D3P’s New PSVITA projects!!

What a surprise. 

D3P started a weird countdown on their web on April 10 and I thought it would be some lame crap but who knew it would make my day so good?

I was dying while writing my report for school when I saw the fantastic news from D3P. I thought that the response to their crappy porting of Otoko Yuukaku didn’t warrant enough reason for them to make new VITA games, but it seems like the response was good enough. For them. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Seems like there’re 3 new VITA games, 2 slated for release this year and 1 for 2016!!! And believe me, 2 out of 3 catch my interest simply from the illustrators and the premise itself. Much more than Rejet’s MoshiKami anyway!

1)Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou



Can you believe it?! Navy!!! Meiji!!! It’s two of my favourite things!!!! If you read my post on Mermaid Gothic, you will know I’m a big fan of navy boys. And you will know I am more than a big fan. *inserts ecchi face*

This game is slated to release for summer this year. Forget MoshiKami. I’ll be ordering this even if the world crashes. If I’m not wrong, I think this is also the artist for Hanayaka Nari. I hope it won’t disappoint and be pushed after summer since it has a sea theme and would be perfect for summer!~~

Official site here: https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/2015/05/01/d3p-teikoku-kaigun-koibojou-meiji-yokosuka-koushinkyoku-official-site-opens-psvita/


Nice art, most likely something about superpowers.


This one seems iffy at the moment because it’s something about priestess. The artist is Kojima Kiichi, probably a new artist but she’s doing fine!

Slated for release in 2015, likely November.

Hey, doesn’t the guy on the left look like Kakeru from Norn9? (LOL)

3)Hyakka Hyakurou ~ Sengoku Nin Hou Chou



I love all the games/CDs that Teita was involved in (Norn9, Jyuza, Tsukiyasha) so I’ll be buying this even if the world crashes too.

NINJAS OH YES. I don’t care how shietty this game is going to be or how lame the storyline is because ninjas are mine and I am ninjas’. (゜∀。)ワヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャ

Slated for release in 2016. Spring maybe? Nin nin, nin nin.

Throw them at me, PSVITA. D3P I love you more than Rejet now.

5 thoughts on “D3P’s New PSVITA projects!!

  1. Nice to see another company try and get in on the action in a bigger way (it seems like I’m always reading news on an Otomate or Rejet title). None of the games are appealing to me so far, but good on D3P for making a game about ninja heroes that aren’t wearing technicolours. The guy on the far left looks so cool and isn’t a typical bishie; he looks maturer.

    You’re correct about Hanayaka’s artist. Yuuya is Wyatt’s alias. Out of the three, I’d have to say I like Teita’s artwork the most. Her work is so nice!

    Will have to wait for more information before making bigger judgements. Great to see you pumped for a game! xD

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    • Hey Lacal!

      Ooh thanks for confirming it! I thought the art was similar but I didn’t bother checking it out.

      Teita is definitely one of my favourite artists since he started out in crappy Keitai games and is now getting so many projects, I’m really glad!

      The guy on the left is definitely going to be a bishie once he removes his mask but he does seem like the cool quiet kind XD

      Well we don’t get ninja and navy that often so I’m really excited 😀 Now I know D3P is willing to work hard for their games so I’m willing to support them!

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  2. N-Navy??! M-Meiji?! *commence drooling and heavy breathing* Aw man I really need a Vita now. Those uniforms looks so hawt xD I can finally get more uniform fix that isn’t Isami from Hanayaka Nari (by the same artist too :P)

    Ninjas! Nuff said.

    That’s so great that new areas are being explored for games, there is so much repeats or re-releases of the same IP for the cash cows 😦
    I must get a Vita now D:

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