiyasha also incorporates the understanding of the Yasha’s pains in being different and shunned by humans, and the constant fear of being persecuted even if they do not harm. I’m aware that I wrote about how Tsukiyasha was a jump off Dialovers, but that was my initial impressions and in Vol.1’s (kirinosuke) CD, I stated that there are clear differences on both series.

3) The yasha are not ‘turned into’ yasha

The yasha were born yasha. I’m saying this because I’ve listened to all the CDs so far. They were born different from humans, and they don’t know about their instincts to drink blood until a certain age. They are able to live on animal blood as well, but the blood of young females drives them wild. Poor Gento has been maligned for turning the others into Yasha and I gotta say that this CD is definitely not aimed at a Fujoshi audience, so I hope this clears things up!


Now for Misao’s Cd review:

It’s going to be short, because I wasn’t very impressed with Misao even though I was the most interested in him. His story however is the most interesting in terms of his past, even though I prefer Reiga’s story as a whole. This is probably because the heroine’s feelings for him were not clearly put out and suited his dark personality. I was pretty shocked when he started sucking on her right after the CD started, but it set the scene for his ‘maniac’ personality right away, and his nonchalent way of handling death seemed different again, from Reiga or Kirinosuke.

Misao’s was also such a bully when he invited the heroine for tea, and told her that there wasn’t any tea or castella for her, since she is part of his teatime, adding her blood to the castella and tea…. And the way he described how he liked sucking the blood of women while having sexy time with them really made me want to punch him ‘there’. His past as a police officer though, being able to work justice on the front and kill others for his thirst made me dubious because surely, the meiji police were not that dumb. And he mentioned wearing his police uniform to town to escape detection but I think it would make others more aware since townspeople in those days were generally afraid to see police since it meant something was happening in the town.

His ending felt like a bad end of an R18 game, and the heroine till the end, was still unsure of her feelings for Misao, but allowed him to suck her blood for his survival. I liked this slightly ambiguous definition of happiness since it was more realistic than having them love each other truly when we all know that Misao might die and he’s placing his hopes on her blood for survival.

I would have liked Gento’s ending to follow a similar path – that the heroine understood that Gento was simply using her and she willingly did so because she understood the pain of the Yasha and not close it with a Barney song of ‘I love you,  you love me, we’re a happy family… ‘ And it’s definitely fanservice that now “you” have gotten the leader of the Yasha in your hands and you’re going to make him grovel at your feet (・∀・)

That’s all. Now I’m really going.

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