The 7th Special Division – Tokyo Cemetery (十狂セメタリ―)

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Story: There is a “7th Division” in the police force, also known as the ‘Cemetery’ unit due to the special cases that they take on, and the fact that they often work late into the night. Despite being the daughter of the Superintendent General (some high-ranking dude in the police force), you have been assigned as a newbie to this strange unit…

Keywords taken from what I’ve gleaned from the CD Jacket.

You – 24 year old police sergeant, daughter of the Superintendent General. The ‘career’ type (meaning civil servant on track for a high-ranking position).

7th Special Division – Despite being  filled with extremely talented people, there are few cases assigned to this unit and they are therefore always being talked about. While there are people who look up to this division, there are also people who diss it. This division does not have contact with other divisions,  and therefore have their own special facilities to assist in investigations. When incidents happen, the division would get a call, but details are always sent into the 7th division’s email address.

Senshokutai “Z” – Chromosome Z, a group of beings who look no different than humans, but do not die easily. The police have been told to kill them once they are found.

Karasu – Crow, a ‘Chromosome Z’ serial killer who killed over 100 humans 23 years ago, which had caused the law of killing all Chromosome Z beings to be implemented. He was called  Crow because he always left this note at the scene of crime “This is rotten meat that even crows wouldn’t eat”.

Kokubo – The city in which this story takes place. Based on Ookubo, Japan.

Sanjyuku – Based on Shinjuku, Japan.

Nitanda – Based on Gotanda, Japan.

Uradori – Checking facts on statements taken and information, collecting alibis.



Vol.1 – Karigai Beruno (CV: Kimura Ryohei)

From the ‘non-career’ group (not on fast-track to a high-ranking position). Despite being young, he is so perceptive that he could make judges cry. He has no mercy towards criminals and once left a criminal half-dead. But it was also said that he was crying then… He was once an olympic shooter.

My review here!


Vol.2 – Seno Neimu (CV: Nojima Kenji)

The 7th Division’s 2nd-in-command. He was actually on the ‘Career’ track, but fell from grace after assaulting someone. He is usually calm and a strict senpai, he has trust issues, making him difficult to get close to. He is good with the sword and has defense skills, but because of his spectacles, pretty features and white hair, people tend to think otherwise. He is popular with the female officers who call him ‘Neimu-sama’.

My review here!


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4 thoughts on “The 7th Special Division – Tokyo Cemetery (十狂セメタリ―)


    When I saw this get announced I was super excited!! The aesthetic is just my thing and the story is right up my alleyway as well!!!!!! I see that you like the series a lot so now I’m just screaming in my room LMAO first Luciole and now this??? Ahh I feel like before this I was so bored of all of rejet’s drama CDs but this just reignited my love for them hahaha

    I guess I’ll have to uhhh go and buy all of these. LOL

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