Re:birthday song Game Review

I really struggled through this game, and when I finished Kairi and Shun I just set it on auto mode while I did homework, the dishes and watched anime. The scenarios were crap boring, the characters themselves not that much appealing anyway (except for Nami Sensei) and the overall storyline just plain $#%^. This is how bad the game is. IS THIS REALLY THE COMPANY THAT PRODUCED AYAKSHI GOHAN?!?!?! *RAGE*

Tears? No tears. But I did laugh a bunch and roll my eyes at the terrible story.

First, I already prepared myself for the Shinigami world to be relatively stupid because it’s Seishun Honeybee yeah? And true enough 10 mins into the prologue Cocoro meets a talking owl who happens to be the principle of the shinigami school. Yeah wtf. She remembers nothing and I named her ‘Strawberry Atama'(head) for kicks and I laughed through the love scenes which weren’t cute anyway.

Second, I get it that this is the shinigami world but are the shinigamis all Japanese? Is the world connected to anywhere other than Japan? Come on. Use brains when you write a story.

Third, oh my gawd, every single one of them is Cocoro’s childhood friend? Can’t there be other variations? (; ・`д・´) It’s revealed in Nami’s route that she has been reborn many times (because of Nami and her dad) so each time in her life she met Kairi and the others but died prematurely somehow. She’s just twisted into the story and not given a proper background and pretty much stays energetic and idiotic the whole game. Lazy writing. While I was initially amused by her retarded character, I got annoyed after some time when she started to act like a kid and stop the whole process of removing souls from the bodies.

I can’t even be bothered to type out the character routes, since they were childish and uneventful, with stupid school events that seem so out of place in the dark shinigami world. (Even though I prepared myself that’s it’s gonna be stupid, I didn’t expect it to be this stupid) Nami’s story turned out to be the best but only because it’s human to hold onto something you love and project it onto others, and I liked the complication where Cocoro felt Nami was seeing her past self and not current self. But this too, is a done-to-death trope in many love stories and absolutely nothing original. The rest of Nami’s route was shit with Cocoro becoming the ruler of Netherworld and all other kinds of rubbish you would expect  from a 1 star game.

What an utter waste of time. Guess I’ll busy myself with CDs and replay some games until Possession Magenta comes. I’ve been meaning to play death connection for a while now, I should get to that and forget this game I just played. Thanks for reading this review even though it’s full of complaints (;・∀・)

6 thoughts on “Re:birthday song Game Review

  1. You’ve worked hard ><. I feel so bad for you having to bash your way through this game. As I went through the review I started replacing Cocoro with Strawberry Atama, best giggles ever.
    Go reward yourself now! You earned it!


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