Officially back in the Otome community!

As the title states, I’m back to Otome gaming! I don’t know how much the community has changed or who even reads my blog anymore, but my recent trip to Osaka relit the fire for consoles and gaming. Please treat me kindly and say hello if you’re still a follower of my blog, and tell me what are the recent vita games you’ve enjoyed!

More on my goodies below:

As I mentioned in my previous post, I see more new games being made that are of better quality than the old Vampire / Alice franchise, so I decided to pick up some titles that I had always been interested in even after quitting gaming.

Osaka’s DenDenTown is the town for all your otaku needs, where I used to frequent when I was staying in Japan and I wouldn’t give it a miss on a holiday. It isn’t as big as Akihabara, but it is enough for you to find what you need/want with its mega Animate store and streets littered with cheap electronics and second hand games. Old dudes hitting on maid cafe staff at night was extremely normal and no one bat an eyelid to the coquettish exchanges that occurred in the 3 degree Celsius weather.

I’d have to say though, the number of otome game goods as compared to 3 years ago has decreased significantly. In the three areas I stopped by to look, the amount of otome game related goods was surprising. The rejet store in Umeda loft used to have a large corner and a television set advertising it’s latest releases, but Rejet now occupies a sad tiny corner in the back of Animega. There were lots of Yuri on Ice and idol goods so I suppose that’s where all the otome fans are now. I hope more good games are released this year and next.

Going back to the games, I picked up a second hand Vita (Metallic Red) that was barely 2 weeks old before it was sold off! Looks completely new – a real steal.

Moving on to the games I’ve picked up:

Collar x Malice was completely out of stock everywhere I went… I can’t believe it’s popularity! This makes me really want to get my hands on a copy.

For now, Im starting off with Period:Cube. It’s been such a long time that I’ve played on a Vita that I’m once again really impressed with the graphics. (Or perhaps it has to do with the incredible art in P:C, but more on that once I’m done with the game.)

Otome: Period Cube, Haitaka, Hyakka Hyakurou, Tierblade.

Non-otome: Project Diva F and X, and this game where a boy avenges his sister by choosing someone to kill everyday. Sounds sinister and interesting.

Currently sourcing for Bad Apple Wars and Collar x Malice. Have Danganronpa and Persona dancing all night added to my cart 😂.

I’m also thinking of starting a mini marketplace for international otome gamers to buy and sell games online. The payment method will be via PayPal and contributors will all have access to a WordPress blog. If such a market already exists, or you are interested in the idea, please leave me a comment!

Also don’t forget to tell me what games you’ve enjoyed recently and say hello! 😁

15 thoughts on “Officially back in the Otome community!

  1. I am so glad that you are back to blogging about games!
    I think you should really play C&M as it is a rare gem from Otomate with great relationships development, main heroine & guys. I liked everyone except for the poster guy Aiji as he was too dull for my taste (oops, sorry).
    In general, it is really a pity that so few console otome games get to be released these last 2 years. I am always hoping that we will be blessed with a game like Clock Zero again one day with a deep plot & a great length.
    I am currently playing Sweet Clown and it is really my cup of tea because it is in no way a light, pointless otome. I find the amthospehere to be somehow similar to first サイケデリカ.
    I also enjoyed Blackish House side A (even though I finished only one route for now, a very interesting yandere route) and I would have never even touched this game if it was not for reviews in Japanese blogs about otomes.
    I have also bought Chou Chou Jiken & indie game Gunjou no Yuki that are waiting for me.

    P.S. By the way, do you have any ideas how to make an international marketplace different from regular shops where you can buy games + ship them abroad?

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    • Hey Lespoir!

      Thank you so much for your comment! 😀
      So glad to hear that you’re still enjoying otome games!

      Yes I definitely want to get my hands on CxM! Indeed, its a very rare game with a older heroine and love interests and I’m definitely more keen because of the whole police unit setting and the interface. It’s just the price that puts me off since even second hand games are sold at only 200yen off the original D: I’ll be waiting for it’s price to drop while I finish the rest. Sweet Clown does have very good reviews- it’s been on my mind for some time too and I’ll pick it up if I find a cheap one. 😀 I wanted to get Chou Chou Jiken too… but many people said they were disappointed by it so I’ll hold off until I finish the current ones that I have. Tweet me if you liked the game 😉

      I’m really looking forward to Pio Fiore and it has a very Chronostacia / Code:Rea vibe. Like you, I really really hope for more good games to be released instead of the same old stuff all the time!


    • Oops, I forgot to reply about the marketplace:

      The key here is the non-profit aspect, where we gamers just want to trade off our second hand games at a lower cost than what we bought them for while having the buyers pay for the shipping. In this way, we can recover the money we paid from buying first-hands, and people who are looking for cheap deals outside Japan can also benefit from getting it cheaper than buying direct from Japan (paying Japan’s tax and even their own country’s). That is the main idea here… but I’ve yet to gauge interest :v


  2. I chanced upon your blog to read reviews, and I totally love the way you write them! (゜▽゜) Good choice for Hyakka Hyakuro, I really enjoyed it – plot twists everywhere and legit feels trip for the bad ends, plus yandere with a good plot. Looking forward to your Period Cube review cause I’m a sucker for Toriumi’s voice acting ٩(●︎˙▿︎˙●︎)۶
    And hopefully, you give Diabolik Lovers another chance from their 3rd and subsequent series! Shuu just gets better and the whole adam and eve plot thickens
    ……….. although there are still some wtf moments.
    Have fun with your new games and looking forward to your updates!

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    • Hey Yumexin!

      Thanks~ Glad to know that you like my reviews! ❤
      Woohoo! I can't wait to play Hyakka cuz I love Teita's art and ninjas *_* Sure, stay tuned to my Period:Cube review 😀

      Well…….. Diabolik's abuse is a little too strong for me so I doubt I will ever play it again, but if by any chance I do, I'll be sure to write a review! ^^

      Thanks, happy gaming to you too!


  3. Glad to see you’re back to blogging Jyuu! It was exciting seeing this post up on my feed!! That metallic red vita is really nice~ I’m surprised Collar x Malice was sold out everywhere lol I thought since it’s been out for a while the stock would be fine in stores… but I’m happy to see it’s so popular! Maybe interest in it was reignited since they announced CollarxMalice -unlimited-? I definitely enjoyed CxM though and even bought it in EN despite owning it in JP lol. I also have Haitaka and Tierblade but I haven’t gotten to either of them yet oh god lol I bought a bunch of otome games right before I went to Japan (sales are my downfall) and then in Japan I just bought MORE games making my backlog even longer than it already is ahhh lol also that game where the boy avenges his sister sounds pretty interesting…. And that market place sounds like a great idea; it’d be nice if we could also sell like otome goods (straps, badges etc) because I’m terrible at finding places to sell that kind of stuff. Anyways, I’m looking forward to future updates on your blog~

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  4. Hey Usagi! Thanks for dropping by! 😀 I’ve missed chatting with you about Otoges!!

    Yea… CxM is probably popular for the Amnesia artist and its setting… It’s pretty much sold out on the internet too and second hand ones cost as much as a new one, haha. -Unlimited- looks interesting too, so there goes my money… lol. Glad to know you enjoyed it, I definitely have to pick a copy up now 😉
    Oh god, I totally understand that feeling… being in a games shop in Japan is like a child being in a gingerbread house full of cookies and MnMs. You just have to bite into something. Doesn’t make sense to be there otherwise :p
    I’m definitely slowing down on playing Otoges since work life is stressful and time-consuming… but I think it stretches the dollars I paid for the games more, so high-five for backlogs and high-five for more worth-it games! :p

    Yes, that revenge game has really pretty art too so I’ll get to it right after Period Cube! I’ll make a post too even though it’s not otoge related since I think girls bored of otoges could take a break and venture into other kind of games too 😀

    Great! Thank you for letting me know about your interest in the marketplace! I’m aware that international gamers have very few platforms to sell their used games and even if they do, the big stores offer only peanuts in exchange. So I think by creating an otome international market that is not profit driven but simply allowing the community to recover more money on one hand and buy cheaper games on the other is a good plan ^^ Shipping prices will also be transparent so the buyer really pays the minimum.
    Otome goods can definitely be included once we get the games section up and running smoothly! 😀

    I’ll drop by your blog to browse some reviews too, see ya around again soon! ❤


  5. Yay I’m happy you’re coming back to reviewing stuff :D! It was only recently that I found you and then you wanted to take a break. So in that sense welcome back 🤗~! I also really like your idea of having an international marketplace for otoges, although I might be one of those people who’ll only just buy but won’t sell anything I own >///<.
    As for what game I'm enjoying now, I'd have to say "Kyoukai no Shirayuki" is keeping me hooked 😝
    And once again, *~Welcome Back~*


    • Hey! Thank you for dropping by to say hello! 😘

      Heheh I’m glad that you liked my previous reviews enough to follow my blog even though I was on hiatus. Please look forward to more game reviews 😁

      Yep I’m currently looking into the international marketplace. No worries if you don’t list anything! 😀

      Thanks again for dropping by!


  6. Glad to see you are back 😀 Unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep up with any games since I went back to school. I’m looking forward to your reviews again (your snarky comments are the best)! I hope to play otome games again soon…


      Thanks so much! I’ve missed chatting with you T_T

      Heh, glad to know that you’ve enjoyed my reviews! I’ll be sure to stick to my writing style 😀

      RL is hard isn’t it! Hope you get more free time soon so you can pick up some games again! ❤


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