Tsumikui otome game review

I haven’t had the time to do a full review, and I’ve not completed two routes yet, but here is a quick summary of my thoughts of the game before year 2016 ends. (Yikes! An almost empty gaming year!)

Please remember that these are my opinions and you are free to agree or disagree. Also, I’ve not written an otoge review in god-knows-how-long, so forgive me if my style is a little different from what it usually is.

*Overall story and world setting*

I wasn’t very interested in this initially due to the theme being ‘rebirth’, but the wafuu setting did catch my eye. I felt that the story transition from ‘normal’ Kaoru’s (heroine) life into her as an oni (demon) was badly done, with Kaoru hardly batting an eyelid at her being the reincarnation of Sera, the queen of the oni world from a thousand years ago. Adding to that is the fact that she must consume a thousand murderers’ souls in order to free Sera’s spirit from her sin… to which she gladly accepts -huh?!

While Kaoru’s motivation was revealed later on in Shion (enemy guy)’s route, her long tl;dr explanations made me restless. Actually, much of the story was tl;dr or maybe I was just bored because I didn’t really like the story/setting anyway.

My overall impression is on the fence, since Morihito’s route (voiced by one of my favorites, Ono Yuuki) was terribly disappointing. Morihito was Sera’s lover in his past life, and the route culminated in doubts of ‘does he love me, or does he love Sera who is inside me?’ which were poorly closed. I still felt that Morihito was in love with Sera, and not our heroine Kaoru herself. I certainly did not enjoy seeing Kaoru becoming a substitute for Sera.

It is slightly surprising that Tsumikui contains many more tropes of common otoges than their previous games such as -Voice of Snow- of which I have a fondness for. I think the game could have been better if they gave more depth to the male characters instead of focusing solely on having Kaoru be a kind of romantic partner for the demonkind.

Kaoru herself is slightly airheaded but fun to watch as the typical bumbling and optimistic young highschoolgirl.

This game had some interesting themes, but you will either like it, or find it ‘meh’.

*Music and Art*

The music was great; it set the mood without being intrusive, or perhaps because the game was voiced, so the voices definitely did coverup any music that was too overpowering.

The art was fitting for a RL x Fantasy setting. I especially love the ANIMATED CGs. Yes, you read that right – animated CGs! If anything, this is one thing worth playing Tsumikui for. It must have taken lots of effort and each CG was stunning! Not every CG is animated, but the ones that could be, are. It’s really nice to see otome game companies take effort to innovate and find ways to make their games more interesting for us.

I was disappointed that my favourite seiyuu Makino Hideki didn’t get a major role like he did in the non-R18 port of Koezaru ha Akai Hana, but he had a minor role and that’s probably because of the bigger names given to the major roles…


I’ve not finished the whole game yet, which is in a way a minus point, because it means it didn’t hold my attention for long. The story also seems to be keeping all good parts for one particular character ‘Ren’ who is the truth route. I might like the game more after I complete it… or I might like it less, but if you find the routes boring, Ren does seem like a compelling reason to go on, because he’s a mystery box waiting to be opened.

I could be getting a little too old for otoges because all i want to do when I see horny little schoolboys like Shion and deadpan faces like Morihito, is yawn and close the game.

That’s definitely a reason to consider if you find yourself getting bored like me – you’re getting older…!!!

Happy New Year in advance! 😁




2 thoughts on “Tsumikui otome game review

  1. The animated CGs sound awesome! It’s unfortunate that this game doesn’t sound too fun. There are also too many cash cows/clones of other games :/ Nothing really seems interesting anymore. I will say Kokorogawatari is grabbing my attention ^_~. Nice to see you had some sorta? free time away from otome game creation!


    • Hey Teaaaaa!

      Long time no see! XD

      Yeah I really liked the animated CGs, but the storyline was a tad disappointing. We would have expected more from Matsutake Ume, so I can’t support this game afterall!

      Hehe thanks for checking out Kokorogawari! I’m still working hard on it!

      I wish I had more free time to go back to my carefree gamer days… but at least I have a huge pool of savings now from not splurging on otome games which are getting more and more expensive XD


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