Saisho de Saigo no Kiss ~ Sacrifice : Calmera CD Review Summary

(・_・;) ???????

Calmera = 友情エンド The only end where the heroine ends up alive.

Wait, what happened??? Now that we know just who on earth Calmera is, why are they all even dead? We know the reason why Calmera died but just how did the other guys die? Am I missing something here?!?!

How the heck did Calmera even create this world just for her? Through what powers? Is this world for anyone who dies or only people related to the heroine? And how did ‘he’ see through the eyes of the cat anyway?! In the first place, how is he even able to send a carriage to her home in real life since they are from the world of the dead? Someone tell me what’s going on.

Rather than revealing the mysteries, Calmera’s CD left me with more doubts and questions and to be honest, his story was nothing interesting at all. Is this their way of an April fool’s joke?!

And now for a short commercial break, let’s take a look at the CD jacket:


As always, beautiful jacket. But whatever you do, DON’T READ THE COMIC PANEL BEFORE LISTENING TO THE CD. I got majorly spoilt, which is probably why half my entertainment went out of the CD. Sigh.


In case you can’t read, the above reads “To Noel, if you don’t make her happy…. you know what happens huh?”

And it is VERY misleading because none of that happens in the CD.

————— Summary and final thoughts  —————-

So Calmera leads her to Sacrifice in the carriage while explaining that he is Calmera, the cat she had and tells her that she is to go to school and live in the dorms while she is in the world of Sacrifice. He acts like a butler and treats her carefully like a Princess, all the way until he reveals himself as her brother.

When he takes off his mask, he tells her to come to be in the same dimension as them, and tries to persuade her to stay in Sacrifice since that’s the only way they can touch. He tells her that there is only sadness in that world she is in now, and that it’s better for them to be in Sacrifice since this world is a beautiful world with no pain. She says she can’t decide and he then locks her in a cage!? Yandere brother???? (゜o゜;

The world of Sacrifice which is supposed to have great weather all the time suddenly turns really cold, like winter and Calmera realises his heart is icy cold and causing this weather. It starts snowing and they talk it out about how he wanted to protect his sister, yet that world kept taking away the people and things she loved, and suddenly they are able to touch. Calmera says it must be because their hearts are now connected (rofl)

The next day, Calmera tells her to go back to her own world, and that they will be able to meet again one day. She goes back to her world while Calmera tells the twins that one day all of them will live together again and play under that tree again in this world of Sacrifice.


Uh-huh. Mm-hmm. And then?!?! It doesn’t seem like they’re releasing another CD like Oz, so it seems like the reason for everyone’s death will not be revealed. I liked it though that at the very end she gets to go back home and live, and not die like she did in every other story (´;ω;`) I was surprised that it’s another sis-con character though, and Rejet seems to be catching on to that for some reason.

Sacrifice is overall an interesting series to listen to as the interactions of the characters and the heroine are extremely entertaining and has cute and painful moments, but Calmera’s CD was not a good round. I really liked Yuki and Aran and while I think Keito and Yujin are selfish asses, they are very ‘human’ characters as well and I think this is a series worth investing in, especially the lovely CD jackets and sparkly CDs!

Last thing, Rejet released this today. [click to enlarge] None of the top 20 characters are my favourites, and it’s pretty obvious that they’re there only for their fame in Diabolik mosquitoes. I’m glad that Tsuzuramaru is there though, even though he’s 4th.

1 p004

Norn Last Era releases tomorrow! I probably won’t be playing it till May however, since that bunch of reports and performance preparations are waiting for me. Exam month is hateful.

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