Bad Apple Wars – Otome game review

I had my eye on this game for a looooooong time, even before I quit otome and came back this year – but only because of the soundtrack and Ishida Akira. Who wouldn’t love the soundtrack? It’s done by none other than the composer of black wolves saga…!

Turns out, this game was better than average, but not stellar like some of the others which I really enjoyed, and the regular retarded heroine Rinka made me want to kill myself over and over again in NEVAEH highschool.

What da heck is NEVAEH anyway? A kind of hipster way to say ‘never’??? And the first thing I thought when I saw the character art was that the kids should not be wearing a mask that looks like…

Dat hole, and the line down… You know… You know????

Enough of your ranting, Jyuu, get to the review!

Girl dies, goes to highschool of the dead, meets handsome af boys and goes back to the living (or not). In conclusion, this is a “I don’t know why the world exists, I don’t know why the sky is red, where the heck do they get masks and food and flour to make biscuits, and why does everyone have an ‘item’ except for the heroine but that’s not important because that’s not the main point and no one gives a damn” kind of story. Yay Otomate! Later on, a talking apple appears, but again, who cares, right?

Just fantastic! A nice mix of orchestra and drum beats suited the rebellious nature of the ‘bad apples’ gang. I would order the soundtrack just to support my favourite composer but I just bought another game so… :p Just putting it out there that most Otomate games don’t let you down when it comes to soundtrack, but this one takes the icing on the cake. Just go to their homepage and you’ll know what I mean.

Another fantastic aspect of this game! The design was beautifully done as with all Otomate games. No special changes on the title screen, but I liked the apple icons, lol.

The map thingy was a bit redundant

The naked voice touching system was even more redundant (like, who cares?), but it wasn’t jarringly annoying, so I won’t comment further. The sounds of the system were cute as well and I liked that they made a side menu pop-up instead of the usual bottom-up kind.

I have to talk about this every time. Even though there were no sexual offenders in this game to bring out the ‘defenseless and helpless’ aspect of Mary Rinka Sue, I can’t remember the number of times I nearly threw my Vita against the wall in agony by grinding through her stupid replies and actions.

I won’t go into the individual routes; they were okay overall with white-haired prefect being a huge letdown, but I would say that I actually really enjoyed Higa and Shikishima’s routes. I liked the endings for Shikishima especially, and teared up in one of them – strong plus point there. Satoru was just plain annoying and Alma is an overrated main dude whom I had to play “just because”.

Overall, there were many things left uncovered and so many questions left to ask which would throw this into the realm of a kusoge, but if anything, I’d play this game just for Shikishima and Higa. I also really enjoyed the interactions with the side characters, but don’t expect any kind of big revelations in the game – it’s just there to convey the sadness of life before death and the regrets that people brought along with them into the afterworld and is more of a tearjerker/emotional piece than romance or mystery. Also, don’t expect to get your questions answered. Just. Don’t. You’ll go crazy.

I liked this, despite the plot-holes and shitty heroine. Four stars!

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