Sigh. Someone tell me what happened because I can’t get what actually happened. I’ve got my own theories based on all the information collected, but it’s still confusing AF.

I was super busy the entire September and when I finally have a chance to listen to this thinking that the mystery would be revealed here, it only opens another can of worms.


Vol.6 Dr. Thriller (CV: Oosaka Ryouta)

The blurb of Thriller from the website has ZERO connection to what actually happened in the CD. Read the lies here: Continue reading

The 7th Special Division – Tokyo Cemetery (十狂セメタリ―)

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Story: There is a “7th Division” in the police force, also known as the ‘Cemetery’ unit due to the special cases that they take on, and the fact that they often work late into the night. Despite being the daughter of the Superintendent General (some high-ranking dude in the police force), you have been assigned as a newbie to this strange unit… Continue reading

Who is the Seventh Brave?! -Rokka no Yuusha spoilers-

This is absolutely not Otome related, but before I’ve been following the anime ‘Rokka no Yuusha’ for a while now, and the cliffhangers are killing me, but I’m too lazy to read the light novel, so I found a website with someone else’s spoilers in Japanese and am translating them here. I’m putting this under the Translation tab.

**Vol.1-6 Spoilers ahead!** Continue reading