The “Rape Fantasy” in Otome games and CDs

Hey all. Sorry I’ve not been working on Norn9 (lol) pretty much abandoning it till 22May.

Anyway, I’ve found an interesting article that kinda explains the mechanism behind Rejet’s Do.S and typical Yandere characters that allow women to fulfil their desire to be strongly desired after.


This basically works well in especially Japan because of the (still) prevalent opinion of women as the weaker sex and feminine restraint of the socially acceptable Japanese woman.

So are we, or are we not going to support these false titilations and or relish in a mock female empowerment?!

I guess if this a way for females to explore themselves mentally (sounds wrong no matter how I put it) it might be instinctive, but save the best for someone you really love! 👍🏻

The second link describes a little on the trope in romance fiction and yes- Otome games been there done that with the guy showing his weaker side to the innocent heroine. Tickling her motherly instincts. Lol

As for me, I’ve never instantly liked the Alpha male type, and tend to go for the more gentle and (slightly) feminine types like Nike from Senjou Waltz because I see a balance in power play and not have someone be on my neck all the time. As so happens to be my latest crush in real life -3- I prefer cute to swagger rofl. As to whether I have dreams about being pursued by Alpha males, I’ll leave that up to your imagination 😉

Discuss! 😀 It’s an Otome gamers’ forum!! 😀

There’ll be plenty of other articles so share the links here if you found some! 😀

9 thoughts on “The “Rape Fantasy” in Otome games and CDs

  1. Yes, I’ve heard about this but a lot of the times I hear game localizers change the content a bit for the western audience like Hakuoki. I’m not a huge fan of the r*pe trope as it can kill a otherwise OK route/chara for me. Mostly plots w/DV I will avoid as it’s not something that appeals to me in all kinds of media.


  2. I’m not fond of rape scenes (or yandere characters) in otoge either, but those articles were very enlightening on the reasons why other people might like it so I think they were worth the read. I like that they kind of touch on perhaps not calling it “rape fantasy” since that isn’t an entirely accurate representation of it.

    I haven’t been able to find a consistency in characters I like yet, but I admit I like the alpha male thing at least once and a while…depending on how it’s done. That character trope doesn’t always do it for me though.

    Your comment about the maternal instincts made me recall a post on tumblr I saw some time ago where someone wrote something like “ever see a character and be like…my husband!…but, my son?” Experiencing the conflict of loving the character like a man but also wanting to protect him like your son. Seems legitimate xD

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    • Heya Sena!

      Thanks for your two cents! Hmm, the Alpha male is always nice to have around but never someone I will ‘want’, maybe because I hate being restrained ワガママです hahaha. I like balances between ‘reliable’ and ‘cute’ which idk, Esta from Koezaru and Nike form Senjou is like my ultimate husband not sure about you ;D

      Lol! Son…..! May be a bit of a stretch for me but it is indeed instinctive to want to cradle a sad guy. And actually, cradle anything that looks sad hahahahaha


      • Makes sense. I love Esta! He’s so precious~ I still never got around to Senjou so I can’t comment on Nike though. I can see the appeal of the reliable and cute characters. Hahaha. Yeeeeeeah. The ワガママ part definitely would clash with Alpha males hahaha.

        Like I said, it’s a bit hard for me because I can’t find my type yet since I don’t think I’m consistent in character likes lol. I don’t even know if the Alpha male part is the part I like in Alpha male characters. I might like other things about their characters…and they just happen to also be Alpha males. It’s kinda like I once liked a character who had yandere traits but that doesn’t necessarily mean I liked that part of him/like yandere characters (because I’ve at least figured out I really don’t care for those).

        Totally understand the cradling. My poor dogs get cradled probably more than they want to because their expressions always kind of look sad hahahaha.

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  3. I guess there are people who have rape fantasies and that’s fine, I just don’t want to see it on the common route and have it be something that’s absolutely necessary in an R-18 game.
    I guess Do-S characters can be interesting. I remember reading interesting character analysis about Ayato Sakamaki from Dialover. I just don’t like them because I’m more of an Do-S myself haha. I mean I really hate seeing the heroine treating like some object. It just seem so wrong to me.


    • Same here, I’m more of a Do.S too so I prefer to be the one doing the whipping (just kidding :p)

      For Dialovers though, I’m pretty sure that rather than just having a masochistic heroine, it goes closely with what the author said of being strongly desired after because well, there’s only her blood. The name-calling in Dialovers was more entertaining for me than anything else though


  4. I could go on and on about this topic, but I’ll keep it short(er).

    As sad as it is, I’ve been fairly desensitised by nearly all manner of graphic content, and that includes rape. I personally don’t find enjoyment in it (I sigh in annoyance since I see or hear it all the time) in any shape or form, but if it pleases some people (and it’s a fairly significant portion, at that), then nobody should have to stop the content from being created in the majority of circumstances.

    That being said, I think it’s wrong that R18+ otome games tend to just shove it in without warning. I feel sorry for any otome fan who had bad sexual experiences feeling too scared to try out an R18+ game with characters/stories that interest them because they’d be afraid of having to watch a sexual assault. Doujin games lately have been better with warning potential customers about “darker” content. This can be done without spoiling the story, so there’s no excuse.

    I mainly hate how rape is portrayed in otome media. If it were written better and became a genuinely compelling read- rather than just included as a rather insulting “token” scene- I wouldn’t be so averse to it appearing. I can only think of Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari as an otome game that included rape, but dealt with it “tastefully”, if that made sense. It wasn’t fap fodder, it was an important part of the narrative and the development of Yuriko’s character (and the person whose route it happened in). Still, even in these cases, there should be warning for would-be buyers that the game contains “darker” sexual content.

    Furthermore, the perspective of rape itself is warped with otome media. Rape doesn’t come from love. It’s mainly a power-seeking form of violence, or less commonly, an act resulting from psychological instability. So I’m sick of the “I love you so much that I couldn’t control myself, blah, blah, blah” sorta trite. What utter bullshit, in addition to being totally insulting to actual victims. If you truly love and care for your partner, regardless of how intense your “urge” is, you’d respect their wishes. If male-targeted eroge can adequately categorise sexual content (e.g. nukige vs. plot-oriented games, games full of rape vs. pure love games) and market accordingly, why can’t otome games?

    I get that people have their fantasies. That’s all fine and good. I don’t care what anybody gets up to in the bedroom as long as it’s consensual on everybody’s part. If you want to act out rape fantasies, fine. Want to get choked? Good for you. Want to get punched in the face? I don’t get it, but if you like it and are willing to deal with the consequences, I wouldn’t do it myself nor would I stop you from finding someone else who would. However, if you’re into content that would greatly offend/hurt many people (i.e. victims of sexual assault) who come across it, have the decency to warn them!

    There’s so much more to discuss about rape fantasy/actual rape in otome media, but I’ll leave it at this. I think I got my basic “surface” opinions out.


    • Hi LaCal!

      Well I think like the article says, the whole act of surrender to someone who wants you is very innate, and a big part of the otome media. Rape in R18s are probably more on those bad ends whereby there is still some yandere attachment, i.e I love you that’s why I did that. But like you say, it’s so horrible in real life! Hence the “fantasy” bit – and I think this trope isn’t going to disappear for a while.

      That’s interesting though – categorising the Otome R18s. But Japan’s thinking of the male entertainment media is that porn is a must – and thus categorising it is a must too because it’s so big. But it’s still a stigma for females and R18 (I’m personally not comfortable playing R18s even in good ends) and it wouldn’t be so needful to categorise it I guess? :/

      Anway, I’m sick of Rejet and their Do.S/titilations/mild rape fantasies. So much so that I cancelled all my preorder CDs for this season (except for Lacrimosa’s Cloe) because I just felt like seeing different kinds of love (and trust me, Norn9 is doing it very well) and not always Do.S. Let’s hope Rejet will pick up……


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