Last updates on the otome game!

Hi all! This will be my last update here on this blog(for the otome game creation) because everything else will be shifted over to the official blog, opening soon. This blog will go back to being a gaming blog, as it has always been.

Things are progressing. I have the story, characters all on standby. The only thing is, we need more support to let us know how much interest we’re generating for this game, so I have one request!

Please help us with our campaign!

Click on the following link, and Retweet that tweet, or follow the official Twitter account for the game! The numbers are going up slowly, and I hope to be able to reveal what we have soon 😀

Thanks all!



7 thoughts on “Last updates on the otome game!

  1. Sorry trying to stay active on wordpress and twitter. Will definitely spread the news. Are you going to have a few given out for reviews?


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