About Jyuu

Otome gamer who also has a huge love for rhythm games, and shooting/survival games.

I quit playing otome games in 2016 to work on my own English Otome game ‘Kokorogawari’ but am back this year in full force! Check out my game here:


My game reviews are usually a basic summary of the game and my guide/thoughts on the music, system, story, characters etc. I used to take Vita screenshots but I’m lazy now  :> Leave me a comment anytime, anywhere and I’ll get back to you!

Check out the tabs or the sidebars for more fun stuff and I hope you enjoy reading this blog!


Intend to play:

Otome Games (New):
-Variable Barricade

Otome Games (Backlog):
-Haitaka no Psychedelica
-Yuukyuu no Tierblade
-Hyakka Hyakurou

-Zanki Zero
-Blue Reflection

Rhythm Games (Backlog):
-Persona 4 Dancing all night
-IA/VT Colourful
-Miracle Girls Festival