Is making an otome game worth it?

I’ve not touched my PSVITA in 8 months!! ashjfsbsidhbskdfj

I’ve been busy with working a full time job (the other name is adulting) and also working on Kokorogawari, so I really have no time for otoges anymore. Knowing that life will continue on like this for many years down the road, and that electronic gadgets will deteriorate if left unused, I sold my PSVITA and games off to a good friend of mine. I’m kinda sad that I won’t get to play Haitaka Psychedelica, but I’ll stick with PC games when I have the time (Hello backlog!).

Working on Kokorogawari is a lot of work. Apart from the writing, I also handle the sprite directions, the management of the team and the advertising on Twitter/Wordpress. This means that I have to constantly schedule the monthly workload, ask them for the work when it doesn’t get done and try to keep the morale high. This was especially difficult since the incident with the previous artist happened, and we had 2 other composers who disappeared into thin air after promising me work. It was tough not giving up, but I wanted to make this game a reality and I wasn’t going to give up just because of a few untrustworthy people, since I had a great team of committed members as well.

Also, since the artists, composers, programmers and editor are essentially bringing my vision into reality, they have to constantly check back with me: Q: What colours should we use?  A:Mostly the colours of a certain motif in the game. Q: What mood should this BGM be like? A: Light, but sad, and can we also remove this part from 30s-40s?, so on and so forth. Being the ‘director’ of the game means I have to decide on everything and have the artist/composer change what they created when it doesn’t fit the theme of the story. I also have to work around their creations to utilise as much of it as possible, making small changes to their ideas rather than having them redo the entire thing, unless it really just doesn’t fit, which didn’t ever happen in the 10 months so far. Thankfully, the people working with me are all extremely talented! I really love their work and I’m so grateful towards how much they have contributed towards this project despite their busy schedules. They’ve also been patient with me, (especially the editor who had to pick out my grammar and Japanese-into-English phrasing problems XD) and I don’t believe I can get a more awesome team than these people.

All in all, is making an otome game worth it? Yes, while you’re in college and have lots of free time. You get to learn how it is to handle a big-scale project, and turn your hobbies into work, to enjoy doing something and exploring new ideas while you’re at it. (I think I can safely say that every member of the team has created/learnt something new about their own abilities) You also get closer to your teammates and get to appreciate their talents, even if you’ve never seen them in RL.

No, when you’re a working adult because you just can’t find time to do much! And it can get very tiring, not only for the director but also as a core member who is the one producing the work, especially if you also have a full-time job/studies. It’s easier when you’re more introverted and like to stay home during the weekends, though. However, since I’ve started working and get stuck in the office from 8-6, five days a week, I really don’t feel like looking at the computer screen, or any screen for that matter, on weekends. I mostly just want to get out into the sun and run until I’m exhausted or lie on my sofa eating chips/pizza/any other evil food you can think of.

So while I’ve had my share of fun with otome games, I’m sad to say that I will likely not be playing much (one in a year, if any) and hope that my readers won’t get upset! The reviews for the previous games I’ve played are still there; I won’t delete them. I hope to be able to pick up another game once I’m done with Kokorogawari, but this game is my baby and I’ll be putting all effort into making it a good one.

Wish me and the rest of Team Precatio good luck!




4 thoughts on “Is making an otome game worth it?

  1. hang on there Jyuuguchi!
    It’s never easy to have a project while being a full-time working adult.
    It’s very much awesome already, the fact that you guys already reach this far!
    I hope the best for Team Precatio!! ❤ o9

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  2. Hello! I just found your blog and I love everything you write! I really want to begin making otome games myself, but I’m really shy and prefer to work alone, so it’s really hard. But thank you for your views in making a game, and I’ll be checking out for your game! Good luck!

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