Rejet Situation CD Review – リュシオルの姫 (Luciole No Hime) Vol.2 Neuro

Yayyyyy I’m back with Volume 2 of Luciole no Hime!


Our second cray boy is Neuro Paptesma (CV: Masuda Toshiki!)


My thoughts are all over the place so I’ll try my best to write a proper review below after my summary. So many questions! I definitely want to listen to Volume 1 and 2 over and over again to enjoy the world created inside this CD.

Again, Non-spoiler summary below, will leave a space before spoilers! 

Neuro’s story (Vol.2) is stronger than Solona’s, with an equally or even more chilling impact.  Neuro is the fiance of the Princess (you) and is absolutely keen on charming you throughout the story. I’ll give a longer summary of the CD this time.

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-


The second volume very interestingly starts off from the first, where you hear the chains swinging around, and a buzzing sound in the pocket. You then get transported to the second volume once you pick up the call.

The story starts with Neuro coming to wake you up to go hunting while you are fidgeting with your mobile phone. He is pissed off that you have yet another strange item in your hands and shouts at you to hurry up.

Eh, what? I thought a fiance would be sweeter to her… Maybe he’s the Do S?

In the carriage, he whispers that he has brought along all the ‘irrelevant’ people, but you have no idea what he’s talking about. At the hunting grounds, he teaches you how to kill a rabbit, but your heart is pained and you bury the rabbit while he goes back to the carriage to wait, saying he has finished his business here.

Hmm… You sense something strange about what he said earlier on about your order on killing the rabbit. 

We hear a separate scene of him pounding on something, venting his anger on the doll he always carries around, saying that he only killed the rabbit because you requested it, yet you glared like him like it was his fault. He continues venting his anger and blaming his mother for choosing a lively rabbit which made you upset.

Blaming his mother? So he doesn’t really love the princess? Hmm…

The next day is a dance party, and Neuro whispers to you that the poison which you used on him did not kill him, and he will swear his love for you tonight. You probably don’t get what poison he is talking about, for he apologises that such a strange topic is mentioned during the party. He brings out a diamond ring which he says you had previously wanted and requests once again that you promise your love to him. You refuse to accept it however and Neuro is audibly upset, asking you what is it you wish for, if not for this diamond ring. When you mention that there’s nothing you want, Neuro gets even more anxious, saying that he will drop by your room later.

When he drops by your room later, you insist that there’s nothing you want. He kisses you saying that he knows it’s not physical goods that you want. Just then, a bottle rolls out, and he laughs saying that you still have this bottle, and talks about how you poisoned him. He kisses you again but you reject him, causing him to flare up and he leaves.

That night, we hear him venting his frustrations on the doll again, blaming himself that he must have done something wrong to make you angry, and his mother again for telling him to give the ring to you during the dance.

So he keeps blaming his mother for your mood swings? That’s weird…

Neuro goes batshit the next day when you wear the blue rose from Solona in your hair, saying that his diamond ring is much more expensive and rare than the stupid flower. He gets depressed that he has lost out to a weed, and shouts at you asking why don’t you ever say that you love him. The same night, he is again venting his anger on the doll, saying that the Paptesma family has lost out to some stupid weed. He blames everything on his mother again and repeats the phrase multiple times… until you open the door. He says he’s fine and you apologise, saying that you are not the princess at all.

He says that he wants you to remember everything that has happened… that even though you’ve been fiances since birth, you told him you weren’t interested in marriage and said that you will only marry him if he gets rid of all the people in the way. He says first, you were jealous of his sister’s beautiful long hair, so he killed her and gave you her hair. Second, you didn’t care whether they were family or not, so you told him that your own mother (the Queen) was a nuisance since you said that she only looked down on the Paptesma family and he killed her too, bringing her ruby ring to you. He also killed his father on your orders for the same reason, and brought you his father’s pocket watch as proof but you didn’t believe him and broke off the marriage. After that, you poisoned him and he drank the soup even though he knew, and was on he brink of death of 3 days. You visited him and even laughed happily when you saw him tormented by the poison. He asks if you still won’t reconsider him even though he’s done everything that you asked? He was happy if he could just satisfy your sexual desires, but you rejected even that last night… and he doesn’t know what to do anymore.  You say no, and he leaves.

Holy shit, this princess is so messed up.

He runs home to look for his mother as a last hope, but he can’t find her. Suddenly… he realises- why should he listen to mama when nothing has been going well? He now thinks that his mother was trying to harm him and he barges into your room again, only to find his mother’s arm in your room, her bracelet still hanging around her wrist. He laughs and says he now knows that you killed her to let him know that she was your last obstacle, and that her arm is a good evidence. He says that he should’ve known that you would choose her arm, since you always complained that she gripped your hand a little too hard whenever you shook hands and felt that she must have hated you. Neuro is overjoyed that you killed on your own for he marriage.

What. The. F—?!

He says that he loves you, the princess of Luciole, the ‘monster’… And that he will love you forever. You finally agree to marry him and he’s overjoyed, laughing with a cray laugh. He cuts up the doll, saying now that he has the real princess he doesn’t need the doll that was made as her replica.

(I forgot to mention this in my last review because I was still gushing over how good the story was, but the Vincent royals have been inbreeding for many years, and finally produced this princess, whom both Solona and Neuro call a ‘monster’.)

The last scene is where you and Neuro are getting married in a church. You put a crown of thorns made from the blue roses on his head. He puts the Queen’s ruby ring on you, saying that it’s a perfect match on your hands stained with blood from twisting the thorny vines. He then asks that you carve each other’s names on your bodies. Neuro chooses your chest (I think?) and you choose his bottom privy area (Um, wouldn’t that really hurt?). He says that he can’t wait to have a child with you.


^Were my thoughts immediately after finishing the story. No seriously?

Neuro is overall a very strange character. His love-hate for the princess is difficult to understand, and right till the very end, I was unsure if he truly loved her (whether out of fear or not), or was simply doing what he did to fulfill his duty to his family.

By the end of Volume 2, I was very sure that everyone else in the series are probably just victims of the sadism, having their minds twisted into loyalty and love for her. It’s sad and intriguing at the same time, which is why it makes it such a great series.






That’s the end of the spoilers and my spoiler-y thoughts, and I have general questions about the series after having listened to two volumes:

Questions: Why do they keep switching you and the princess? If you have gotten sucked into the princess’ body through the audio, why does the princess have a mobile phone? At the end, why does the princess completely “fit” into her new role for Volume 2, if ‘you’ are not the princess?

Hmm… I hope that my questions will be answered in time to come. I love this series so much that I’ve gotten all of the release 5 CDs, with No.6 releasing Aug 22 (Preordered along with Korosuto and PioFiore hehe). My 3 new CDs for this series came today and I was super happy when the helper passed it to me today after I got home after work 😀


Look at them babies! They’re like 7800 yen after shipping, ouch. 

My life is so boring now that getting/enjoying otome goods every evening is the one small thing that makes me happy, lol. I guess I am back to the pre-quitting Jyuuguchi.

Will have to listen to the other CDs tomorrow… It’s 2am here.

As usual, please leave a comment if you have any thoughts!~










15 thoughts on “Rejet Situation CD Review – リュシオルの姫 (Luciole No Hime) Vol.2 Neuro

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  2. FORKNWODLWMFK SCREAMING I CAN’T READ THE SPOILER PARTS CUS I WANNA BUY THIS SERIES WWWW oh my god I can’t believe it gets more twisted than volume one Jesus christ rejet www I say that but honestly MY BODY IS READY 😂 so glad I get paid tomorrow wwww

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m hoping to eventually get Robin and Thriller’s CDs! Btw, a lot of Luciole no Hime fans on Twitter are saying that there is a cipher in the Luciole no Hime booklets of the drama CDs. So far, I’ve got Neuro and the twin’s drama CD, but I haven’t noticed anything that makes up a cipher


    • Hello! Yay a fellow Luciole fan!! 😀

      Oh nice, I haven’t had a chance to listen to the twins yet (will do this weekend) and tbh I’m so excited because I love the next two Seiyuus ahaha.

      WHAT A CIPHER?? I haven’t read about anything like that on the official Twitter! Could it have been mentioned in Rejet’s devlog? I haven’t been following Rejet for a while now since I lost interest in them until I found the Luciole series (lol).

      If there’s a cipher it has to be the diary page… But I don’t see anything resembling a cipher, except the missing months without a diary entry? 🤔

      Missing months 1 2 3 5 7 8 10
      Available months 4 6 9 11 12

      Missing months 1 2 3 5 6 10 11
      Available months 4 7 8 9 12

      What do you think? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


      • I learned from an anime that you can match the numbers using the 50 characters of the Japanese alphabet. And if you read it from the left, then it spells out a sentence… I don’t know but do you mind seeing if the theory I suggested works?

        I can’t wait to eventually get my hands on Robin and Thriller’s CDs!


      • Someone figured out the encrypted message in the Luciole no Hime CD booklets! Only read the link if you want to be spoiled:

        I finally figured out the encryption! It’s in the diary entry. It’s not the numbers, but certain kanji’s in the entries are a different colour. Maybe if you arrange or rearrange them to form a sentence, then it spells out a secret sentence 😉


      • Ooh nice! I’m not gona read the link until I get Thriller’s CD. (Coming to me only in another 10 days and I can’t wait!)

        Thanks for the tip eheh, I’ll be sure to check it out once I get all my CDs and talk to you about it again! D’you use Twitter??


      • Yup! I am on Twitter, but I don’t use it much besides retweeting Rejet related posts or fanart. I’m more of a Tumblr user. And sure! I’d love to talk to you more about it! I’ve ordered Robin and Dr. Thriller’s CD this week and hopefully it should arrive in a few weeks time 😉


  4. Btw, have you ever wondered how old Neuro is? Cause in his bio on the main website, it doesn’t state his age. Also… did you notice that the twin’s names mean ‘left’ (Gauche) and ‘right’ (Droite) in French?


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