Launching Kickstarter!

Okay so the deal’s that I’ve been playing Tsumikui by Operetta but I’m getting nowhere with it due to being busy for our own visual novel XD

I promise a full review of Tsumikui will be up once I’m done with it!

If you’ve been following Kokorogawari which is the English visual novel that I’ve been working on since last year, here’s just a special peek into what will happen at Precatio in the next few weeks!

19 November – Launch special Twitter campaign (It’s a giveaway campaign! :D) AND full chapter 1 trial! 

-We launched half a Chapter 1 some time back and since many said they were interested to know what happens after that, we wanted our readers to see more of the story so they could make an informed decision before deciding to support our game.

So we will be releasing a full chapter 1 with improved GUI and some other bug issues fixed!

Early December – Launch Kickstarter! 

What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a platform where people interested in the game can ‘pledge’ an amount to support the project. No funds are taken if the project doesn’t hit 100% of the funding goal, and the creators of the project ends up with zero funds after all the hard work and nervous waiting! (which of course, we sincerely hope doesn’t happen to us). That is why, I hope that all the followers of this blog will help to support the game in some way, whether it be buying and pledging for the game or sharing the news on your blogs/tumblr/facebook for our Kickstarter launch!

We have a very good reason to be on Kickstarter. When Kokorogawari started coming to life, everyone was working on a free basis and we had some problems because of that. However, we hired an extremely skilled character artist (Shirou Yuki) and also our background artist (Sechiruu) who is working for us at such unbelievably low prices that I felt that we should do something to repay them for their awesome work. Also, since we were creating BGMs and songs with the help of pros, we needed to pay them as well.

It is definitely not easy being an indie dev without any funds but I hope you all will support Team Precatio when the time comes!

More info to come! Please check our our blog at and our twitter @precatio_vn!


Physical merchandise that we hope to make! 😀





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