Tsuihou Senkyo (Exile Election) review

Finally another review! And this time it’s not an otome game!!

Img Credit: VNDB 

I’ve been wanting to write one for Tsuihou Senkyo for the longest time, but never had the time, or if I’m honest, too lazy to write one 😂.

Okay so as always, starting off with a brief description of the storyline, this is a visual novel set in an apocalyptic world. There are monsters, the world has been destroyed, 12 people have been selected to live in a hotel protected by an AI “Alice” for 30 days, and everyone is to engage in debates to kill each other off until only 2 people are left.

I know, I know… hmmmm is the right expression to use for such a strange game. Your confusion is very much the protagonist’s confusion: the world ended, your sister was killed, your childhood friend gf also appears to be one of the chosen surviving humans…. but what the heck are those monsters and what is that AI??? How did the world get destroyed???

Unfortunately, some of the protagonist’s/your questions never get answered. You just have to accept that someone built Alice, the world got destroyed so the monsters appeared and you have to survive by debating with people. I mean, it’s an apocalyptic world and the most important thing to do right now is to have an internal squabble right?!

With all the above in mind… the premise of the game made Tsuihou Senkyo turn out to be more meh than the initial prologue which got me all excited. The system was great, and so was the art, but after some grinding through killing all 9 other people through a debate with them (Ace Attorney vibes??), the final storyline turned out to be less mind-blowing than I expected.

Actually, no, it wasn’t mind-blowing at all because they threw hints everywhere to suggest that there was a traitor in the group, but there turned out to be none at all. Idk, what did I even play in the end? All I know is that I read through tons of script and killed off people whom I actually regretted to kill because in the end, the protagonist’s sister died before everyone actually decided she should be killed. And the people who died never actually died because it was all a simulation so Alice could collect data on humans.

The music was taken from classical scores with nothing original created, so I’ll give no points to creativity on the music. The art was probably the best thing about the game and which attracted me to it in the first place. Very nice range of colours for 10 characters with some really well designed sprites and colour palettes.

They say never trust Amazon reviews, but 3 stars was right for this game. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. It just leaves you in a state of ??? wishing you had spent that time and money on some good sushi out with friends instead.

Oh well.

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