*Crawls out of Dev hell and reaches a hand out

I’ve been so busy working on my otome game Kokorogawari (sleeping at 6am and waking at 12 noon even) that I keep falling asleep on the 4th track of this CD. I did that three times and I finally managed to finish listening to it.


Vol.5: Robin Tolkia (CV: Kondou Takashi)

Despite the many breaks that I took, I was really looking forward to this story but I was disappointed with this volume. 

First, I felt that Kondou Takashi’s voice didn’t suit that of a butler. It’s not gentle enough even if he uses Keigo, and he comes off as a very sarcastic butler in certain lines, which I’m sure is not what they were going for. He still sounds very sexy, but I don’t feel that his tone is respectful enough as a butler.

His story was also kinda boring because his personality resembled Neuro’s with him being extremely depressed whenever “you” refused his suggestions. His pleasure comes from growing beautiful flowers… for you to step on at their blooming peak. Like all the other boys, he has a mad streak, but in a much milder way, perhaps because what had been done to him was much milder as well.

The only interesting thing in his story was “you” telling him that falling into the Luciole castle has happened many times now, and that your memories are hazy at times. (Is the story coming together soon?)

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

There’s nothing scary here, just that he kills people for you like in the other routes, and that he wears a mask because you made him eat a hot stone in the past, which burnt his mouth very badly. The rest of the story was just him feeling that he doesn’t match up to you because you always berated him for being useless. One night, he tries to leave but “you” try to stop him and tell him that he is someone you need in his life. You also cancel your wedding with Neuro in this route and Robin is beyond happy, but gets jealous when a wedding veil is sent to your room. You slap him when he speaks in a blaming tone and get guilty for it, saying again that you are not the princess, and run out into the rain.

After Robin catches up to you and assures you that you are meant to belong at the Luciole castle, he tucks you into bed seeing that you have a fever. He then burns down the entire forest and the Luciole castle before bringing you to a quiet place to live. He then covers you with the wedding veil that he had raged about earlier on and asks you to marry him.

I’m not really sure about what happened in the end. After a short narrative about how the “monster” of Luciole (you) was born and your cruelty and how the history of the Vincent family ended, we hear Robin walking in the forest. He meets someone who then kills him.







I’m convinced that it had to be our last boy Thriller at the end and I wanted to start on Thriller’s CD next, but…


This is what overworking does to you, guys. Make sure you eat, drink and take rests even if you’re in your cave of work. I actually got sick twice in a span of 1 month so while I know that there’s still tons of work to be done for my own game, I might take it slower in September and enjoy more of my goodies as I go along.

I’ll be reviewing the last CD as soon as I get it!


  1. I kind of liked Robin was extremely devoted to the princess. Though… why did the princess make him eat a hot stone? Just for her fun and cruelty? Some people have said it might’ve been the princess who killed Robin at the end of his drama CD, but you might be right that the perpetrator could be Dr. Thriller.

    I’ve listened to Dr. Thriller’s CD and it’s quite confusing in my opinion, probably because my Japanese is rubbish! But because of the storyline and several narrations, I believe everything is going to be revealed!


    • Yeah the princess is really cruel, lol. I don’t think it was the princess, because of his reaction… We’ll see!

      I feel so stupid for getting my CDs stuck at the forwarder XD I’ll be getting Thriller in a few days and will post the summary then! ^^

      In the meantime you should check out Tokyo Cemetery! The Japanese is a bit difficult but I think it’s gona be another fantastic series soooooo XD


      • Tokyo Cemetery kind of gives me the CollarxMalice vibes (heard of the game) and a bit of Criminale! vibes as well since the guys state day and time just like Criminale! series (I hope they’re going to continue that series tbh)


      • I’ve only hears the first CD but it’s a lot better than CxM, imho (though some fans will probably rage at me for saying this 😂)

        Its really good! If you liked Luciole I think you’d like Tokyo Cemetery.


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