Testing the resale marketplace of otome games

Hello all!

As previously mentioned, I will be looking to set up an international marketplace for the resale of otome games. I’m gonna try it first on my blog to see how it pans out, and if it works out, will be making an official one for the community’s use. A tab will be added to my blog for now.

There are four main requirements:

1) All dealings will be made via email between Seller and /buyer privately.
Please provide an email that you check frequently.

2) All payments to be done safely via Paypal (unless buyer and seller are in the same country and have means of bank transfer).

3) Parcels and shipping receipts must have a photograph.
Shipping costs cannot exceed 20% of what had been weighed on the parcel (E.g, if your local post office stamps a $10 USD fee for shipping this, the maximum you can charge the buyer for shipping is $12 USD to cover for packaging. If it does exceed 20%, please show buyers clearly the price of the packaging as well!
We want to be transparent in the costs 🙂

4) Sellers to take responsibility for updating the status of your listing (Payment Received, Shipped, Sold).

A Cbox will be added to my page for any quick enquiries.

This is the basic format of how an item will be put up for sale:

Name of Seller: Jyuuguchi
Email of Seller: jyuuguchi@gmail.com
Twitter / blog: @jyuuguchi / jyuuguchi.wordpress.com
Item: Otome Game – Period Cube
Language: Japanese only
Condition: 10/10 working condition, with original box.
Price (Seller’s currency): 42 SGD
Payment method: Paypal
Shipping price: TBA – Photograph will be provided.

*To prevent scams, sellers and buyers will have to provide a blog or Twitter wherever possible since this is for the Otome community. In the event that one does not have a blog or Twitter, buyers and sellers, please check your Paypal very carefully before the transaction.

I hope to make this work so that us gamers can benefit from buying and selling off each other! 🙂

Anyone wanting to sell off their used games, please email me with the above form!

Go to https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/otome-marketplace/ for listings!

4 thoughts on “Testing the resale marketplace of otome games

  1. This is really nice 🙂
    If there’s someone selling an otoge and doesn’t know where to sell or what to do with a game she/he didn’t like much, but there are someone who can be interested…


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