Tsukiyasha – Yashiro Hayato CD summary review

A must buy. Stop drinking Starbucks or eating TrashDonalds and BUY HAYATO’S CD!!! *Beware of Jyuuguchi in extreme hysteria mode in the track summaries because Hayato has triggered her Moe.* ( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`) 隼人やべえ可愛い

Hayato is such a cutie! I actually teared up in the later half of his story @_@ If you follow my twitter, I was bouncing with excitement when his CD jacket and voice samples were released because he seems like the nicest Yasha out of all the rest of them, and he is. He calls her ‘Ojou’ which is something like ‘milady’ and he says he really should call her Hime (princess) since she is so vital to the Yasha for her blood. He makes her food and helps her kill bugs though he hates them (lol gap moe?) and though his story also follows the ‘I gave up X mission for my love’, his story plays out with more emotion than Gento’s and I loved the sound of his Geta in the walking scenes (・∀・) Misao complained about the idiocy of standing out with shoes like that when Yasha are supposed to avoid human attention as much as possible, but Hayato’s design does reflect his upbringing and lively character. His hatred for Misao is not only because of their polar characters but because of the way they lived their lives before they assembled at Reimeikan.

Hayato is supposed to be someone who picks fights with others but it seems like he is a nice guy at heart and friendly with humans due to his past, and extremely nice to her because he had a ‘fall in love at first sight’ moment. He teases her in cutesy ways and tells her to beware of Misao who “only thinks of spreading his seeds around”(ROFL).


Aww. He really is a baby.

I’d say he’s always sincere towards the heroine, even from the start (Fukuyama Jun’s great acting!) but she probably doesn’t believe him because he’s too good to be true, though she does fall for him later.

Seems like Kirinosuke is the youngest 16?17?, then Reiga,(18?) then Hayato & Misao (20~23?), and Gento (28~30?) and finally Shirou (hundreds of years old, rofl)

********** Summary ***********

Summary removed. Please email me for the translations only if you bought your own CD.


I rarely like flirty types, but Hayato is a sincere and cute flirt (if there is even such a thing) and you can count the number of times I went ( *´艸`) just from typing this post out. ( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`) やべえ可愛い. Sorry for being so high strung throughout the translations but Hayato is the cutest thing ever, not in a shota way but a sincere pursuer way.

Final judgement: Having listened to all the CDs, I think they’re worth a buy. At the very least, I enjoyed Reiga, Misao and Hayato. While the stories aren’t deep overall, and except for Hayato and Shirou the rest deserve kicks to their man parts for being so totally mean, the CDs are very Moe-worthy, and I knew I grinned quite alot in Reiga’s CD and went all ‘aww~ sweet baby’ in Hayato’s.  I would say buy Hayato’s CD because he is the best guy from this series and it will help Rejet to decide to invite more different seiyuus in their CD series. Definitely something I’m hoping for.

(Illegal downloads won’t help, so buy a copy of your own if possible!) (I’m not trying to be mean, but do buy and support any game or CD before you even criticise it! And it really feels nice to have your own copy 😀 )

If you read my first CD review (Kirinosuke) I showed pictures of the paper Cd jacket, which is really unique, and if you buy from Skit you get a mini metal charm as well!

Now onto the mysterious Calmera from Sacrifice~

12 thoughts on “Tsukiyasha – Yashiro Hayato CD summary review

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  2. Nyaaaaa I love Fukuyama Jun!! He needs more roles dammit! I’ll save up some money for this 😀 Wait for me Hayato bb! (LOL) I splurged and just got the new Harvest Moon since it came out today for NA >.>

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    • Haha you have to get the Skit version that comes wth the metal charm!! I immediately switched my Keitai charm to Hayato after listening to the CD (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) *Deep in love*

      Yeah Fukuyama Jun used his sexy adult voice and it suits Hayato so well! I kept laughing while watching Nanatsu no Taizai because Fukuyama Jun voices King there and I just kept laughing when I saw how different the two characters were (rofl)

      Harvest moon! I never got a DS to play any but I hope you enjoy the game :3


      • Ooo I’m not sure if ordering from overseas will get me the charm, since I’m going to use either AmazonJP or CDJapan.
        I don’t think I could switch my phone charm, it’s the Date Masamune that’s voiced by Nakai Kazuya xD.
        I was so conflicted during xxxholic since Nakai Kayuza and Fukuyama Jun were both in it… >.> Even though Fuyuyama Jun wasn’t using his sexy come hither voice, I still liked him so much as Watanuki.

        Harvest moon is so fun, I keep naming my cows dumb things like gyudon, ushi, and gyunyu. You also get to date people :P.


      • Ooh I see. The charm is only from Skit though. But if you’re hardcore about Date Masamune I guess you don’t need it :p

        Aww Harvest moon sounds fun! Rofl about Gyudon. It’s always fun to give stupid names. Unfortunately it’s my exam month so even Norn9 Last Era is going to be on wait for a while ):


  3. Good luck on exams! It’s also exam time for me. OTL
    Just imagine how sweet Norn9 will be after you pass all those exams with flying colours! 😀 Good luck!


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