Jyuuguchi in 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… What with the lack of good games to play and busy writing my own otoge…

I hope everyone’s holidays had been great and I hope you guys will continue to read this blog in 2016! 😀

Here’s a review of my gaming year to see what I’ve been up to. (Oh those good times and bad times)


Code:Realize game review

Urakata Hakuouki game review

Sacrifice Rejet drama CD review

Games played: 2. Spectacular games in the ‘better’ category.


More Rejet CD reviews

Rejet’s new projects

Hyakka Yakou game review

Games played: 1. An ‘okay’ game but really needed improvement.


Kokuchou no psychedelica review

Re:Birthday song review

Happy Sugar Darlin’ CD review

Tsukiyasha CD review

Games played: 2. One fantastic game, one kusoge.


D3P’s new projects (That totally let us down, I know)

Games played: 0


Jyuuguchi goes binaural

Norn9 Last era game review

Games played: 1. How I love Norn9!!!!


Possession Magenta game review

Princess Arthur game review

Games played: 2. Both kusoges.


NOISE voice of snow game review

Root Rexx game review

Games played: 2. One good, one bad.


Ken ga kimi for V game review

Rejet new projects rage post

Otomate party new projects

Jyuuguchi English binaural song

Rokka no Yuusha light novel spoilers

Prince of Stride game review

Games played: 2. Both good.


Reine Des Fleurs game review

Games played: 1. Bad bad kusoge.


KLAP kind love and punish game review

Zettai Kaikyuu Gakuen game review

PSVITA gaming and me

Games played: 2. Both good.


Updates on my otome game

Games played: 0


Games played: 0


Total number of games played in 2015: 15

Now creating otome game at precatio.wordpress.com 🙂

It had been a fulfilling gaming year, with lots of drama CDs in between too. Sadly most of the games were kusoge rather than anything, but I mostly enjoyed playing them.

I have to admit that Otomate is still the strongest for Otome games in many ways, and I’m still excited to see more of their new projects even though they may not always suit me.


As for the future… 2016 looks like a bleak year… Nothing is particularly interesting at the moment except maybe CollarxMalice – which judging from the CG and scenarios released that the heroine is just going to be another dumb shit not worth my time.

I love Teita’s art, but D3P is really doing horribly so I’m not touching Hyakka Hyakurou till I see reviews. And the other games are not even worth mentioning… Sigh.

The only game I’m really looking forward to is Haitaka no psychedelica, the second game from the Psychedelica of Black Butterfly team.

But that just means more time for me to work on my otome game – trust me, it has a very different flavour and I believe people who are as sick of stupid heroines and boring scenarios like me will enjoy the game!

Please take care of me in 2016! よろしくお願いします~~

7 thoughts on “Jyuuguchi in 2015

  1. If you never played wand of fortune i’d really recommend the upcoming vita port for it.
    It has the mini game play that you like and the heroine and all the characters are amazing.
    I’m probably getting the Animate set, I just love that game ;-;

    But yea 2015 kinda sucked :V Hoping for better things next year.


    • I’ve played it… And that parameter system was really annoying, so I pass :3

      I’m okay since I got to play Norn9 Last Era and Psychedlica and a couple of good old PC ones… But really not looking forward to much. ):


  2. Ah I really want to play Wand of Fortune so I’m saving up for that one;) Otherwise, Code Realize has been like the only good game I’ve played haha. It doesn’t help that my entry into a full otoge was Reines of Shit and I Doll U (though this was higher up than Reines). I’m hoping more localizations happen next year because there’s not much else I’m too excited about-other than your AWESOME GAMEXD Omg I can’t wait to play it! Keep up your amazing work and I’ll be sure to follow your other wordpress:)

    Have a great day!!


      • Lol no way! XD As long as the writing is good I’m good!

        And of course! I’m rooting for you guys! It sounds like you worked really hard to give us a game where we can like the heroine as much as the guys and I really want to thank you for thinking of everyone who plays these as well as what you want in an otoge:) And that I sincerely hope you do well because these things take a lot of time, effort, and stress.

        Happy Holidays to you as well, girl! XD

        Liked by 1 person

  3. IThank you for another year of fantastic reviews! 2015 has been a busy year so I’m STILL slogging through the Kokuchou I picked up in April but it’s my favorite otome game I’ve played so far – not that I’ve played many LOL abut I really love the format of the game and the characters are all great (coming from this girl that generally only plays 2 routes per game); dialogue and interactions are A+++++. So I’m definitely crossing my fingers for Haitaka and THANKS FOR GIVING ME SUCH A GREAT GAME that I would’ve otherwise passed over. Really. Sad that nothing else turned out that great in 2015, but here’s hoping for 2016!

    Hope you had a brilliant and happy New Years, and that 2016 brings you many yummy men and otome game progress! I look forward to it : D

    Liked by 1 person

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