Reine Des Fleurs – Otome Game Review

I never thought I’d be done so quickly with this game since it has so many endings, but once you get past the main story for each character, it actually moves on really quickly, because the character routes are pretty short. And probably also because this is the only thing to do apart from my thesis. This is the better option. (;´・ω・)

Flying carriages led by unicorns, Laputa-like palace in the sky, a mystical tree of life; Reine Des Fleurs is a strange medieval-fairytale-wafuu mix, with the Taisho-Kimono clothes and the Knights’ countries each holding a reference to Japan all giving taste to its setting. All strangeness is possibly overlooked just because of Usuba Kagerou’s beautiful art and the detailed scenery BG. Add to that beautiful BGMs by Love Solfege and moe-able love interests, it’s a great game!

Or, should have been.

This game was a disappointment as expected and there were so many things that really pissed me off:

1] Third-rate scenario writing masked into the minigame-of-sorts called Ravir.


Ravir is some kind of battle-simulation where your conversation with the knight or the other characters are supposed to make you know them better, or get them to know you better and earn their trust.

Before each heart-to-heart-getting-to-know-your-knight scene, Violette the queen(Reine) (who doesn’t actually need to eat or sleep to live), uses a water mirror to spy on things, or has to go around asking other people what they think of that guy and collecting information about him and the information is used in Ravir by Violette to question them. Why the hell is she doing this?! Sounds like some PI or stalker. The fact that they make every conversation into a battle pisses me off big time. And the naming sense of the minigame selection ‘Ravir’, according to wikipedia:

Ravir (French)

  1. to ravish (to seize by force)
  2. to ravish, delight or thrill (transport with joy)
  3. to charm, bewitch, dazzle or fascinate
  4. to plunder, rob or loot
  5. to kidnap or abduct

Is it just me that minds?

The system of Ravir goes where every choice you make either turns it into a Love point or Loyalty point, then from there on it branches out to every possible failed and wrong decision, leading to some tragic end you didn’t forsee. Hah. I knew words carry weight, but surely not to this extent.

I believe that they tried to make Ravir a reference to the hobby of rich upperclasses in the past who liked to play with words. I forgot what exactly it was, but I remember reading about it somewhere that the upperclasses loved ‘making conversation’ and turning it into some important topic. Afterall, they ain’t got otome games back then.

2) No one pays Violette much obeisance:

  • Leon keeps trying to hug her and sees her only as love interest
  • Louis is haraguro and only plays around with her
  • Ghislain hates her guts for being a woman
  • Orpheus treats her like a friend.
  • Hubert is her teacher and almost like a dad and speaks in a condescending way sometimes.

Aren’t you guys going overboard? “Bow down before me, you pigs!” may be a bit of a stretch, but she doesn’t have much respect as the stand-in goddess who holds the power to reviving the world.

I really don’t remember much about the prologue when the guys were talking about their countries. Maybe it’s just me but I got really bored with the topics involved. The only thing I remember is when moekyunLeon blushes beetred and starts mumbling to himself to calm down.


It was totally moe.

3) There is too much talk about the glass glass glass. Perhaps there could have been a better way to execute this whole Glass thing. FYI (If I remember the shit right), Glass is a kind of vessel holding the power to heal the land. (Think of it as a water glass holding power). The Hanabito (Flower people) are literally, people created from flowers and they can wither away according to the Reine’s powers. The Butterflies are aides to the Reine and the four knights. Each of the knight has one, and Reine Violette has a pair of twins with her. Not that we really cared about what the hell Glass is in the first place, but the repeated mention of this thing that was so poorly explained can drive you up the wall.

4) Too little characters in the story for something so grand and large scale as this. The maids in the palace are disgusting marionettes.


The chef is a bunch-of-grapes-hat wearing, pear-as-necklace wearing old gourmet.


Now that I look carefully, there are bananas hanging on his hat too. His hat actually looks like a mango. 

The only Princess-like thing Violette does is have tea with Madame Enjyu, a gorgeous French Noblewoman-like Hanabito. So they said Violette was born as the goddess proxy. Born by who? Where are her parents? Hubert is also highly suspicious. Where exactly did he come from? Who appointed him as Aide? These questions were answered later, but not to my satisfaction even though it’s a main part of the storyline.

5) System is not touch responsive. I like my buttons but they forget this is PSVITA. And this ugly start screen!


6) Too many endings. I forget what I’ve done and forget what happens very quickly. Because of that, it leaves you with a bad aftertaste that nothing actually happened. I tried to be optimistic and say that the many endings gave Violette her character- that any little choice she made would be detrimental to the world since she is proxy goddess. But it could have been done in a better way by being less repetitive and not actually having to play the Ravir a thousand times. With so many games on hand, did they seriously think the player would enjoy going through every damn different choice? And I hated those ends where the couple is in their right minds but decide to kill everyone else so they can be together. It was so immoral. These two things really killed my interest in the game and by the time I got to guy #2, I swear I was ready to give up. But I hung in there for moekyunLeon,


and also for sexy Louis. There were so many kiss scenes in Louis’ route NamiDai fans like me are gonna get a double helping of his sexy voice. Too bad there’s no kiss sound effects like some games do :p

I thought Operetta was bad with their 24 endings. Who knew Otomate would win them hands down with 40 endings in total?

The only saving grace is that they title the endings so you can know which one you’ve not done if you use Choro’s guide.



Good points:

Art, BGMs, BG art:


The saving grace of the game of course! Lovely BGMs by love solfege, beautiful art by Usuba Kagerou, lovely BG art that draws you into the world on RDF. As Choro says, this game would be kusoge without all these supplements.

Storyline: In considering the storyline, this game is not a straightforward love game, which has its merits when we consider the setting of a devastated world, but the romance was constructed really badly since nothing much happens between the couple and suddenly we see them thinking that they feel so lightheaded and happy around each other.


The only one I can forgive is moekyunLeon who is so mad in love everything is just hilarious. Above scene shows him crushing an apple with his hand because he thinks Violette is too cute when she eats an apple by biting it whole for the first time.

Ghislain was originally the guy with the design I liked the most, but pity, he’s voiced by Kondou Takashi and I am more sick than sick of his voice. And Tsundere Kondou Takashi too? He spoiled Ghislain for me. And the truth in his route, oh boy. It reminds me of DiaLovers and it was a little painful going through that route.

There were also times when another character that is not the couple commits suicide due to the degree of the destruction in the land (the Knights are linked to the land) and I felt that it was a nice thing to do to add to the stage of the whole “dying earth” thing. Violette also occasionally has to choose who to sacrifice to save the other lands which was kind of sad and great to make this a dark tragedy game. It was realistic at least, rather than otome games that cover it up. Saying so, it wasn’t that the whole story was dark and dreary. There were a few nice gags when they beat Leon up because he’s such an idiot, or here’s my favourite scene: Hubert sincerely presents this present to Violette who refuses to sleep:


Hubert “I got this wonderful soine toy for you, isn’t it cute? With this you won’t be lonely anymore.”

Violette upon seeing it “I-I-I’m not lonely anymore! I’m a big girl I don’t need it!”

Hubert: “What a letdown….” (He was actually sincere about it being cute.)

One thing about Hubert and Violette’s route: I felt that it was rather sad, but it wasn’t really believable. When Violette’s proxy-goddess role is revealed in the common route, I already though that they would somehow destroy Hubert’s route, but thankfully, most of it is saved by Gintoki I mean, Sugita Tomokazu’s deep sexy voice. Playing KLAP next will definitely make me happy.

Extras: Extra CG per character once you finish the Love route, Stupid Konpeito system.


Whenever you win a Ravir battle, you get some points to buy stuff from the shop, including Konpeito so that you can give them to the twins and make them get better information for you. Some little scenarios for each character in the ‘Extra’ parts as well. Music section to listen to the lovely BGMs in the game.

My recommended play order” Leon > Louis > Ghislain > Orpheus > Hubert.

They recommended that you play Leon > Orpheus > Ghislain > Louis > Hubert but really, that’s just so they can minimise your suffering of the multiple endings but it doesn’t make any difference. Just play whoever you want after moekyunLeon.



Why did we play this shiet.

Everytime an Otome Game tries to write a story revolving around a ‘tree of life’, it ends up pretty shitty or confusing: think Chronostacia, NOISE, this game. Rebirth is by itself a big concept, and when so many other elements are added to it, things get worse. It’s a real pity because fans have been waiting over a year for this, and they then throw us so many endings to make up for the lack of storyline. The endings were nothing but time-buying. Whoever voted this for Gold Rating ought to be shot, because this game certainly doesn’t match up to the other Gold ratings in the Otomate bag.

3 stars. (Pity points for lovely art and BGMs)

Give this game a miss. Buying the soundtrack and artbook is a much better option.

Will be taking a short break, then starting KLAP!!!

(Wait for my whip, boys……..)

43 thoughts on “Reine Des Fleurs – Otome Game Review

  1. Well…that’s a letdown. I was thinking of playing this game next because I was pretty excited for it but now I’m not so sure whether I want to. The Ravir system sounds tedious and holy, 40 endings? Dang. That’s just too many. I do think I would appreciate the more realistic edge on some of the endings but…40 ends O.o


      • So it was just a content filler then. That’s lame -_- . I was hoping it would be good since they delayed it for almost a year, but now I’m just side-eyeing it and trying to figure out what they did in all that time.


      • Yeah, I still wouldn’t consider it a good reason to make a kusoge hahaha. Oh well. I feel like that issue will keep coming up because it’s not like people stop buying games from them as a result of a few games not doing well. And if anything, Reine had a lot of hype so lots of people already bought it.

        Looking forward to Bad Apple Wars too. I hope it actually ends up being a good game!

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  2. ✿✿ Thank you so much for your review! ✿✿

    I admit that I quite like the «Ravir System», BUT, I find it a bit inappropriate and poorly developed for Reine, also too long. I sincerely think it will be a good thing in a game where, for example, the heroine have a very strong, assert personality and get a funny «Repartee Battle» with the guy. But more like just a funny mini-game instead of a real push up love system (of course, it’s just an idea according to my own tastes (●˙꒳˙●)).

    I only played until the first battle with Ghislain (who has also my favorite when I saw the chara-design of the boys hehe ♡(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ)). I was pretty sure that nobody was going to show her so much respect, and I’m really sorrowful for Violette because she’s such a sweetpie for me right now. I would understand IF LATER they have this kind of loose attitude and show who they really are/their true feelings; but, not from the beginning… The knights where the chosen ones, they could make an effort. I find it weird that Violette needs to win their loyalty, it should flow naturally. I mean, even if they dislike/don’t recognize/trust her or whatever… Dude, she’s here to save the day with you, deal with it for now and care about the future of your world together. She don’t have the time to please and know you better and yet, she try so hard ଽ (৺ੋ ௦ ৺ੋ )৴!

    Oh, I’m sorry, it’s a bit muddled. And like I haven’t finished the game, may be I’m totally wrong with my thoughts and some guys didn’t want to be knight or something. But, it seems so « illogical » for me right now, even if I understand that you need to build a relationship to expect a little romance/help thereafter; I’m so confused with how the game is etablished in the end *sigh*. At least, I enjoyed moe Leon (´−`) ンー.

    In any case, it’s a pity that this game end like this. I haven’t played so much, but I agree with you and your point of view so far. This game don’t deserve his Gold Rating, despite his beautiful art and BGMs.

    Good luck for your thesis, may can I ask you what is your subject of study ꒰⌗´͈ ᵕ ॣ`͈⌗꒱৩ ?
    Hope you enjoy your play with KLAP.*・。゚!

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    • Hello Kim! Thanks for reading again!

      Yeah we agree on many points about the game… That’s true, Violette is very sweet but I hated the parts of the battle with Milenne…

      And your idea about a funny battle- that would be so cute!! Maybe some extra scenarios like going to the beach in the real world when we win yeah?! (=´∀`) Hahaha

      Thanks babe! Gotta work hard on my thesis with your support! ( *`ω´) I’m doing cultural studies! I kind of changed my major before I came to Japan so before this I was studying some Asian history too!

      Definitely gonna enjoy beating them up hehehehehe.


      • My pleasure ♥\(⸝⸝⸝°⁻̫° ⸝⸝⸝) !

        It doesn’t surprise me to be honest. I’m not here yet but, I think I have an idea of how it will be… Generally speaking, I find the balance of forces so uneven, without a real depth and often scamped when the main protagonist must « fight » against a character like Milenne while it’s the most important part. It’s the heart of the work, which gave the reason of the story (´╹‸╹`)…

        Also, as a French, your paragraph about the « Ravir System » really told me something buuut, I wasn’t able to get it right now. So I do some researches, and I think I -perhaps- found whereof you spoke ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨! This art of conversation is called: « Amour Courtois » (

        « Ravir » is a common verb in french but his use is highly low, even in literature. It’s for very formal/old language. The only time where we employ this verb in daily life is when we make a compliment about the appearance of a person with new « stuff » or makeover. We say: « Ça te va à ravir » = « It really suits you, dear ».

        His use bother me too in this game. But… I have a far-fetched idea: « Ravir » sounds a bit like « Love/Rabu » in japanese for me sooo, may be they wanted some similar consonance or an aesthetic word more than a « true meaning »…?

        Voila, I hope that helps (ˊᗜˋ*)✧*。!

        What a wonderful idea you have too! I’d love to play a mini-game like this; it proves that if IF made an little effort to make them good, their Otoge will be more pleasant, even if the whole is hopeless!

        Oh my, your school backround and studies are so interesting! It’s truly entertaining to learn about all the culture around the world, their evolution and impact in our modern society. Again, I wish you a lot of success (ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’★,。・:*:♪・゚’☆!

        Thanks you so much for your answer, I look forward to read your new articles!

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      • Oh you are French!! I actually thought you were Korean, because ‘Kim’ hahaha.

        Cool, thanks for that explanation about Ravir! Honestly I have no idea what it means but based on your explanation, it may mean that Violette is trying to renew her relationships with the knights, or to ‘makeover’ their feelings, therefore Ravir? In any case, it’s an interesting word :3

        I’ve heard that French is a difficult language with lots of male & female words, I would never be able to learn it!! ( ;∀;)

        At least for now, KLAP is very funny, and a nice contrast to RDF. Sometimes IF makes really good games, I would continue supporting those that I’m interested in!!

        Yeah it’s so interesting learning about all the differences people have and the ways they live. I’ve been moving around a few countries so I never get used to all the different cultures, but when I look back and see I realise “Oh so that’s what it was about!!” XD

        Thank you! You too! 😉


      • Hehe, in fact, I’m a nem with paella flavor! /Joke. My mother is half Vietnamese & my dad half Spanish. She won the battle for my nem. //Worst pun ever.

        You’re very welcome, I’m so glad to have been useful for something!
        And you’re totally right, I think it works on this way too.
        But somewhere, it’s so wrong because Violette is the Reine, it’s not her job to please you, it’s the opposite. Here, she act a bit like a « lady of the night » if we follow royalty proprieties (and a pretense of logic). Ok it’s just a game buuut it’s so completely mistaken here, that’s may be why it’s so bad thereafter… And why I’m so confused: because it’s appropriate and inappropriate at the same time.

        Ravir is a word strongly connected to the heart when he used (and even more in old french). It’s really pure & sincere even if it’s in order to charm first. It’s sensibly to make someone fall in love with you, the boundary is really delicate. But that’s just my personal opinion through my readings and studies. In modern language, he also can be take sarcastically/ironically.

        Pfiouh, so much philosophy for a single word (*´-`*).

        You’ve learned Japanese! According to the UNESCO French is the 10th harder language, Japanese 5th, Arabic 3rd and Chinese 1st! That’s true, French is very complex especially for conjugation and a looot other things… But, don’t worry, German have 3 genders! Neighbors have always one harder language than yours hehe. English is considered like the most easy language to learn, although, it was/it is so arduous for me in the end.

        But after all, the only barrier that exist, and for everything, it’s you. If you say that it’s impossible then, it will be. Yet, you’re a Magical Girl, your heart will glow and you can fight against this spleen to shine bright with the stars! *I swear, I’m not drunk*.

        So glad that you enjoy KLAP! At least, there’s always good games in the Otomate releases and I also find it’s very important support them. But I admit that I’m pretty silly; even if the game is a kusoge, I keep in mind the :*:・ドキo(*´ε`*)oドキ・:*: moments and cherish them. (Of course, it doesn’t stop me to be objective).

        Yeah, we always have something to learn from each others, that’s why life isn’t boring if you’re a bit curious and if you share this richness! But that’s just my opinion ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ.

        Thank you so much for always read me and answer to my very long coms’! For your kindness and your mention on Twitter too! I’m sorry I was not able to answer because I have a private account orz, but again you’re very welcome!

        Have a nice day✩‧₊˚.・。!

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  3. I was thinking of giving this game a go still because of the fact that I really like dark stories but…it seems pretty kuso? Terrifyingly kusoge level? It seems so ridiculous that I may want to pass of this due to that 40 endings that I have to go through who the hell thought of that. I have been excited for BAD APPLE WARS quite a bit now but after seeing the way they handle these deep stories, it kinda looks uncertain that it’ll go well.


    • Otomate is really hit and miss… Just when you thought they’re going good with their psvita games, we see a few failures like Root Rexx and this.And then there are some unnoticed good games like Urakata Hakuouki lying around when you start to get sick of hakuouki. This company is just so strange.

      But I’m still very very interested in BAW. No matter what rating it gets I’m definitely not missing this one!


  4. To think I was seriously considering to pre-order this game… Crisis averted thanks to my fellow otome fans. After reading that the game doesn’t delve into the potentially-interested setting and plot very well (which was Reine des Fleurs’ primary appeal to me), I’m going to take your advice and give this game a miss. My backlog could do with some paring down.

    Why does the otome game industry have such a hard time constructing even a BASICALLY sound plot? This is beyond the point of “otome fantards will buy anything, don’t bother putting too much time and effort into the writing.” I’ve given up on asking for a masterpiece a LOOONG time ago. I’ve given up on asking for something that’s just plain GOOD. All I’m asking for these days is a decent few hours, and they STILL can’t deliver.

    Disappointments like these make me wonder why I bother with otome games… but then I remember the good/great times like Black Wolves Saga, Koezaru wa Akai Hana, Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari, Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen, etc.

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    • From the way the Reine team blogs, they seriously thought that this game’s story was good. I DONT KNOW WHY! And those who trial tested the game before it went onto the market voted it in for Gold. I DONT KNOW WHY! Maybe because Violette is a princess? Maybe because she has hot knights willing to die for her? Maybe because for an Otomate product it is innovative and dark enough?

      In any case, the next time I hear an otome game dealing with a tree of life, I am going to stay away from it. Because the Otome world just can’t deal properly with big concepts like that. NOISE, though individual routes were satisfying enough, also confused me with the whole lifetree/watertank/goddess concept.

      The main problem with Reine is probably that they didn’t bother exploring the land with the reader of the game so we can see more interaction rather than the stupid Ravir minigame that is an honest time waster. What a pity- Violette is a pretty spunky heroine tho! She does act like a proper queen, choosing her role over love often and I like that.

      Absolutely not waste money on this! Though, if you have cash to spare, buying the soundtrack is certainly a good option! Hahaha, I noticed that you identified all them PC games. Not to forget Ken Ga Kimi too! Seems like PC is still best for lengthy games to properly explore the whole setting of it. And I need to rehunt for Kaikyuu Gakuen. It got cancelled on me due to some warehouse issue ):


      • I don’t trust Famitsuu or most professional reviewers implicitly. With any reviews/reviewer (unless I’ve followed them for a long time and our tastes are in common), I knock down the rating by one or two points because most I know of have the tendency to be generous (our of guilt, not wanting to look like an asshole, whatever). Gold ratings only indicate to me that the game won’t be kusoge-level bad. 4.5+ stars on Amazon only tells me that it won’t be atrocious, but it won’t be a masterpiece either (which is fine as long as it’s a good game). God knows who was selected for the trial testing of the game. God knows what goes on behind those closed doors of game reviewers. It’s a shame because Violette is gorgeous and she sounds great.

        The more I think about otome writers, the more I wonder about their credentials. Of course, credentials isn’t the be all end all when assessing a writer’s abilities, but I’m really curious where all of these high school fangirl-level writers come from. Many VN writers simply don’t understand that in order to make a good VN story, you have to understand and utilise the medium well. You have to utilise all aspects of it instead of being overreliant on the script or the visuals (or in otome game cases, popular seiyuu). There needs to be a balance between script, visuals and music (and voice acting if applicable). It’s not easy, hence the high volume of stinkin’ garbage.

        Thanks bro, I’ll take your advice! *Salutes* The massive range in quality of PC titles essentially means you’re gambling when picking one to play. I’ve gotten lucky most of the time. Damn, that sucks about ZKG. 😦 Hope you manage to find a different copy… or a port comes out. Sangoku got ported a zillion times due to its success, after all. Which reminds me, I do plan on playing Sangoku too, even if it’s a setting I usually wouldn’t pay much attention to.


      • Sangoku as in Otome no Heihou with Tom as the writer? Yeah I heard great things bout that one too, but not too interested in it yet. Looks like I’ll have to get a new copy of Zettai Kaikyuu! I don’t mind paying much for good stuff.

        Yea your arguments are really valid. God knows how they pick their team. But then again, the same team can create one good work and one bad one. It’s hard to think BWS was created by the ones who is making all the Dialovers and idol shiet. I guess the Otome world is still very much experimenting and remaking. Like much of what Japan’s consumer industry is about. Makeup, clothes and otoges reinvented and remade and they bump into the same themes. I’m so afraid Psychedelica game #2 is gonna be bad!!!

        Maybe those who review the games are getting bribed!!!! (Dirty secrets of the otoge world revealed….. :p)


      • Yeah, that’s the one. A sequel is in the works. I hope this won’t cause Daisy2’s next big thing to take a zillion years to dev & produce. I only hear good/great things about Sangoku so I’m confident that if I don’t find it a masterpiece, I’ll at least have an enjoyable time.

        I’m not even sure how accurate the credits are. I know that Rejet utilises the Polka Dot writing company a lot, and sometimes hires external help. I really wish the otome game credits were more accurate- like who wrote which route, who planned the concept, etc. I know that route inconsistencies and drastic quality differences usually occur when there are a bunch of writers being in charge of different routes (ALICE=ALICE, anyone? The inconsistencies are big and plentiful. Not just one or two human errors). Also, good writers can produce subpar stuff if they’re forced to work on genres they have no interest or experience in. Still, this is no excuse for the noticeable extremes of quality between the games in spite of Rejet using the same writers. One might even think that BWS or Ken ga Kimi are flukes.

        As for Otomate, I’m less sure how they operate. They sometimes have the same writers but as the bigger company backed by IDEA FACTORY, they tend to experiment more.

        I think the problem with the otome world is that there is LITTLE experimentation outside of veeery slightly tweaking “safe” and popular settings, borderling on trend exploitation and blind following. Worse, some writers are of the belief that mashing multiple popular elements- in spite of how hard this will be to pull off or just logical undoable- is a fan-fucking-tastic idea.

        I would love to try my hand at an otome game version of something like School Days. I wish Nitroplus would try making games for the otome audience… When they get it right, they make some excellent VNs.

        I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if some shady stuff was going on with game reviews even in Japan. Who wants to get reviewed by Famitsuu in order to just get trashed? That would have a big impact on sales… but a gold rating? Lots of people trust that! Even silver would help you out significantly, especially if you’re trying a risky idea or are a new company.

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  5. So much hype for this game and sadly it was a let down orz. I still don’t regret preodering this game and buying the stellaworth set cuz…I’m such a pushover when it comes to Usuba’s artwork lol. Her art is godly. I’m looking forward to the artbook (if there is going to be one). The game seemed like it had so much going for it and was so hyped (that gold rating by famitsu also gave me hopes bro). The music, art, setting and story as well as the characters- it’s sad and disappointing that even with so much to work with and time they delayed the end result wasn’t good. I have to say though, despite there being little characters shown involved in a large scale crisis, I think the game did a good job of making the characters all stand out.

    Did not know the meaning of ravir till now, but yeah the meaning does make me feel uncomfortable. I’m more keen to believe the intended meaning of ravir that otomate used to be meaning 3 (to charm, bewitch, dazzle or fascinate) since winning the ravir means to successfully charm the love interests and get their love ending.

    From most to least which of the guys did you like? Personally my favourite was Louis (love his design, crafty personality and Namikai’s voice). With so much kissing scenes with him and Violette I wish there were kissing sounds added as well. Why not knock us fans out with some kissing sounds along with Namikawa’s voice? XD

    Well, Reine des fleurs aside, I’m also looking forward to BAW. Though I’m going to play it safe and wait for feedback and decide then if I should buy it I think. The soundtrack is amazing so far so I’m guessing that I’ll be buying the soundtrack.

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    • Same here, decided to buy BAW soundtrack the moment I saw it was the same composer as BWS. Not missing this game/music for a million dollars!

      Hmmmm my favourite would be Ghislain I guess, despite me not liking KondouT very much. Leon was absolute cuteness but I didn’t like the bit of the ‘vessel’ if you know what I mean. I think Ghislain overcame his inhibitions about Violette well, but urghhhh why did they have to choose KondouT! There must have been more fitting voice actors!

      Sadly my least favourite is Orpheus. He’s just kinda too plain for me to like. He reminds me of Heishi from Norn9 but he lacks an extra charm….idk.



  6. Haha when I saw you mention Chronostasia I mentally said “OH GOD NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN” in my head. The moment they showed the tree in the prologue already gave me some bad vibes blaaarrrh.

    Well enjoy Klap. I’ll try to minimize my FF14 downtime so I can get through this disaster quicker lol

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  7. Wow, what a disappointment. This was the most expected game of mine and the main reason I wanted to get a Vita. Well, without even playing the game I can tell jsut by the sole fac that is has 40 endings that the creators were trying to cover up for lack of something in the game.
    Love solfege ❤ After their OST for Shinigami to Shoujo I'm expecting a lot from this OSt as well :3 Thanks for the review!
    Oh and speaking about art. This game's art is probably the only reason I used to buy B's Log. Because they have those wonderful spreads with each character :3 Maybe I should trying selling them on Yahoo Auctions, fufufu.


    • Haha yeah those ‘spreads’ became part of the CG collection fyi. Usuba-san’s art actually fits the atmosphere of the game really well. And probably most fantasy themes. I really liked Clock Zero’s music! (I bought that soundtrack even though I didn’t finish the game lol) love solfege is a really great composer ❤

      Well there are tons of better games out there, so why not still get a Vita! XD Lots of good stuff coming in 2016 too, it'll be a pity to miss them 😉


  8. Well another stinker emerges :I which is too bad it’s such a pretty looking game. At least Leon sorta(?) saved it.
    He’s so adorable I can’t even put into words how cute he is xD.
    Hopefully Teikoku comes out soon 😀 and I hope you enjoy KLAP.
    Good luck on your thesis 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I just have this theory that once an Otomate game is promoted with all their might and then there are suddenly no news for like 5-6 months…. It’s mostly going to be a miss. It’s just like they try to make it as good as they intended to, but could never achieve that initial plan. ^^ And that’s why there’s no information on it as it’s just crap? lol
    Though tbh I had faith, that the WoF team could actually do better than this. But since I haven’t played it myself, I’ll just shut up and go back into my corner. xDDD


  10. Thanks for the review. I did lol at the main menu screen because it doesn’t suit the PSV at all considering most game devs try their best to make a shiny UI and all.

    Same, I’m a fan of the the main artist but it’s a shame that the complete game itself is somewhat lacking v-v; I’m not sure if I’m the only person but I find that sometimes otoge will have a interesting scenario but then it just goes all pear-shaped during the execution part. Oh wells.


    • Oops sorry for the late reply, your comment went to spam for some reason ;_;

      Lots of otome games start off well then die somewhere in the middle. I think for gamers like me who play about one or two games every month, we get tired of the same shiet, so they really need to be good to keep us going…..


  11. I couldn’t make it past 2 routes it was painful. My Japanese sure stinks lol but I was able to figure out that so many plot holes abounded and that a lot of the things that happened just didn’t make sense (like so many bad endings where the love interest just offs himself because) and the art was literally the only thing that kept me playing another route in the hopes that maybe I needed to play a certain character to get into it. Orpheus was my favorite thankfully since I was pretty interested in him from the beginning, but it looks like Leon is actually more than just the poster boy for once! I might go back to do his moe-route….but I;m not sure it’s worth it.

    Oh what does Wafuu mean? I see this term everywhere but can’t find a translation for it.


    • Hey Leaf!
      I see… You’re another victim of this game. Well I hope you at least enjoyed getting the CGs!
      At some point of time, my goal became to get all the endings rather than see what happened to the story so why not! Go ahead and play Leon!
      Oh wafuu just means Japanese in style!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha yep! I used my CDJapan points and got the game for $32 so I figured even if it flopped, it was too great a deal to pass up…now i wish I had spent that on something else hahaha.

        Yes, the CGs were gorgeous! Maybe my money did benefit somewhat:)

        Oh, I see! Thanks so much!! What game are you thinking of getting next? Or is there a backlog to defeat?


  12. LOL! I was actually VERY excited about this game and even patiently waited for the CG’s and some scene from the game. I waited for about 6 months for this game and went to buy the PS Vita which is clearly NOT CHEAP and when I play this game…. Hell…… The dafuq. Did. I. Play. What. Da. Heck. Happen…

    It was nightmare….. I did like Ghislain at first but his love and loyal route made me go crazy. Not to mention Orpheus secret power made me go ?!?!?!?!?!. I’m not to sure about being regret buying this game or not since the art was AMAZING….. Well I already bought it. Thanks for making this review btw since I haven’t play Hubert route since people said it’s better not playing it since it will destroy this game even further (idk)? Anyway, sorry for the unreasonable tl;dr wall, I always check this wordpress but never really commented on it 😀


    • Hi there!

      Oh no. Another victim of RDCrap. Sorry your first game (I assume) didn’t turn out well :/
      Hubert’s route was fine for me… I like the voice actor but yes, there are some pretty troll stuff there too.

      Thanks for commenting! Hope to see you around more often 😉


      • Wow u reply so quick 🙂 ummm not my first game (played Ken ga Kimi, BroCon PP and Black Wolf Saga) but yeah i’m still new with otome games and I was really looking foward to play this game but yeah…. Such a letdown :/ but life must go on right?xD Yep I’ll be around here more often 😀


  13. Oh!! ごめん, I actually meant I played KgK for V (sorry about that!!!!!) ^//////^
    Yep, Gunshot Residue here we go!!!
    ありがとうございます じゅうぐちさん~~

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Pingback: Jyuuguchi in 2015 | じゅうぐち:

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