Calling all creative people…

Hi it’s me.

So I’ve been thinking of creating my own otome game for a while now. It’s going to be impossible by myself so I’m recruiting some people who are interested in doing it. If you’ve always wanted to do something like that, join me and we’ll try it out!

For now, I’ll need these people so if you see anything that catches your fancy, comment or drop an email to

Serious people only please! It’ll be hard to think of monetizing it, (not entirely impossible though) but for now if you’re interested please assume that you’re gonna do it for free because you want to be a creator!

** I actually want to launch the game in Japanese, but depending on the language proficiency of the team we have, English is a good option too.


-Story proposal/Editor
My good friend Laramie Castiel will be working closely with me to design the characters and plots!


-Scenario writing
[Jyuuguchi & Laramie Castiel]
** To ensure consistency, we can’t have more than two Scripters butttttt subject to change. Maybe one more, but not now.


I’m so thrilled we’re getting the very gorgeous artwork from Yoncco!


Background Artists/Others Artist
The other fantastic illustrator joining us is named Sechiru! Yay!
Now can another background artist join us?!

Jyuuguchi will be advertising the game and keeping fans updated on work progress.

Programmer (two or three )
Rin & Haruna


-Voice Actors…..
[On Hold]


Greg. Array.


Points to note:

-Our heroine will be kickass, strong and totally awesome. If you’re thinking of having a Mary-Sue, sorry, we can’t.

-If we’re voicing it, our heroine will have to be voiced. Because.



That’s about it I guess. Right now, technically I could do everything on my own except for voice acting and illustration, but I think working on it as a team will be tops fun. Interested in anything yet? Let me know!

Spread the word around on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, anything!

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  1. Hiya!! That’s so cool you’re you have plans on creating your own otome game :3 I’ve been playing a quite a lot these past few years and my Japanese is on a conversational level of reading, writing and listening. I always look at the Otomate job postings and dream haha I unfortunately am not very tech savvy, but I’d love to help with co-scripting and game testing afterwards, or in any other I could! ^__^


  2. OOOO great idea! I’m not too bad with art, so maybe I can send you some work based off character descriptions if you want? Of course, I have to find some way to draw on the computer since I usually do traditional drawings.


  3. Oh my gosh… we were having a jovial convo about this on Twitter!

    I’ve always wanted to be a part of creating an otome game (or any visual novel, for that matter), so to be able to with a good friend of mine sounds very exciting.

    My talents are restricted to various technical aspects of writing- characterisation, consistency, critique, editing, narrative direction, planning and perhaps offering advice on artistic/musical direction (though I can’t create or compose myself)…

    Furthermore, I’d be useful for research to improve believability of the setting. I have a background in psychological studies so I’m sure that’d help with character-building and constructing realistic reactions to dramatic events.

    So if you’re still interested in me joining the team, I’d love to help with the Story proposal/Editor and/or the Scenario writing aspects. I can promise you that you’ll receive my complete and honest critique in all aspects of your game.

    Due to you appealing to English fans, you might find that it’s better to start off in English. If there’s enough demand or if you’re still interested, you could always translate it to Japanese later. Or vice-versa.

    Whatever happens, you have my complete support! =)

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    • Broooooooo I’ve been waiting for you!!! XD

      Of course I’m more than thrilled to have you! I’d wanted to write you down as Editor/Scenario right away but had no idea if you actually wanted or have time to, or not! So please join me bro! (I’d pay you if I could ;D )

      I was actually thinking of the same thing – that starting off in English would definitely be tons better, and if we’re gonna have it voiced, it’d definitely be much easier finding people on the English fanbase. But then again, some expressions seem more authentic in Japanese but we will have to discuss that again!

      Whoopie! Can’t believe we’re actually getting this started!


      • No problem! Sign me up, Skip. I’ll devote as much time to your project as humanly possible. Wow, no need to pay me… I’m flattered, though! xD

        I’m sure there’s a lot of work ahead of us, but I look forward to it. =)

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  4. Reblogged this on Purple Nurple Wonderland and commented:
    A good friend of mine and fellow otome game blogger Jyuuguchi has expressed an interest in creating her own otome game! I’ve joined the team to help with the writing aspects. There are still some positions available and we’re still looking for help. If there’s a job you’d be interested in, please let her know!

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  5. That’s a very interesting & amazing project! I hope it will be gratifying, you have my full support!

    If you want, I’m willing to offer my help to make backgrounds!
    I don’t draw, but I make photomontages which I can give a drawing-likeness appearance.
    Otherwise, I would be glad to be just a beta tester 🙂 .

    Your project is even more exciting than Otomate, Rejet and others Co annoncements hehe!


    • Haha Kim thanks for the support!

      It’d be great if you could join us! But unfortunately we might be monetizing this game so we don’t want to risk anything that’s not a complete original creation :/ if you know how to design the game interface tho, let me know! 😉


  6. Hey I’d love to join in on this as well. I have extensive editing experience from PhD papers to translating and editing scripts for films. I also have a pretty low voice as a woman so if you are looking to voice the game I can always do at least one male character 😛


    • Hello!

      Sure! We’re still unsure if we’re getting it voiced but if we are, I’ll be glad to have you! Are you comfortable voicing Japanese if we launch it in Japanese, and do you have your own voice recording EQ?


      • I don’t actually speak Japanese though I don’t mind trying. I have a general understanding of the way Japanese sounds but it could easily become one of those “comedic this person clearly doesn’t speak the language they’re attempting” situations so… just a heads up 😛

        The only recording equipment I have are non-professional headphones.


      • Ok I see. We actually need people who can speak without an accent, but it’s likely our VN will be in English.

        Hmm, that headphone would generate alot of noise so if you have / intend to purchase other recording EQ, we’ve be glad to have you help if we decide to voice it!


  7. Hey, I’m interested in lending a hand if you’ll have me. I can…. do lineart? I haven’t tried it myself, I just happen to draw a lot. Can be a learning experience for both sides. 🙂 Tweet at me @ragingstrikes if you’d like to consider!


  8. Hi there, I would like to join as making the gui for your game. Working in a team has never been a good experience for me, mainly because people disappear or quit early on but I might as well try anyway. I have only made it as practice for two games. So far, the only thing I know how to make it for is the ren’py novel engine. You’d have to have a programmer input all the designs as well.

    I have samples here:

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    • Hello err, let me call you Princess for now XD

      Does gui mean interface? I saw your sample. (OMG VAMPIRE KNIGHT I love that) I would love to have you join us! Could you drop an email to Too public to discuss stuff here.

      Thanks for contacting me!

      And don’t worry about people dropping out. For one, my reputation online is gonna go bad so I’m not gonna drop out XD. And I really trust the current team we have now (2 editors, 2 illustrators) because they really like what they do, which is why I’m quite certain we can get monetized.


  9. Yo, I was having a look through your site. Otome aren’t really my thing, but if you are looking for composers you really need to be more specific on what style of music you are looking for. There is a whole range out there and most composers specialize in one thing in particular. For example, I specialize in generally classical/orchestral or sonic/sound based composition, and have only little experience in pop type music.

    If you want high quality stuff you are going to need someone with access to the higher end software or studio level microphones and with a bit of experience. Professionals probably wouldn’t work without a pay check so I recommend you target university level music students.


    • Hi C, thanks for the advice, I appreciate it!

      Well we’re definitely looking at university level people with an interest to keep it free. From where our story goes, our soundtrack will be mostly piano (and because I like it lol). Would you be int to help us for free?


      • I’m too busy at the moment, sorry.
        Another word of advice is when looking for a composer, it’s generally one of the last things you do for a game. Since they aren’t essential to producing the writing or story, composers want to see what you have got done, and have a context to compose for, and implementing music is normally one of the last things you do, so you don’t need to rush into finding one.
        I suggest you get everything started and on track, and when you have stuff to show, it will be much easier to get experienced people like that on board.


  10. Hi there! I could probably compose BGM because whelp, I got good marks in composition in music class. Never composed anything for the internet and don’t have any way to produce an audio file apart from exporting it from the music software. I compose mainly for piano, clarinet, sax or string instruments but I can’t do drums or vocal lines at all even if they’re crucial to setting the tone. My style might be a little too complex for BGM though.


    • Hello Myrt!

      Thanks very much for the interest. I have no knowledge of composing so I can’t tell you what’s good for us ATM, but I will generally be able to tell if it fits the game or not. Would you like to give it a try at composing? Do you have a YouTube, Soundcloud or something so I can hear your composing? I’m not sure how softwares work but I don’t want them to be too mechanical! 🙂


      • Music software usually exports to .midi which you can hear if you have Quicktime but pretty much nothing else plays it. I’ve converted these to mp3 but I don’t know how much of the quality has been lost.

        Also I doubt these examples would fit the game because they were composed for school assessments. xD “Movie Song” was composed two years ago for a “mystery action movie”. Numbers 1-5 were this year, which the theme was “psychotic” and I don’t have any of last year’s stuff but they sound like this – ….so yaaaah…not great examples but these are the only ones on my laptop right now – until tomorrow anyway. :/


      • Hey myrt, I listened to them!

        Hmmm the songs are fine but it sounds so mechanical like for a web browser 8bit rpg hahaha. We’re gonna need quite realitic tunes, do you have any idea how to record yourself playing piano and clean it up with software? 🙂 Or if you have an electric piano, even better!


      • Oh okay, I thought that might be the problem. >_>

        I don’t have an electric piano (I’m sorry!) but I could probably clean a recording. Though if I play, it can’t be too hard because performing isn’t my thing (I haven’t practiced for months either).


  11. This is a great idea, Jyuu! I wish you guys the best of luck in this pursuit! I would love to help out, but I honestly don’t think I have much to offer besides maybe like…critiquing and giving feedback on characters and the setting/plot if you just need an extra pair of eyes/opinion besides the two of you (basically as an unofficial editor?). Sorry I can’t really offer more…If you guys need beta testers in the future, I would love to participate 😀

    Good luck recruiting a team! I’m excited about this project. Especially because of the strong possibly voiced heroine and lack of vampires, werewolves, brothers, and memory loss LOLOL


    • Thank youuuuuu! ❤

      Saw on Twitter that your sis' wedding is coming soon! Gratz to that! You must be getting busier too!

      I'd love to have your help! If you'd like, I'll send over to you the basics of our story when we're done. (but that means your enjoyment will be gone when you play the game. If you do play when we finish XD)

      Haha the conditions for joining this team basically means throwing aside whatever is the rage now.


      • when you say “program music into the text”, you mean insert a BGM ? If it’s on Renpy, I could make it. For the sprites, I don’t think it’s a problem for me. But the real problem is the schedule… Because I think that I will be available only for the weekends and vacations.


  12. Hello!
    I had my reply on LSF, but the thread magically disappeared. Not sure if you have found a composer yet, but here is my reply from there:

    Give a listen to this demo and see if it’s what you are looking for.

    Since I don’t have works that fit an otome game, then I had to make this sample recently.


  13. Hello! I can do some programming for the game but since I’ve moved to Tyrano Builder, I may not be able to help with programming in the end since I saw that you’ll most likely be using ren’py.
    If the option for voice actors does happen though, I’m able to give a hand. I have a decent quality microphone with a pop filter, and I can clean vocals to a certain extent (ie: the raw recording doesn’t sound like someone talking into a hurricane). I don’t have an audio interface though. If you’d like, I can record a voice reel as a sample in the future for reference.


  14. Hey, I’m pretty interested to help as a programmer (if you’re using Ren’py then I have experience in that) or as a voice actor given that the script is in Japanese (beginner in this but I could give sample voices if you’d like). However, do you have more details about the game? For example, what engine are you going to use for building the game? What’s the genre of the game you’re planning to make? Will it be presented in visual novel style or stat building kind of otome game? Do you plan to have some kind of special features that will need to be programmed?


    • Hi Rin,

      We’re not recruiting VA at the moment, but I’ll keep you in mind!

      Hmm, currently there’s 3 people asking to be programmers but none of them have given me confirmed responses yet. Most likely Ren’py because pure VN, no games or anything.

      Will you have a busy schedule and able to stick it out for a year?


      • I’m not planning for anything big for the rest of this year, and while I can’t say for sure that I won’t be busy, I can spare 2 hours or so per day (could be more on weekends). Again, whether I can stick it out for a year or not depends on a lot of factors, but as of now I’d say yes, I’m confident that I can. Besides, seeing that it will be pure VN, the workload would probably be more focused on actually coding the script and the GUI, so it shouldn’t be much a problem. And if you want to use really simple affection point based system, then it’ll be even easier to code 🙂


  15. Hi Jyuu,
    Are you guys still looking for a programmer? I could help with it if its only in Renpy 😀
    Best of luck to you guys, can’t wait for the outcome :3

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