Jyuuguchi goes Binaurual! ( *´艸`)

Hello Dummyhead mic. Jyuuguchi experiments with the famous binaurual (or 3D) sound!

The last summer holiday of my life is coming soon, and I’ve decided to spend it creating things that I’ve been wanting to for a while now… get out that really out-of-tune violin, fix that broken string on the guitar, make use of that Bamboo drawing tablet and basically not spend so much time with my 2D harem. Norn9 has not been moving for a while now, but I promise to pick it up soon! At the moment, Last Era is really fun, I just love the interactions between the characters and it’s the best fandisc Otomate has so far. Gold rating, I approve.

Anyway, what I’ve learnt by making this video is that seiyuus work really really hard just to bring one CD to life. The
dummyhead picks up so much noise, (which is of course, why it’s so real) and despite you feeling like you are walking behind the voice, the seiyuu actually still has to be facing you to speak, and now I understand what they mean in their free talk when they say they get back pains.

To record a 3-4 minute song, it took me about 3-4 hours to test the distance, record parts and edit the tracks. Well definitely the seiyuus won’t be editing their own tracks, but still, for the staff to stop them everytime the mic picks up noise is definitely annoying. So I guess dummyhead CDs are really worth the price if you think about it!

As usual, I ramble too much. I’m sorry. (;´・ω・)

This is my test video (cover) of Akira’s ‘Love Delight’! Please listen with earphones/headphones! 

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Hope you enjoyed it! I’m gonna be doing more like this slowly once I get my instruments in their working condition again. Lol.

**If you can’t hear the 3D effect, your computer/mobile phone probably doesn’t have the soundcard for 3D audio so hop to another device!

14 thoughts on “Jyuuguchi goes Binaurual! ( *´艸`)

  1. Good job! I finally got around to listening to it. It sounds like it was a lot of work so I commend you for being able to see it through the whole way (´∀`)b


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