Tsukiyasha’s differences from Dialovers & Misao review

Ok I didn’t plan to do translations or a review for this, but I received some funny emails over the weekend and thought I should redress Misao’s grievances (‘◇’)ゞ I’m sorry if this may seem a little challenging or even rude, but I promise I intend to offend in no way. Instead of responding to every email, I’ll just type a post here and take a breather from Hyakka Yakou. I’d wanted to save this for Vol.6, Hayato’s CD, but it seems like  clearing things up now will be better.

1) Misao is NOT a bisexual. 

In the otome industry, there’s either homosexual(for the fujoshi) or straight guys for the otomes. Producers will be highly afraid to introduce a bisexual into otome games and CDs, unless he’s an Onee who discovers his male hormones work better when Continue reading

Happy Sugar Darlin’-Ebihara Sora, Tsukiyasha-Jyou Jyou Gento & Criminale-Chiave CD Reviews

This is a compilation post because I’m lazy to do separate reviews (I’m playing Hyakka), but just want to stop by before I disappear for a while.

First up: Happy Sugar Darlin’, which I’ve not done any reviews yet because this is the first CD I’m listening to from the series. My first impression: Absolute seiyuu fanservice. As usual I’ll show pictures of the Cd jacket for every first copy of the series I buy. As usual, we have amusing Cd jackets from Rejet:


I think Sora’s CD jacket is the nicest, luckily for me. When I got the CD, I wondered why the cover was so dark, since the art looked much brighter on the website. I opened it hastily and Tralalalala~~!!  Continue reading

Rejet’s new CD! Love☆Don!!☆Quixote

Love Don Love Don Love Don,
Love Don Love Don Love Don!!!

The song is just too catchy and I swear I wasn’t the only one spamming comments similar to the above while watching the Live Event. (・∀・) The colourful pop and slightly comic-styled art is also perfect for a school themed CD!


As I mentioned in the compilation post, Love Don Quixote is a Situation CD where the man Kabe-Dons you. (Your back is against the wall and he places his arm(s) to stop you from escaping.) The heroine enters St. Don Quixote where the student council is rumoured to consist only of handsome men. She gets involved in an incident quickly and has the student council members take an interest in her. She then become a fledgling for the student council, but one of the school rules is that a relationship is forbidden! Here starts a secret love with your seniors! Continue reading

Rejet’s new CD! Yuu Gen Romantica

The seven wonders of your high school as you get possessed by the spirits. How nice. (・∀・) As I mentioned in my compilation post here, Yuu Gen is a Situation CD whereby you experience getting possessed by different kinds of Japanese ghosts with the famous dummy head mic. Summer is a time where we like telling ghost stories to ‘cool off’. I’m not sure we got this tradition and my dad’s ghost stories were never frightening. (They were mostly bad oyaji jokes.)

Story: (click to enlarge)


This comprehensive map was amusing enough. The hitodama (human souls that glow like a fire) mark where each of the 6 Youkai (spirits) you come into contact with normally are. The spirits in human form, speak to you in the afternoon and lure you to themselves at night. Continue reading

Rejet’s new CD! Lacrimosa ~ The Seven Sins (Love)

This is by far the one I’m most interested in at the moment. It seems to be the most promising one for now, and Rejet definitely does better with darker stories.


“Anyone who commits any of the seven sins will fall into hell.” This is a legendary tale of the country of Tudor Kingdom, that has strict laws sets in place. The country promises eternal prosperity and is called ‘Heaven on Earth’, being surrounded by lush greenery. (or Utopia) You are the Princess of this country and is living without want but one day, is led by a strange bird into a forbidden tower which you have been told never to enter. There, you meet the ‘Seven Wing knights’, seven beautiful knights who once played a large Continue reading

Rejet’s new projects! 2015 Spring~Summer

YAY! THE AWAITED DAY! Wow, we have lots this time round. Nevermind that I missed out on the most important part of the Live Event because I was listening to prof talk about how society has changed, and annoyed people with my tweets :p, here’s what I feel about the new projects!

1- Disappointed that we only have one game and it’s a school theme. (That doesn’t mean to say I’m completely uninterested though) Mostly just disappointed that most of them are school-themed because that’s not up my alley.

2- VERY disappointed that Rejet is continuing to milk Margi#4 and Dialovers. Hmph.

3- Interested that we have many new seiyuus!

4- Going mad with excitement that we have a new Teikoku Star series, and Yoshino Hiroyuki is joining in on Lip On! Continue reading

Sacrifice – Yagami Aran CD Review

Here’s my review, (finally) and I’m not translating this one. Aran sounded like a real bad-boy in Noel and Yuki’s CD, but he was actually really cute, not in the blushy-tsundere sense but how he tries his best to have fun with the heroine and hiding his sadness at having to leave her, or making up strange excuses to stop her from touching him.


Again, them sparklies on the CD! (*´∀`*)

So far, having listened to all 4 of the CDs, (including Keito’s), I think I am glad I supported this series. While the CD illustrations are certainly good, what I like more is actually how it tells the meeting (or parting) of two childhood lovers in a sad way and what each character wants for the heroine.  Continue reading

Tsukiyasha – Reiga translations

Reiga. (*´艸`*) His personality and story is much more lovable than Kirinosuke, being the tsundere he is. He initially dislikes the heroine because of his identity as an Ainu and also because of his past with a human, so he feeds only on animal blood (boar, mostly). But he accidentally goes into a frenzy and sucks the heroine’s blood until she faints in an early part of the story and that’s where their friendship begins. He never bullies the heroine on purpose like Kirinosuke does, and shows interest in her as a woman unlike Kirinosuke.


I think I like Reiga’s chara charm the most, since little Kamui and him is nothing less than cute. Won’t be taking pictures of the CD jacket, since the inside is the same as Kirinosuke’s, and we don’t even get a back cover illustration… Nevertheless, this series seems to have its own personality and is a series worth supporting if you like Wafuu games and stories. Continue reading

Ookami Kun’chi – Naiki (Nike) CD translations

Ya-ho! Mina no Naiki-kun Jyuu-tan da yo! (・ω<)

I’ll just do a summary for each track since I don’t feel much motivation to do complete translations for a less-than-average story.

If you have been following the Ookami brothers on Twitter you would notice how each time Naiki leaves Ash with murdurous intent. It’s the same for Ash and Naiki’s drama CD parts, with Naiki driving Ash nuts with his ‘I’m gonna irritate him and disappear’ personality.

But if the story continues this way, it’s going to be a disappointing as it’s really nothing worth attention. Apart from them calling their dates ‘Akazukin-chan’, the part about them being wolves is completely hidden; nothing of the fairytale comes into play which leaves me wondering what exactly is the purpose of the setting if it’s not utilised? My other thought is that it’s just a allusion, and that they’re not actual wolves, which doesn’t make sense for the whole Alpha male. Well, buy the CDs and decide for yourself, I guess? There’s still 4 volumes left anyway (´・ω・`)

Continue reading

Tsukiyasha – Kirinosuke translations

Review first!

Overall impression: On the fence (・ε・)

As I expected, Tsukiyasha reproduced itself as light fan-service from Diabolik Lovers, with mention of the heroine’s blood being unique, and the full moon turning the Yasha crazy, and of course, the blood sucking. While I wouldn’t exactly say Tsukiyasha models after Dialovers since there were themes like acceptance of Kirinosuke’s existance as a Yasha and his actual pain when killing humans, the depth of the story was shallow, like Oz to Himitsu no Ai vol 1~5, where the heroine is a bumbling Otomate idiot who never hates her kidnapper-cum-attacker and rather, thinks of ways and means to be friends with him. The “playing up the heroine’s innocence” was a surprise, and Kiri’s back story wasn’t all too interesting despite Kondou Takashi’s great acting as always.

And gawd, did I laugh when he went “wash the bedsheets since there’s blood all over it when I sucked” (Were they trying to reproduce a morning-after-Shoya scene? ROFL) And “Remember to wash it everytime after I suck your blood” got me cracking up badly in my room. This practical bit never came up in dialovers at all, if I remember correctly, and there were many other comical bits. I was also laughing when that famous Nocturne (I think) piano piece started playing as Kiri and the heroine were icha-ing in his room. The singing of ‘Accepted Blood’ near the end was also slightly distracting and left me clueless about how the rock music fit with the Meiji theme of this series. Continue reading