Bye 2019, Hello 2020

The number of otome related things I’ve done this year can be counted with a single hand. Due to my bad eyesight I’ve been trying to stay away from screens and tried to move on to CDs but my CD player has been spoilt for forever now and I haven’t been actually bothered to replace it XD

Games and CDs lying around on my shelf, collecting dust.

I’ve been upset for too long about how Rejet took down my Youtube channel (still salty about it!) so I’m moving over to Soundcloud now. The number of free R18 audios found there reminds me that there is still an underground community very much alive and sometimes y’know, official game stores come down too hard on us (just bitching cos I’m REALLY still salty about my youtube channel)

Yes I remember I still have a blog but console gaming is not gonna be my priority for a long while until my vision gets better ):

Anyway, happy 2020 to everyone! May you have a good gaming year. And I’ll share my Soundcloud here just to spite Rejet XD

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