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This is absolutely not Otome related, but before I’ve been following the anime ‘Rokka no Yuusha’ for a while now, and the cliffhangers are killing me, but I’m too lazy to read the light novel, so I found a website with someone else’s spoilers in Japanese and am translating them here. I’m putting this under the Translation tab.

**Vol.1-6 Spoilers ahead!**


Also if anyone knows how to read the name テグネウ in its proper phonetics let me know. I’ve translated it as Tegnyuu but I could be wrong.

For those who have seen rumours or guessed already, 7th (fake) brave is but is not the Princess! Basically Nachetanya wants to create a world where humans and fiends can co-exist, and she’s trying to stop the 6 braves from killing the fiends so she can achieve her ideal world, but she is not the final 7th brave. Read on!

The way to activate the barrier is to drip blood on it, then to smash the stone tablet. Adlet’s blood got on the stone tablet few episodes ago, and seeing that, the Princess smashed it, which explains why there is’t anyone who went into the temple before Adlet, and Nachetanya came running in after him. The fog that isn’t lifted due to the barrier is a trick made with time differences.

When Nachetanya tells the rest about her plan and that only 500,000 people (sacrifices) are needed to finally make peace with the fiends, all of the braves except Goldov attack her, but she uses fiend attacks and disappears. Adlet faints due to the wounds he received and Hans and the rest go after her.

When he awakes, Hans tells him that Nachetanya escaped, and suddenly a girl comes bearing the mark of the Braves. She is the Saint of Blood and her name is Coconia Manchetta. She wears spectacles and was once under the tutelage of Adlet’s master Atro Spiker, so she and Adlet are acquaintances.

Roronia “Um…. why are there 7 braves?”

Everything is back to square one?! The reason for having the mark despite Nachetanya being the fake is unknown.

That’s the end of Volume1.


Volume 2:

Adlet climbs a cliff in a frenzy, calling out. “Roronia! Hans! Where are you?! Please reply!”

One of the petals on the mark of his hand is missing. One of the real Brave is dead.

Adlet climbs up only to see the throat of Hans slit, lying face up.

Maura “You were too late, Adlet.”

Chamot, Flamie and Goldof come running.

Adlet “Maura. You…..”

Marura “That’s right. The 7th is me.”


Flamie “Speak, Maura. And make it short.”

Besides Hans is Roronia, whispering something and doesn’t move even when Adlet calls out to her.

Maura “I didn’t wish to do this. But there was no other choice.” She cries. “I had wanted to protect this world with all of you and stop the resurrection of the Demon god.”

Chamot “I can’t believe that.”

Maura “Right up till yesterday… No, till last hour, I thought so.”

Maura’s daughter was taken hostage by Tegnyuu, the leader of the fiends whom created Flamie’s existence and also killed Adlet’s best friend. Fiends planted a parasite worm inside her daughter’s heart, and it can only be removed by Tegnyuu’s command to self-destruct, and to do so she had to kill one of the braves.

When Maura made a contract with Tegnyuu, the Saint of Words MarmAnna helped to form a contract with promises.

1 If Tegnyuu breaks his promise, he will give out one of his subordinates’ life in return

2 When Maura kills one Brave or Tegnyuu himself dies, the parasite will self-destruct

3 If Tegnyuu dies within the span of 22 days before the Demon god revives, even if Maura doesn’t kill the brave, her daughter must be released

4 Until the promised day, nothing will be done to her daughter.

Before, she thought of killing Tegnyuu before the time so she wouldn’t have to kill any brave, but she failed to do so, and thought of killing Adlet who was the weakest in the team, but unexpectedly, Adlet got Hans on his side and thwarted her plans.

But Roronia the Saint of Blood managed to revive Hans by gathering his blood and Maura’s real plan was to have one Brave die in a fake way, then when her daughter was released, to have the Saint of Blood revive him. Having realised Roronia’s talent from a long time ago, she trained her for this moment.

But the real plot of Tegnyuu is this:

He is actually not the three-winged monster, but a fig from a fig tree (lol wth?). By allowing a fiend to eat him, he can strengthen that fiend, and take control over its body. So in making Maura and the Saint of words believe that he should not lie to form the contract, he intended to betray her from the start since that was not his real form in the first place?! He made Maura believe that she is the 7th brave, but……..

Tegnyuu who had his true form revealed gives out new orders:

“Tell the 7th not to reveal themself yet as long as no one knows. A new fun begins…”

In the castle of the Howling Demons, Nachetanya speaks to Doz(a fiend that looks like a dog and squirrel). Doz tells her that Kaguik (silver haired lion-like fiend) who is currently the strongest fiend will not listen to his advice. Nachetanya tells him that they are the ones who will win as they hold the same ‘dream’. Kaguik hates Tegnyuu who does things in a different way from him.

-Volume 2 end-



As the Braves continue deep into the land of the Howling Demons, Goldof suddenly runs off, saying he will go to save the Princess. As the other Braves stand there confused by his actions, Nachetanya the fake Brave appears, and they start combat with her. But Chamot suddenly stops in her tracks, and spits out blood. she fell in Nachetanya’s trap and had a sword embedded in her stomach.

There is only 3 hours left before the time of resurrection. To save Chamot, the only way is to take down Nachetanya. But at this moment, Goldof suddenly appears before Nachetanya?! Is he the seventh brave, or has he been trapped by the fiends?!

The first thing to note is that Tegnyuu, Doz and Kaguik are the 3 lords of the fiends, and 200 years ago, they made MarmAnna the Saint of Words watch over their exchange of promises.

1 The first (among them 3) to kill 3 Braves will rule over all the fiends, and the other 2 must submit to this fiend lord.

2 Anyone of them 3 who breaks the promise must die.

Doz tried to fulfil this by sending Nachetanya as a fake brave to kill them from within, but failed due to Adlet’s actions. Because of that, Doz tried to ask Kaguik for a peace treaty but he declined, and as a last resort, Doz and Nachetanya ask Tegnyuu for advice.

2 years ago, Nachetanya had contact with Chamot and planted a seed of a sword into one of Chamot’s swamp animals. (living in her stomach). Trying to use this as a bargain, Nachetanya pleads for Tegnyuu to protect Doz and herself from Kaguik. But Tegnyuu has no such intention, arresting Nachetanya and threatns Doz, forcing them into submission.

Goldof’s intentions. He is wearing a helmet that has the words of MarmAnna cast onto it, meaning that he can communicate with Nachetanya anytime once he senses that his master (Nachetanya in this case) is held captive. Nachetanya, seeing that she is captured by Tegnyuu after their failed attempts, calls out to Goldov instead, which is why he rushed over to save her.

But the Nachetanya that appeared before Adlet and the rest is actually an imposter. The real Nachetanya is hiding in the belly of a fiend nearby. The Goldof that stands in the way of Adlet and the rest is also an imposter because the real one had gone off to look for the real Nachetanya.

When Goldof meets Nachetanya (the fake one) she starts to attack him, and Tegnyuu comes to tell Goldof that it is an imposter.

Chamot’s life is ebbing away, and Goldof finally finds the fiend that has swallowed Nachetanya, and the rest of the braves also find them. Goldof saves her and at the same time, the sword seed in Chamot’s stomach also disappears, saving her.

Epilogue: Alliance of Braves and Doz.

Doz tells them that he knows what will lead them to the true 7th brave, (still unknown) and asks that to defeat Kaguik and Tegnyuu, now is not the time to be fighting but to form alliances.

“300 years ago, I met the Saint of Time Hayuha Pressio. The mark of Brave that Nachetanya now bears was actually mine, given to me by Hayuha Pressio…….”

Vol.3 end



Doz tells the Braves that Tegnyuu’s trump card is the Kuro no Adabana (The black fruitless flower, which means the fake brave). To find out what created the fake mark, the braves head to the temple that created this. But to stop them Tegnyuu created zombies, and amongst them are people from Adlet’s hometown. His best friend Reiner Miran who had been killed, is now also a zombie and despite being controlled, still retains some conciousness and tries to tell the rbaves about the Kuro no Adabana. Coconia also recognises the people of the hometown, and says that there is no way to save them…….

Hayuha Pressio is the Saint of Time and has the ability to change the time of things touched and to see that person’s past. She was the one who participated the most in the previous defeat of the demon god, but had a terrible personality as she always looked down on the others. After defeating the demon god, she was on her way back home when she suddenly vanished.

Doz reveals what he knows of Hayuha Pressio.

1 Where Hayuha went was actually back to the castle of the land of Howling Demons to find out the real face of the demon god. The mark of Brave would actually disappear in 6 months, but Hayuha is able to stretch it into a period of infinity with her own powers of time.

2 Hayuha was once the friend of the three fiend lords Doz, Kaguik, Tegnyuu, and with their help, had actually found out who was the demon god. To find out the truth beyond that, Hayuha was investigating a certain Saint but then lost her life.

3 After knowing about the identity of the demon god, Doz lost his loyalty but Kaguik was still firm on serving the demon god and thus an internal fight occured. The Kuro no Adabana is in the temple of Destiny.

Doz “That’s all the clues I am able to offer to you.”

Flamie “You didn’t tell us one important thing. How did Nachetanya come into possession of the fake brave mark?”

Doz “Hayuha left the castle a little while before she died. I was with her, and he gave me the mark. After a while, I gave it to Nachetanya.”

Chamot “What? Is the mark even able to be shifted around just like that?”

Maura “Didn’t you guys know? If the bearer wants to, it can be done rightaway”

Hans “Did Hayuha only give the mark to you?”

Doz “Hayuha was a strange one since no one knew what she was thinking. But she also wanted to co-exist with the fiends, and maybe gave me the mark on the spur of the moment.”

Flamie “So the mark that Tegnyuu has was made the same way?”

Doz “It’s a low possibility”

Doz had uncovered that all the saints apart from Hayuha had died with their marks disappearing, and without knowing how Tegnyuu got a hold of the mark, Adlet and the rest continue onto the temple of Destiny. Hans and Doz go to survey the land while the other braves take a rest. Hans comes back to tell them that there are 1000 zombie soldiers around.

Maura “How do we defeat them?”

Doz “If we defeat the ones controlling them, the zombies will die.”

Adlet “My hometown…. the people will die?”

Doz “I don’t know anything about your hometown, but almost all the people living in Howling Demon land has been turned into zombie soldiers.”

Meanwhile, Reiner, Adlet’s best friend who actually lived in the time he protected Adlet, tries to keep his consciousness within him and hopes that the braves come quickly so he can tell them the truth about Kuro no Adabana.

Roronia’s feelings:

Adlet is fighting without hesitation but Coconia tries to save them and falls into the trap Tegnyuu created. The reason is because she remembers that Adlet spoke to her about Reiner before and she who had a crush on him determined to save the villagers if she became a brave, so that Adlet could see Reiner again. Hans saves Coconia in the nick of time!

[as expected of Hans baby (´・ω・)]

Truth behind the Kuro no Adabana:

As Hans saves Roronia, Flamie shoots the one controlling the zombies. Only a moment is left before they perish and Adlet hears a song. Following it, he sees a zombie. Lifting up its bangs, Adlet sees a scar that he left on Reiner when he was young.

“No…. Reiner… you were alive? How could this even be?”

Reiner “Listen… Braves…. Kuro no Adabana is…”

Hans “Listen up first Adlet. Getting happy comes later.”

Reiner “The temple of Destiny… was created…. to absorb…. powers…. from the Original Saint… By absorbing that power…. the Kuro no Adabana…. is made…. When the powers are absorbed….. The remaining power of the first Saint…. that has the power to change destiny……. the mark fades….”

The nearer the Braves get to this village the stornger the power of Kuro no Adabana gets.

Reiner “So before killing the demon god…. kill the kuro no adabana first……”

Reiner “The Kuro no Adabana is…… is…….!”

Adlet, Hans and Roronia exchange looks of surprise.

Adlet “Reiner is that true?! Don’t die yet!”

Reiner “Haha….. hey….. you kinda look like my friend…..”

Hans “So what’re we gonna do, do we tell them?”

Adlet “Let’s continue to head to the temple of Destiny. We won’t tell them yet. The time will come.”

What Reiner said was this: “Kuro no Adabana is a saint tool in the form of a human. A girl with cold eyes, white hair and a horn on her head.”

Vol. 4 end.



Now that we know Flamie is the culprit, Adlet and the rest head to the temple even while fending off attacks from Tegnyuu. But suddenly, the original Saint (who created the other braves) that had her powers absorbed into making Kuro no Adabana appears?! Since everyone was in a dangerous position, they decide to tell the rest about the truth. Just then, Flamie says something shocking!

The Original Saint is discovered in a mummified state, sitting on a chair bound in chains and also has words floating about her. Reading them, they discover that what Reiner said was true, and more:

-The Kuro no Adabana (this name is getting long to type, so just BF for Black Flower) has to be with the comrades in order to work, and their powers will continue to be absorbed even if they leave her.

-If BF is broken, a machinery will start to move.

Just then, Flamie says something shocking! “I think, BF is me.”

Flamie “I’ve come here once, and while we don’t know what BF is, I think it’s me. Everything makes sense if it were so.”

Hans “Meow, wouldn’t it be good to just tell them already?”

Flamie hears the truth and decides it’s better to die than be used by Tegnyuu. Even though Hans and Chamot sympathise, they still try to attack her. But to save her, Adlet lies that he found some writing that said “It’s a trap, don’t kill my daughter” in the other rooms. But Hans followed Adlet secretly so he knows that its a lie. Just then Flamie speaks up.

Flamie “Just stop I’m tired of all these.”

Adlet “Don’t tell me you’re fine with dying here?”

Flamie “I’m not fine with dying here. But I’ve already decided to die. I will kill myself here and now.”

Chamot “Really? Then die. Leave the rest to me.”

Adlet “Why do you do that? Why don’t you tell us you want to live?”

Flamie “Don’t move or I’ll shoot you. I won’t let you protect me, Adlet”


Adlet pricks Flamie with a needle dipped in numbing medicine and tells Roronia to carry her. Chamot and Nachetanya chases after them and Hans fights with Adlet.

Hans “Adlet. I’ve really seen you as surpassing Chamot or Flamie or Goldof. I poked fun of you with my words but always knew you were the best among them.”

Adlet “Of course. I’m the world’s strongest man.”

Hans “That’s why. I’m glad. That you’re the seventh!

Adlet “…..What?”

Up until now Adlet had been protecting Flamie. Therefore Goldof who agrees also turns on Adlet!


After that Maura who knows nothing of the seventh brave or Flamie’s identity comes to stop Adlet even after rescuing him from Hans and Goldof. Adlet takes Maura as hostage and threatens Chamot, and Nachetanya escaped.

Now Adlet is on the run against Flamie and Hans, and Chamot is after Nachetanya. They ensue in battle, and Roronia tries to convince them but as they are about to launch an attack on the defenseless Adlet, Adlet throws something at Flamie.

Pieces of a dog whistle. Flamie’s treasure.

Even while believing that Adlet used her to trick the comrades, she wavers because she remembers Adlet promising to help her meet her dog again the first time Adlet was attacked within the barrier.

Hans “Meow, why’re you smiling like that Adlet?”

Adlet “Because once this fight is over, Flamie will know. How much I treasure her.”

Flamie hearing this, understands at once Adlet’s feelings and apologises.

Flamie “….Save me.”

Adlet “…. Haha.”

Flamie “Sorry, but dying will have to wait.”

Hans “You got scared of dying after all?”

Flamie “No. I will not side with fiends, but I want to know the truth behind everything.”

Flamie becomes Adlet’s ally, but Adlet is controlled by one of the fiends and shoots Flamie. He tells her to run, and Adlet(controlled), Roronia(controlled) and Hans attack her.

Just then Nachetanya appears again and stops the attacks on Flamie. “Can you tell me what’s happening?”

Flamie shoots and kills the fiend controlling Adlet and Roronia, and Maura wakes up from her earlier blow by Adlet. They have a discussion, and everyone decides that the 7th is Hans, who decides to kill Flamie to awake the other machinery laid by Tegnyuu. However Hans insists that Adlet is the 7th, but everyone puts in a good word for Adlet and since the zombies are coming near, they decide to escape. Hans launches a failed attack on Flamie and leaves the group.

Hans “Adlet. I’ve underestimated you.  You really are the world’s strongest man huh?”

Tegnyuu and the three winged fiend is speaking.

Fiend “Why don’t you let the 7th know of his mission, sir?”

Tegnyuu “I believe in love. It’s wonderful, because the 7th will be enraptured by Flamie, and definitely protect her. Afterall…. The 7th I chose is the world’s strongest man. Flamie has opened up her heart to him and eventually, she will come to love him too.”

Tegnyuu smiles. “Don’t you think that wonderful?”

“The moment she realises that the person she loved had been controlled by me all along! I would never see such a great expression ever again!”

“The time for the Braves to die has come. Now, will the fiends kill them first, or will the 7th kill them? Let the fight begin…”

Vol. 5 end.

***The original blogger’s thoughts” There is some contradiction here though, because in some previous volume Tegnyuu did say to tell the 7th not to reveal himself until he is found out, but Adlet has no knowledge that he is the 7th, and Tegnyuu in this chapter also says that he is waiting for the 7th to realise that he is the 7th. Tegnyuu has the power to make someone love another.



The Braves set up a plan for Adlet to lure the main forces of fiends away while the rest (excluding Hans, follow up). As Adlet is running and evading the fiends, he hears the voice of a woman from his mark.

“Hello, warrior of a thousand years later….. I am the Saint of a Single Petal (the first saint) I will give you the seventh petal….. ….The world….”

Tegnyuu “Alright that should do the trick.”

Hearing that voice, Adlet understands he is the seventh. Tegnyuu had used the saint tool to make him understand he is the seventh and to throw him into confusion.


A mark has appeared on Flamie’s chest, a mark that would cause Flamie to die when Tegnyuu died as well, and only Adlet who studied under his master would know that. But a fiend threatens Adlet on punishment if he says anything to the other Braves, and Adlet determines to defeat the other braves and return Flamie to the fiends.

[Adlet you’re an ass!! Don’t throw away the world for a half-fiend!!]


Sometime later while Adlet is searching for Tegnyuu to tell him of the brave’s plan, Chamot and Hans appear, and Hans says that he has taken Flamie hostage. But Tegnyuu appears, telling Adlet that he had cast a curse on Hans with the Book of Truth, that to the hearer, everything that Hans says, whether it be truth or lie will be obvious. But Hans, being the tactician utilised this curse to himself to make Adlet believe that Flamie was in his hands when she actually wasn’t. Tegnyuu then says he underestimated Hans.

Adlet says he doesn’t care about his village or whether Flamie will be hurt by knowing he did such a thing, he just wants to carry out his plan.(under control of Tegnyuu’s love spell) But Tegnyuu stops Adlet from revealing his plan. “Have you ever, just once, doubted that Flamie might be the 7th?”

Adlet “This and that are different!”

Tegnyuu “I’m asking because my ability is to manipulate feelings of love. You don’t truly love Flamie. You’re just being used by me.”

Tegnyuu releases some of the power on Adlet and Adlet starts remembering Reiner, his village and his desire to protect the other Braves, but is still unable to kill Tegnyuu because he knows that Flamie would also die as a result.

Tegnyuu “That expression is wonderful….. Adlet….. All my hard work these years paid off.”


Tegnyuu reveals that after devastating Adlet’s village, he used Atro Spiker, Adlet’s master as another tool.

“You understand…..? The one who made you into the world’s strongest man, is me”

Just then a fiend contacts Tegnyuu.

“Flamie is fighting together with Roronia and Nachetanya! She betrayed the braves!”

Flamie “Just don’t kill Adlet. He’s an irritating guy, but with him, I feel like living just a bit more.”

Tegnyuu “She betrayed the braves. And surrended to me.”

Adlet “… So, what?”

Tegnyuu “She doesn’t want me to kill you.”

Hearing that Adlet was happy. Even though he knew that it was an illusionary love that Tegnyuu created for him…. He then told Tegnyuu the plans that the Braves had created to defeat Tegnyuu.

Adlet is then held captive in one of the fiend’s belly.


But the braves had another plan. Roronia strikes through Flamie’s heart with her whip, and a fiend of Tegnyuu tries to heal back her heart, and at the instant, the mark linking her to Tegnyuu disappears. Flamie had only pretended to betray the braves. It was all to undo the mark.

In the fiend’s belly, Adlet remembers his promise to laugh at all times, and breaks out of the fiend’s belly, and with Maura’s far-reaching voice goes to search for the others

Flamie and Doz meet with Adlet, and Roronia and Nachetanya pursues the imposter Tegnyuu. The fight intensifies and Tegnyuu tells Flamie everything, that Adlet is the 7th, that Adlet only loves her because of Tegnyuu’s powers. But Adlet tells Flamie that he will turn all lies into truth and charges into a flock of fiends.

Adlet poisons his own blood with the Saint tool and pours his own blood into Tegnyuu’s mouth, killing him. At the last moment, Tegnyuu uses the book of Truth and tells Flamie that her mother really loved her (we really don’t care, at this point lol) and Adlet crushes the Fig fruit which is Tegnyuu, ending all.

The BF (kuro no adabana) is also nulled because of Tegnyuu’s death.


Adlet tells them everything and the other braves doubt him, but Adlet asks them to believe in him. Roronia puts in a good word that Adlet was the one who saved the world. Since Tegnyuu is now dead, he has also lost his love for Flamie and Flamie is shocked by this. Besides, Tegnyuu also said something else with the Book of Truth before Adlet crushed him.

“You sister, Adlet, was killed by Flamie!”

Vol.6 end


Vol.7 not out yet! coming soon!

All summaries are only translated by me. Many thanks to this user r for coming up with summaries in the original Japanese language. The writer of that blog has guessed that Vol.7 will release next year February. We shall see!

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  8. In volume 5 they vote that Hans is the 7th. But in volume 2 they witness one of the petals on their mark is gone when Hans is dead. How come?! wouldn’t the petal become proof that Hans isn’t the 7th? or is the missing petal also a trick?

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