Background Art

If you like, just take a look at the gorgeous backgrounds that our BG artist is doing!

I hope you’re looking forward to the game!

All are done by Sechiruu our BG artist. Sechiruu will also be designing the game’s interface!

Source: Background Art


Call for character & CG artist

We are still going on, make no mistake about that! 🙂

Again, please help us to spread the word around! Thank you all for the support!


Hello all, this is Jyuuguchi blogging on the behalf everybody in Team Precatio.

Some of you may have realized the sudden removal of all art on our official Twitter and on this blog. If you’re guessing that our character artist has left us, you are correct.

Hiccups of this nature are common when it comes to indie projects. However, this is but another opportunity to rework our development team. I would like to be honest with everyone who has been supporting us in the making of this game (that is still continuing now), so a few points will be made clear:

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Last updates on the otome game!

Hi all! This will be my last update here on this blog(for the otome game creation) because everything else will be shifted over to the official blog, opening soon. This blog will go back to being a gaming blog, as it has always been.

Things are progressing. I have the story, characters all on standby. The only thing is, we need more support to let us know how much interest we’re generating for this game, so I have one request!

Please help us with our campaign!

Click on the following link, and Retweet that tweet, or follow the official Twitter account for the game! The numbers are going up slowly, and I hope to be able to reveal what we have soon 😀

Thanks all!



Updates on the Otome Game Team!

First up, I wanna thank everyone for the responses!

I was kinda worried that I wouldn’t get people but thanks so much everyone! For retweeting or sending links to other social media, for offering help and encouraging us! And of course, for actually joining the team!

I’ll just be introducing some basics things so those interested can keep an eye on us.

The name of our Otome Game team is 「Precatio彡」

Don’t forget the one-sided wings! (lol)

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Calling all creative people…

Hi it’s me.

So I’ve been thinking of creating my own otome game for a while now. It’s going to be impossible by myself so I’m recruiting some people who are interested in doing it. If you’ve always wanted to do something like that, join me and we’ll try it out!

For now, I’ll need these people so if you see anything that catches your fancy, comment or drop an email to

Serious people only please! It’ll be hard to think of monetizing it, (not entirely impossible though) but for now if you’re interested please assume that you’re gonna do it for free because you want to be a creator! Continue reading

Was it worth the plunge? 1 year into PSVITA otome gaming

Welcome, Ladies.

One year ago I was fawning over my Vita (now a comfortable oldie) at this post and I’m currently back to replaying my old PC games. Having been gaming furiously for the past year with PSVITA otome games, I’m trying to take a step back with a hand on my beard to ponder whether it had been worth the switch to a vita. I’ve churned out 11 reviews for the PSVITA and for those who’ve been following and reading my posts, you’ll know if I enjoyed the games or not. So how has it been? Were the games any good? Were the games worth any of you spending money to get a PSVITA for future games anyway? Do new otome games utilise the vita well anyway?

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