Rejet Situation CD Review – リュシオルの姫 (Luciole No Hime) Vol.1 Solona

Oh holy smokes.


It’s been a while since I’ve:

1) Listened to Midorikawa Hikaru’s voice over dummyhead. It’s an oasis and eargasm in one.
2) Listened to a new story concept from Rejet.

The combination of the above two things was mind-blowing! Rejet’s situation CDs (Minus Diabolik Lovers) have never disappointed me, and this one was great (though short).

-Read more below!-  (Non-spoilers, will leave a space before spoilers)

Here are pictures of the CD – nothing special, unlike some of the older CD jackets which had special illustrations and/or mini stories in it.

The back of the CD was fun to read though, and I’ve summarized it below.


Summary of the story: (Also on the back of the CD cover)

This series is a set of ‘sound documentaries’ on the mysterious ‘Luciole Castle’ in France, (I Googled- it doesn’t exist so this is not based on a true story; correct me if I’m wrong), which has been hidden away by a forest. No one knows when it was recorded, or how, but they seem to document the happenings of the Vincent Royal family in the castle.

The heroine (you) seems to be in the current world, when she gets a call and is suddenly sucked into this other world, where she wakes up and is called ‘Hime’ or ‘Princess’.

Our first dude is Solona Redfore? Redfol? (I can never get the English translations of Katakana right lmao), who is from a distinguished line of musicians who served the royal family for many decades. His specialty is the violin.

Ok, so as to not spoil you, here are my thoughts first so you can skip the spoilers if you want to:


I mean, it’s not shocking in the ‘OMG that was a huge plot twist and that’s all there is to it. It was shocking in the ‘OMG that was a plot twist that makes me both sad and scared and I’m actually 25 years old why am I hiding under the covers right now’ – kind of plot twist. You get me? No?

Nevermind, buy the CD and listen XD.

Before I go into the spoilers, I’ve got a rant; something I want to say to Rejet: WHY DID YOU STRIKE OUT MY YOUTUBE ACCOUNT I WASN’T EVEN MAKING MONEY OFF MY COVERS.

I’ve lost my YouTube account with like 50 of my covers, even my binaural covers and my Kokuchou no Psychedelica and KLAP play videos because Rejet striked out multiple videos on my account, with the Ken Ga Kimi videos probably being the ones that drew their attention since it was more than 50K views. Sigh. So a word of caution from my to everyone else: credit like your life depends on it if you want to do covers. I’ve heard that some videos still get taken down regardless, but at least you tried…

Why da heck am I even still buying your CDs, Rejet?

Because some of them are still good, I guess! This one definitely was!

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-


The story starts with Solona agreeing to play along to your new ‘game’ after you say that you know nothing about being a princess. He brings you to the garden to show you something and on the way there you take your phone out. He scoffs, asking if that was given to you by Neuro, your fiance. He says that he wants your attention more than any new toy you gave and gives you a kiss on your hand.

Aww, sweet butler in love with our gentle princess huh? – Your first thoughts.

Solona shows off his dad’s blue roses to you in the garden. He hands you a bud, but the thorn pricks your finger and goes crazy over the fact that it hurt you. After transitioning into a night scene, we hear Solona at night while he burns the entire garden down as some people (presumably servants?) with hurried footsteps trying to stop him.

What a mad dude! – You’d say.

Next day, he reveals that he’s been preparing for your birthday which comes in 2 days. The story goes on with scenes of him tucking you into bed and such, and him talking about how his family isn’t around to play music for you anymore and so he plays you music from a gramophone (I think), with him announcing that he wants to play ‘Étude Op. 10, No. 3, in E major’ by Chopin for you on your birthday.

What a gentle mad dude. – You’d think.

That night, you’re having a bad dream. You hear screaming overlapping with Chopin’s song in your dream and you wake up to the thunderstorm, only to see Solona at your balcony, saying he missed you so much after practising the piece for the whole night. You let him in and he dries himself off at the fireplace. He tucks you into bed saying that you’ll have no more bad dreams.

Ok, I’m getting used to his gentle madness – You’d maybe think.

The next day, which is your birthday party, Solona leads you to the party hall and– wait, where’s everyone…? Solona announces that he had killed everyone last night. You try to run and call him mad, and this is where he reveals…

It’s not the dude who is mad. You’re the mad one!

5 years ago, dear princess, it was your birthday party and Solona had performed a song for you. He was so good that even the King complimented him, and he went to you thinking that you would be proud of him since he was also your servant. But instead of praising him, you let your jealousy overcome you. There were girls who had listened in on his performance, and you had been very, very, jealous.

So what did you do? You cut into his wrist so many times until the nerve was damaged. (Surprised he didn’t die of blood loss, ouch) He couldn’t play the violin ever again. Then you brought him to the underground cell where he has been living for the past 5 years, where you tortured and whipped him everyday, deriving joy from it. You brought his family of musicians in to the same cell, and cut off their ears and their nerves and fingers one-by-one, so that they could never play music again… all because of your jealousy. His parents died in the cell after being tortured by you.

Solona chains you up and plays Chopin’s piece, but it is horribly out of tune. But he laughs because he’s learnt from you that love is pain.  Announcing to the corpses that he will now marry you, the story ends with a buzzing sound like a phone in the pocket.





Holy smokes, what the hell was that??

I thought it would be Rejet’s usual sadism and shit, but this is more mind-blowing than my expectation. Rejet has always done dark stories, but I really did not expect this.

This is still the first CD though,  and since I’ve gotten 2 more (and intend to buy the rest of the series since it’s so good), I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on what I think of the story at the end of it. I’m sure it’s gonna be good…!

Ok, I’ve not done a CD review in some time and I don’t do translations anymore so people may be asking me for my old translations (sorry I don’t have them anymore :/) so this post might go unnoticed, but please chat with me in the comments section below if you bought the CD or listened to it!

Tata, other reviews coming soon!~

I have so many CDs now that I’m planning to buy a nice looking display case XD.


5 thoughts on “Rejet Situation CD Review – リュシオルの姫 (Luciole No Hime) Vol.1 Solona

  1. Jesus Christ

    I uh… wasn’t expecting that. Damn. That’s actually insane lol I mean I expected this to go one way and then it went 180 the opposite direction so fast I have whiplash LOL

    That being said, I can’t believe how interesting that was www I haven’t listened to a rejet CD in years but this one is pretty wild!! I’m pretty curious about this series now… ^q^ thanks for the review!! This series slipped under my radar lol

    Also what a lovely amount of CDs you have www I always like seeing photos of other people’s collections hehe


    • Hello Usa-chan~~

      YES I KNOW. I can’t get over how well it played out. I really love some of Rejet’s works. I wish they didn’t go down the idol path XD. I’ll do more reviews on the other volumes too! I really want to support this series so I’m getting every single CD. (Goodbye, hard-earned salary!)

      Heh, I used to have more but since I sold some of my stuff/ gave it to my cousin, I have a lot lesser, but since my game is finally gonna be published I intend to take some time to get into all the otome stuff again and enjoy them. uwu

      Thank you for stopping by~ I think people hardly read my otome stuff anymore so I love it when people still bother reading my posts and leave comments :p

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awww yeah ^q^ I think I might end up buying some of the CDs from this series too hehe because that plot twist was too good www been a while since I’ve been really interested in rejet’s cds… I feel like all I listen to now are… r18… cds… coughs ^q^

        Haha I feel like the otome genre is really popular these days, but I think people prefer to lurk rather than comment these days~


      • Oops, why didn’t I see this?? Lol.

        Yes I totally support this series! It’s only 1 hour, not like their double CDs, but the scenes are still fantastically written and acted out. Rejet kinda blew out for a while with all their Dialovers, vampires and all that so I know what you mean wwwww.

        R18s ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ……….

        I’m with you on the popularity – even in my workplace there are two to three girls who play otome games on Vita in English and always looking for otome mobages too, huehue. I’m glad cos it means more stories for us. It’ll probably be an industry that never dies? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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