Happy Sugar Darlin’ – Satu CD Review Summary

So I’ve been misreading the bear’s name for six months until now (;・∀・) I thought it’d be Satou, Japanese for sugar but upon closer inspection after I heard ‘Satu’ its written as さとぅ!! I googled and found this:

[ syll. sa-tu, sat-u ] The baby girl name Satu is also used as a boy name. It is pronounced Saa-Tuw- . Satu has its origins in the Japanese and Finnish languages. It is used largely in Finnish and Scandinavian. Finnish origin: It is derived literally from the word satu which is of the meaning ‘fairy tale’. In addition, Satu is a form of the name Sato.

And so it seems. On to revealing the Cd jacket! 

IMG_2782 IMG_2783

We get to see what the heroine’s brother looks like beneath the bear costume! I don’t really care but he looks like the perv he is supposed to be. And the rubber dots are supposed to smell like maple this time. Sickly sweet OTL

Now for the actual review:

1.5 minutes into the first track, I was already amused. Satu speaks in a way that makes you label him as an idiot right away, and coupled with the sis-con image, it was quite funny for me the whole hour I was listening to this, but also felt a little creeped out since I also have an elder brother. Well, maybe girls without elder brothers would really like to have one to get doted on but a sis-con like Satu is more annoying than cute in reality, really. But I enjoyed the CD  overall since I could appreciate Satu’s idiocy which was probably the main charm of this character.

But there were a few things which I felt were strange: Satu is her blood brother, so would she really not recognise the voice in the bear costume? And given her brother’s profession, wouldn’t he be really busy and not have time to be on every shift that the heroine is on? Creepy. Strange. But you’ll be forced to ignore it. His setting was supposed to be that of a bear who eats leftovers, yet there doesn’t seem to be any mention of that in his CD and why he even does that. Where did that character setting go?!?! (;’∀’)

Track 1: “Mofu mofu!” (Fluffy fluffy)

Satu brings the heroine to the terrace and asks her if she hates her brother. He says that her brother is a legendary OB of the school she’s attending now and a top idol now yet she never speaks about him and wonders why she doesn’t boast about him.He tries to get her to fluff him and she admits that she doesn’t want to make trouble for her brother. Satu then invites her to buy supplies for the shop on the next day off.

Track 2: “Going out together”

He comes in his bear costume and is late because some guys from the teddy bear festival event caught him and thought he was their mascot. (like seriously?!?!) He tells her the bear costume is his fighting armour (to get her I guess) and she laughs, which allows him to successfully cover up his identity. She says Satu kinda resembles her brother and he pretends to be sick and runs off.

He takes off the costume in his room and goes into the bath but comes out to retrieve something, and the heroine is there because she came to give him medicine. He screams because he’s naked (I think)

Track 3: “The secret in the costume” 

The secret is out and the heroine makes him Seiza on the floor (rofl) He says that he can’t sneak into the cafe easily to see her and keep guys away from her because of his fame so he decided to sneak in as a mascot. She sews and mends part of the bear costume which has torn a little.

The next scene shows Satu working as the mascot with the heroine now the secret is out and he keeps trying to keep the male customers away from her lol.

Track 4: “Mr.Bear is a worrywart!?”

After work he complains about the school-festival and how guys are probably going to ask her out. He then gets an idea for Happy+Sugar to set up a cafe during that event as well with all of them wearing butler clothes. As they take a break Satu pulls off his bear costume and asks her what she’d do if a guy presses her to date him. He also admits that if there was a guy she really liked he would wish them the best. She asks him to make rounds in the school festival together later and he gets happy like a sis-con should.

Track 5: “Goodbye comes suddenly?”

He has gotten a call from his manager suddenly and he’s worrying in true angst (rofl). He tells his sister that he has to do a close up documentary and he can’t go to work in the cafe, PLUS the one he has to interview is Satu! He persuades the heroine to be Satu instead of him and he asks questions that sort of coerces her into boosting his ego (lol) and fluffing her when she’s in the costume. When it’s done he hugs her and as he’s leaving for his job she kisses him on the cheek (WTH?!?!?!?!?!)  and it ends with him flustered and asking for a second time. Lols. Many lols.

I would never kiss my bro on the cheek. Like -_-


Since I only bought 2 CDs from this series, I can’t really make a judgement on it, but I did enjoy Satu’s, and Sora, though diabetic-causing sweet, was nice to listen to (Kaji had a calming voice and I feel asleep at the beach scene (・∀・)) Each story probably wouldn’t have much going on, so I suggest a buy only if you’re buying it for the seiyuu, or if you want to be entertained in a light way. Rejet kept its promise though- sickly sickly sweet stories!

Next up: Tsukiyasha’s Hayato and Sacrifice’s Calmera!

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