Rejet Situation CD – Tokyo Cemetery Vol.2 – Seno Neimu

I’m back with a new review for Tokyo Cemetery!

I really liked this volume too, because the mystery deepens along with the allure of Nojima Kenji’s soothing and sexy voice.


Seno Neimu (CV: Nojima Kenji)

Let’s jump right in! 
Neimu is the cool dude who is popular with the ladies (though none of that is heard in the CD – ain’t nobody got time for that!) He had been on the ‘career’ track, but fell from grace after having assaulted someone (I’m not sure if it was the person in this CD, or from before this CD).

His story overall was as interesting as Beruno’s was, and I’m starting to form my own guesses about the next few CDs… I have them all and can’t wait to get to them! Time and real life is getting in the way though ;w;

It’s difficult to say how good the stories were so I’ll just reccomend people to buy this series because it’s really good. Alright, on to the summary below!

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

It’s been 2 weeks since you were buddies with Beruno, so you are now switched to be buddies with Neimu.

Neimu scolds you for coming to work 30mins early, and says that as a junior you should have come even earlier and done some cleaning. As you are trying to put up some files onto the shelves, you misstep and Neimu catches you, with it ending in a kiss. (lmaoo)

Immediately, a call comes and this time it’s another Chromosome Z case, with them leaving a note by the earlier ‘Kurou’ from the soup and spaghetti case saying ‘I like lobsters but rotten meat tastes bad. I like steak but rotten meat tastes bad.’ After rushing to the scene of crime, you find a guy lying on his face with his hands forward, and his back with a long, deep gash. His whole body was also stained red with his blood, making him look exactly like a cooked lobster. The ‘steak’ victim is nowhere to be found however, and Neimu says more investigation is needed on this.

After returning back to the office, Neimu teaches you how to investigate the videos of 3 suspicious white vans thought to belong to the killer. After finding out the information, Neimu continues working without much sleep and you tell him to take care of his body, to his annoyance. When the information of the white van is out, both go to ask the public if they have seen the face of the driver before. Neimu gets a headache however, and you pull him to the park bench for a rest.

You ask him why he’s trying so hard, and Neimu says that there’s nothing wrong with him trying hard to look for the Chromosome Z beings. Neimu reveals that his parents were killed by his best friend Kaito, who was also a Chromosome Z being. It happened because Neimu was being physically abused by his parents frequently, and when Keita saw it while visiting his home one day, he killed Neimu’s parents by beating them to death. He then escaped and never saw Neimu again. Neimu is still trying to find this guy again and cannot wait to track down all Chromosome Z beings to see him again.

Just as he finishes speaking, they get another call. The ‘steak’ incident victim has been found. The eyes of the victim have been gouged out and replaced with cherry tomatoes, and his body is red like he has been burnt. The message on the wall reads ‘I like steak but rotten meat tastes bad‘ just like Kurou’s note. You find a spoilt watch which (too conveniently) reveals that the lobster and steak incidents occurred at the same time and day, suggesting that Kurou is not one killer but many.

After they return to the office, Neimu shows some concern to you, but immediately gets a call saying that they’ve found the driver of the white van. They chase after him and finally manage to apprehend him. A few days later, Neimu and you go to the interrogation room. On the way, Neimu goes through the details, and mentions that the criminal they caught the other day was the one who killed the victim from the lobster incident admitted that he did it to get rid of his debt, but he would not reveal who was his accomplice in the steak incident, only that ‘someone’ told him that it was ok to kill the steak victim.

The heroine watches on while Neimu does the interrogation. Neimu bribes the criminal that he will not send him to ‘that place’, the place where Chromosome Z beings are sent to die, if he will give the name of the criminal who killed the steak victim. The name is revealed as Kaito, and Neimu gets worked up. Both you and Neimu head to the apartment where Kaito supposedly is, and Neimu tells you that Kaito was the name of his best friend, and while it may not be the same person, there is a high possibility that it’s the same guy.

At the apartment, Neimu starts shooting Kaito upon seeing him. He shoots multiple times, and it’s revealed that the whole reason why Neimu has been looking for him is to avenge the death of his parents. Neimu gets almost crazy during the shooting until you stop him. A few days later, a report is done of the 4 incidents that have happened so far, but there is no connection between them except that they all claimed to be ‘Kurou’. Kaito also did not know who told him it was ok to kill, and Neimu says that he would love to find out who it was soon. The story ends with a kiss before going into the free talk.

At the end, like Vol.1, Neimu can be seen/heard being interrogated. He says he did not kill them because he still wanted to hear more information from the accomplices. He confirms that they will not be sent to ‘the place’, and talks about how his right eye was ‘done’ by whoever was interrogating him. He says that he’s glad to have met ‘him’ (supposedly Kaito) when he has finally managed to fit in. He says that he will never forget the pain and whatever was done to him, and the track ends.







Again, so many questions! I’m so curious about the rest of this series, but I really should re-listen to all the Luciole CDs and complete those before I come back to this series, lol.

Look out for my next reviews! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Rejet Situation CD – Tokyo Cemetery Vol.2 – Seno Neimu

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  2. Wow, thank you for giving such complete summaries of another series! I do agree with you that so far TC seems to do a better job than CxM at the mystery aspect, but then I already think lots of drama CD series would do better games than most otome games we have so far, so… XD Looking forward to your opinions on the next CDs! 🙂


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