Period:Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~ Otome Game review

Hello all! It’s been such a long time since I’ve written a game review, but I’ll stick as close as possible to my original review style.

Here’s reviewing an otome game after so long… and it’s a complete disappointment, saved only by its efforts into sprite animations and beautiful GUI.

First up, what is Period:Cube about? (non-spoiler)
To put it simply, it’s a lousy ripoff of Sword Art Online, otome style, complete with the part about dying in real life should you die in the game. The heroine finds her brother missing for an extended period and investigates with her childhood friend Hiroya. But all of a sudden, they are sucked into the game Arcadia which has a server known as ‘World V’ that has rumours of keeping people trapped in the game. Exactly ripping off SAO, the people trapped in World V are told to clear a dungeon in order to fully return to their lives in the real world. To do so, they have to collect and wield / clear the dungeon with 3 swords: a Holy sword, a Demon sword and Amadeus, God’s sword (the heroine). Therefore, the heroine (or you) becomes the target object of the game.

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Testing the resale marketplace of otome games

Hello all!

As previously mentioned, I will be looking to set up an international marketplace for the resale of otome games. I’m gonna try it first on my blog to see how it pans out, and if it works out, will be making an official one for the community’s use. A tab will be added to my blog for now.

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Officially back in the Otome community!

As the title states, I’m back to Otome gaming! I don’t know how much the community has changed or who even reads my blog anymore, but my recent trip to Osaka relit the fire for consoles and gaming. Please treat me kindly and say hello if you’re still a follower of my blog, and tell me what are the recent vita games you’ve enjoyed!

More on my goodies below:

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Otomate picking up again!

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!

I’m sorry for the dead blog in the past year… Working on KKG in addition to my new job has been so stressful ;_; not to mention my hamster of 2.5 years passing away just a few days ago… I can only wish him a peaceful sleep as he rests under a shady tree in the field where he now lies.

2017 had been a crazy year for me, but I’m really looking forward to 2018.

I’ve not been updating myself with the games thus far, and I’d already sold my psvita, but since I’ll be going to Japan in a week’s time, I might pick up a new psvita (if it’s a reasonable price) and some old releases that I have not played yet.

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Tsumikui otome game review

I haven’t had the time to do a full review, and I’ve not completed two routes yet, but here is a quick summary of my thoughts of the game before year 2016 ends. (Yikes! An almost empty gaming year!)

Please remember that these are my opinions and you are free to agree or disagree. Also, I’ve not written an otoge review in god-knows-how-long, so forgive me if my style is a little different from what it usually is. Continue reading


Official Kickstarter launch!

It’s here… Our Kickstarter launch!

I hope we can get your contribution and help us hit the 100% mark! ^^


Hello all!

While everyone at Team Precatio is both nervous and excited, we’re very glad to announce that our Kickstarter campaign shas finally launched!
From physical goods like keychains to amazing new digital content such as dozens of Kickstarter exclusive artwork and our programmer Haru’s cute mini RPG game, we can’t wait for you to enjoy them!

That is why we hope you will support and back us on Kickstarter so that we can bring you the best game we can possibly deliver!

We have added many new tiers for you to pick and choose from… So do take a look! And if any interests you, we hope you will make a contribution and join us in making Kokorogawari a great game!
Thank you all so much for your continued encouragement and support.

We’ll be waiting! 😀

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Launching Kickstarter!

Okay so the deal’s that I’ve been playing Tsumikui by Operetta but I’m getting nowhere with it due to being busy for our own visual novel XD

I promise a full review of Tsumikui will be up once I’m done with it!

If you’ve been following Kokorogawari which is the English visual novel that I’ve been working on since last year, here’s just a special peek into what will happen at Precatio in the next few weeks!

19 November – Launch special Twitter campaign (It’s a giveaway campaign! :D) AND full chapter 1 trial! 

-We launched half a Chapter 1 some time back and since many said they were interested to know what happens after that, we wanted our readers to see more of the story so they could make an informed decision before deciding to support our game.

So we will be releasing a full chapter 1 with improved GUI and some other bug issues fixed!

Early December – Launch Kickstarter! 

What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a platform where people interested in the game can ‘pledge’ an amount to support the project. No funds are taken if the project doesn’t hit 100% of the funding goal, and the creators of the project ends up with zero funds after all the hard work and nervous waiting! (which of course, we sincerely hope doesn’t happen to us). That is why, I hope that all the followers of this blog will help to support the game in some way, whether it be buying and pledging for the game or sharing the news on your blogs/tumblr/facebook for our Kickstarter launch!

We have a very good reason to be on Kickstarter. When Kokorogawari started coming to life, everyone was working on a free basis and we had some problems because of that. However, we hired an extremely skilled character artist (Shirou Yuki) and also our background artist (Sechiruu) who is working for us at such unbelievably low prices that I felt that we should do something to repay them for their awesome work. Also, since we were creating BGMs and songs with the help of pros, we needed to pay them as well.

It is definitely not easy being an indie dev without any funds but I hope you all will support Team Precatio when the time comes!

More info to come! Please check our our blog at and our twitter @precatio_vn!


Physical merchandise that we hope to make! 😀