Rejet Situation CD – Tokyo Cemetery Vol.1 – Karigai Beruno

Okay I didn’t expect to get so hyped about another series when I haven’t even finished Luciole, but Rejet, with their idols and diabolic mosquitoes is hit-or-miss, and this, is a HIT. 

I have 4 CDs, but hell yaaass I’m gonna buy the other 2.


This series has a very complicated setting, and it might be confusing for people if you hadn’t read through the CD jacket or read the website before, so I’ll do a short intro (which I also did on my master link page) here before going into the review!

Story: There is a “7th Division” in the police force, also known as the ‘Cemetery’ unit due to the special cases that they take on, and the fact that they often work late into the night. Despite being the daughter of the Superintendent General (some high-ranking dude in the police force), you have been assigned as a newbie to this strange unit… 

Tokyo Cemetery is written with the Kanji “Ten Crazy” and while this volume doesn’t explain the relation, I hope to be able to figure it out by the end of all 6 CDs.

Keywords: (All taken from the CD jacket)

You – 24 year old police sergeant, daughter of the Superintendent General. The ‘career’ type (meaning civil servant on track for a high-ranking position).

7th Special Division – Despite being  filled with extremely talented people, there are few cases assigned to this unit and they are therefore always being talked about. While there are people who look up to this division, there are also people who diss it. This division does not have contact with other divisions,  and therefore have their own special facilities to assist in investigations. When incidents happen, the division would get a call, but details are always sent into the 7th division’s email address.

Senshokutai “Z” – Chromosome Z, a group of beings who look no different than humans, but do not die easily. The police have been told to kill them once they are found.

Karasu – Crow, a Chromosome Z serial killer who killed over 100 humans 23 years ago, which had caused the law of killing all Chromosome Z beings to be implemented. He was called  Crow because he always left this note at the scene of crime “This is rotten meat that even crows wouldn’t eat”.

Kokubo – The city in which this story takes place. Based on Ookubo, Japan.

Sanjyuku – Based on Shinjuku, Japan.

Nitanda – Based on Gotanda, Japan.

Uradori – Checking facts on statements taken and information, collecting alibis.


Now for my review! (Will post spoiler alerts)


Karigai Beruno (CV: Kimura Ryohei)

My first thoughts are wow, why isn’t this an otome game? I think it’d do much better in the ‘mystery’ aspect than CxM because the story was extremely intriguing, as was his character. Or maybe, I just really like dark/mature stories.

Due to the number of difficult words used and the speed at which the character rattled on sometimes, I think that the CD might be difficult for people with limited proficiency in Japanese to enjoy. I’ll post a summary here for people who couldn’t really catch the story!

Beruno is a cheerful dude who is extremely happy upon meeting you, since there are no other girls in the division. Since you need a ‘buddy’ to work with, he’s your first. Being slightly flirtatious, he seems like he’s easy to get along with, but like all Rejet boys, there is a creepy side to him too.

Kimura-san did a wonderful job expressing the character of this guy, and he spoke really fast at times which really added to the ‘smart’ personality of Beruno. (He complained about how tired he was in the freetalk section, lol).

This story was written very well, and I really enjoyed it even though it was pretty short. I was so angsty when I got to the end because of the plot twist and I couldn’t figure out who the criminal was, lol.

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

After meeting Beruno, the phone rings and you’d both go to the scene of crime. There, a message saying “I like young girls, but I hate rotten meat” left by a “Chromosome Z, Kurou” is left alongside the victim. Her blood has been left like a bowl of soup in the hotel room and you nearly vomit at the sight. Beruno then explains to you that the 7th Division has few cases because they are here to deal only with the Chromosome Z cases. He says that the phrase ‘rotten meat’ reminds him of the Crow case 23 years ago.

After leaving the room, Beruno and you set out to investigate the case and make a report. There is also a ‘love’ scene where Beruno is heard munching on some food and trying to feed you some. Another call soon comes, and this time two girls have been killed in a hotel in Nitanda. With their intestines gouged out on the bed like spaghetti, the words on the wall read “I like spaghetti but I hate rotten meat”.

Upon investigation, the girls from the ‘spaghetti’ incident were known to be friends from the girl from the ‘soup’ incident, and had been abusing her verbally. It is now also known that the soup girl had a fiancee whom she had been trying to hide and Beruno sets out to find out who it was.

Beruno complains that before he joined this division he had wanted to be just a regular officer at the police post helping out lost children and such, and he begins to talk about how his father who had been a researcher working with the police had influenced his dream to become a police officer. Beruno then slowly reveals that the first person he killed when he entered the police force was none other than his father, found out to be a Chromosome Z criminal who had erased and edited lots of details in the database and had caused innocent people to be punished and allowed criminals to walk-free. Beruno also reveals that the betrayal had caused him to lose faith and trust towards people, and also hold lots of hate towards Chromosome Z beings.

In the next scene, Beruno has found the fiancee, a police officer who is also a Chromosome Z being and is stabbing him repeatedly until you stop him. But right after that, Beruno finds out in the fiancee’s phone that Kurou’s email address didn’t match. He gets a phonecall from Gunji that the police officer whom he had killed was not a Chromosome Z being, and rather, the victim from the ‘soup’ incident was the Chromosome Z being.

We are left hanging as Beruno utters “Don’t tell me that Kurou is…?”. After free talk, you (as the heroine) is watching a video recording of Beruno during his statement-taking. He laughs a little maniacally after saying that he will definitely catch a Chromosome Z next time.

Omg, so was he actually a Chromosome Z being like his father? Which is why he got crazy when stabbing the police officer? So many questions!







So many questions! Who the heck did he suspect was Kurou? What kind of research did he do that actually led him to his answer in the first place? What was the heroine’s role after the last phone call?

So much mystery, so much fun! I’m extremely curious about the story so I’ll be moving on to the next CD rightaway XD

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