Double review!

This time we have the cray twins, Gauche and Doroa (or Droite) whose names someone told me meant ‘left and right’ in French. Upon closer inspection of their eyes… Wowzers.

Let’s jump straight in to my overall thoughts without me freaking out about how scary it was (because it wasn’t in these 2 CDs XD).

That isn’t to say that they weren’t chilling and messed up though! (Maybe I got used to the shit that gets thrown at you in the stories??)


Left: Gauche (CV: Tamaru Atsushi)           Right: Doroa/Droite (CV: Kishio Daisuke)

While I felt that these two CDs didn’t leave as much of an impression as the first two did, I still really enjoyed them. And even though they were interesting, their stories felt more like filler episodes leading up to really important events in a story and was kind of an anti-climax after Neuro’s story. I guess Solona and Neuro were just that interesting and sad.

In both CDs you’ll hear about what happened to their eyes and I felt that it was a nice touch that we see both twins in the ends having more than just that set personality we thought they did in the start of the CDs.

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

Gauche (Vol.3) is a little bit of a tsundere from the start and his story ends in a pretty damn interesting way – though we do see his character change over the course of the 1 hour story. Tamaru Atsushi has the kind of voice I can fall asleep listening to so why not a crazy boy for a soine?

The only few things I could really remember about his CD was his jealousy over his brother Doroa which causes him to go from butler mode to batshit mode, the princess squeezing a baby squirrel to its death in her hands and the ending – he freaking sews the princess’ lips shut and treats her like a human doll by playing dress-up with her and such… She deserved it though since she treated him really badly.

And their eyes, Jesus. The princess took one eye each from either of the twins and gave them one eye of hers each (I don’t know how the surgery worked in those days, but I’ll just accept it that they can all see, lmao). That’s the reason why you’ll see Doroa having one blazing red eye. Gauche covers his because the princess called him an ugly bitch after his eye swelled up after the eye exchange (which also ultimately led to the princess choosing Doroa over Gauche and therefore his jealousy).

I was really excited for Vol. 4 (Doroa) since it was acted by Kishio Daisuke. I expected a Diabolik Azusa’s vibe, but the character was completely different – just a really cray boy who is the princess’ favourite and acts like a really spoilt baby. Unlike in previous volumes where it’s always the guys trying to do things to make the princess happy, in Doroa’s story it’s always Doroa getting the love and attention, and of course, him throwing pissy fits if he doesn’t get what he want. This however, all changes in the last track where the princess tries to leaves and we see Doroa’s real personality – a clingy, sobbing and weak guy… because he knows that “you” are not the princess but he loves you anyway.






What the heck?? I’m just getting more confused every volume that I listen to, lol. I just want to get to the last CD already. It was already released 2 days ago, but since Im getting it shipped with Pio Fiore I have to wait for another week before I get my hands on it. Le sigh.

Kishio Daisuke and Tamaru Atsushi was fantastic in his acting the whole way and I really enjoyed Volume 4 even though the shouting was annoying most of the time. (lol)

Imma listen to Volume 5 in the meantime and will as usual post another update about it.


Till we meet again… in the castle of the princess of Luciole…

Hyeh hyeh hyeh….

6 thoughts on “REJET SITUATION CD REVIEW – LUCIOLE NO HIME VOL.3 & 4 Gauche & Doroa

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  2. Didn’t the twins describe the princess having transparent eyes??? Cause I think in both their dramas, they said that the princess has golden hair like spun thread, pale skin like porcelain and transparent eyes. But now that you’ve explained the eye part, I’m kind of creeped out now. I thought Gauche was going to be tsundere throughout the whole of his drama, but I was wrong and his ending terrified me. I think what made him snap was when Droite posed as him and made out with the princess one night towards the end. As for Droite, he sounded like a Kanato version of Azusa. And I think he eloped with the princess at the end of his drama?


    • They made the part about the eye pretty clear in both dramas and it was gross, yeah;;;;;

      Hahaha I hated Kanato from diabolik lovers. He was so annoying. Actually I hated the whole Diabolik series cos I’m not a fan of abuse.

      I can’t remember if they eloped or not but there was something about the eye again which was gross. I shall not say more in case I spoil others reading the comments 😂


  3. Thank you so much for your detailed posts about this series! I don’t understand Japanese but I remember being so intrigued by the pictures and teaser vid they posted about this, so I’m really thankful you take the time to write what’s happening and your impressions. Now I’m just curious as you are about vol.5..*_*


    • Hello! Thanks for reading my blog! 😀

      I’m actually really curious about why there are almost no reviews about this series… I guess the otome fandom has all gone to the games side and drama CDs are kinda sidelined? 🤔

      Heheh I’ll be posting about Vol.5 soon!


      • I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Robin’s CD! I also can’t wait till it shows up in my mailbox!


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