Officially released: Our first demo game!

After so many months of hard work, the first trial is finally here! After sacrificing many otoges and much of my time, I’m very glad to see the first trial being sent out to everyone. So if you have been following us for some time, please play the trial and let us know your thoughts on it!


Hello all! It’s the writer’s team, Jyuuguchi and Laramie Castiel writing on behalf of Team Precatio!

Yes, it’s here!

After so many months of waiting, we’re very excited to share the first trial of Kokorogawari!

We have decided to release two different trials so that you’ll be able to experience what Kokorogawari has to offer as much as possible. We feel that it’s very important for everyone to get a good grasp on what we have to offer, as we want you to love our game and let it be a proud addition to your visual novel collection.

With that aim in mind, we’ve released the first of our two trials. This trial will cover the first chapter of the game’s common route. Here’s what we you can expect:

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