Sigh. Someone tell me what happened because I can’t get what actually happened. I’ve got my own theories based on all the information collected, but it’s still confusing AF.

I was super busy the entire September and when I finally have a chance to listen to this thinking that the mystery would be revealed here, it only opens another can of worms.


Vol.6 Dr. Thriller (CV: Oosaka Ryouta)

The blurb of Thriller from the website has ZERO connection to what actually happened in the CD. Read the lies here:

The prison chief in the Luciole castle. He is friendly but is somehow broken after having seen so many tragedies. He therefore sometimes has another personality. He had prepared a feast for the princess, of which many said was her last supper. Upon a certain trigger, he had urged the princess to escape…

What last supper? What escape? None of those happened… Wtf is going on?!

You’ll have to read the spoilers in order for me to explain my theories, so here goes…

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

-Spoilers below!-

Again, the CD starts from the previous one where we hear a gunshot of Robin getting killed. After running around in the forest, you meet Dr. Thriller. You point him out as the prison chief and it was Droite and Gauche who told you so, but he says there’s no such person in Luciole, and that it’s easy to get to the town outside of the castle. He then brings you back to the castle and gives you a servant’s room to live in. He also professes love at first sight for you.

You explain that you’ve been to Luciole as the princess many times and that your memories are confused, but Thriller tells you that there is no princess in Luciole, just a bedridden king, a queen who died of illness and a prince who is still single because he had killed all his fiances since he did not fancy any of them.

(By now I was already getting extra confused…)

Thriller gives you a new dress and brings you to town, where someone accidentally dirties your dress. He orders the guy to go to the castle with his family. We later hear Thriller torturing the guy in prison and eventually killing him.

The next day Thriller brings you to the garden where you see pretty flowers and asks if it was done by Robin Tolkia, but he says that there’s no such person in the Tolkia family. You also ask about the Redfore musicians, but he says that there is no research ongoing for blue roses. You then catch the blue butterfly and kill it in your hands, but it somehow reminds you of squeezing the baby squirrels to death in your hands. Thriller assures you that there’s nothing wrong with that and professes his love for you in the room with a kiss. (I assume some sexy time is going on there.)

The next day you teach Thriller how to use your smartphone and tell him that everytime it rings, you had to ‘restart’ your time in Luciole. You tell him that Robin told you that you were in Luciole during the 1800s, but Thriller tells you that it’s 1500s now, meaning that this time you are 300 years behind. (Which explains why Solona, Neuro, Gauche, Doroa and Robin do not exist). He believes you and asks you not to use the phone since you might disappear and he would never see you again.

At night, you visit the room where you lived as the princess in the other CDs, but find Thriller there. He finally confesses that he’s the prince (as if we didn’t already know). He says that he hid it from you since he felt that you might leave him if you know. He says that the other girls rejected everything that he did even though he tried hard to please them.

The next time you meet he wants to bring you hunting and he agrees to give you a gun. But you bring the guns to the terrace and shoot the kittens he was fond of because of your jealousy. Thriller is excited to see this and thinks that he is really loved. He then says that both of you should hunt those nobles who oppose your relationship since if their power continued to grow, he would be forced to make you leave the castle.

He sends you a wedding dress and the both of you go to kill people until your dress is stained red. He apologises for having left you out of this fun earlier. He then asks you to marry him, but you insist that his father has to be killed first in case he opposes the marriage. Thriller does so, and brings you the crown.

You then marry Thriller and have twins, a boy and a girl, but disappear all of a sudden one day.  Thriller searched the town, the forest and castle grounds, but never found you. He then picks up your smartphone which you had left behind and says that he might be able to see you again if he calls your phone in the 1800s.

He lives for 300 years and finally visits your rooms again, saying that he had called you multiple times with the smartphone in order to make you the ‘ideal’ princess, Once you remember him, he promises to love you forever no matter how many years down the road or whatever happens next.







  1. How the bleep did Thriller survive for 300 years without aging or dying???
  2. Why were there two smartphones? (One with Thriller and one in your pocket?)
  3. How the fuck did the electricity in the smartphone run for 300 years???
  4. How the hell did you even get to Luciole castle in the first place?

I expected loads out of this last CD, but it was kinda a disappointment because the few questions above made the whole experience less complete.

I wish they had turned Thriller’s CD another way (perhaps a genius dude from a future beyond ours?) but I still really liked this series even though it was not all explained clearly, with the time paradox and all.

Also, can someone help me out with the hidden messages if you knew where to find them? I can’t figure out where they are for the life of me XD.

Overall I would really recommend people to buy and support this series. It was a fun ride over the 6 volumes.

Now on to Tokyo cemetery for me!


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  2. I am also dissatisfied with that ending! I didn’t get what was going on in Thriller’s CD until I read your review. I also wonder about your questions as well. Someone told me that a friend of theirs said that Dr. Thriller is, in fact, the husband of the princess from 300 years ago or something along the lines. And there’s also one question I’d like to add to your list: what happened to the twins who were conceived by Thriller and the princess?

    I doubt that they’ll create a sequel to that series, cause how will they continue from where they left off??? But if Rejet is clever enough, then I’ll cross my fingers and hope they will???


    • Thriller probably took care of the twins until they intermarried and had more children until 300 years later. He survived 300 years so he probably orchestrated all that… weird stuff.

      I don’t know how they will make a sequel either but this was not the ending I expected ):


  3. The hidden messages in the boys’ diary were printed in slightly lighter color compare to the rest. You just have to find those words and then combine them.
    And for the finale CD, me and my friend were so disappointed with how it end. It’s like they are selling an apple pie, but after eating it, we realize that there aren’t any apple in there.


    • Ooh thank you for the tip! I shall go hunt for the messages later.

      Sigh, I know man… I get the whole time paradox thing but I was expecting a grand finale with more closure.

      Welp… At least 3 out of 6 CDs were good for me so I can forgive them I guess? Haha


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