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What are the readers of Jyuuguchi like? Results collected from monthly polls… Hmm…

1) April “Are you S, M, or N?”


FYI, Jyuuguchi is … blurb, a mix of N and S. That’s right, ORE-SAMA. (; ・`ω・´)

2) May “What is your moe?”


FYI, Jyuuguchi’s 3 options … Hidden evil face, Shota/Girly and Uniform (especially navy :D)

3) June “Your favourite heroine design”


I’m not surprised that it’s Amnesia, since it’s the only game out of all those that got an animation. And my favourite is actually Gerda’s design despite me really hating her personality!

June “It’s Jyuuguchi’s birthday month!”


Thanks all for the wishes! And as for my age…. definitely  (´∀`∩)↑18↑

4) July “You would like this Rejet crossover”


TeiStarXDialovers for me! Having the BWS characters singing isn’t a bad idea too….

5) August “Your favourite childhood friend pair”


Since only Amnesia was made into an anime, it can’t be helped that most chose them… but Akito and Sakuya are definitely my top! And the Jyuza pair at 2nd.

6) September “Your guess at the next best heroine”


This will be a hard battle…. Ayakashi Gohan’s Akane Rin was fabs, but Reine and TrigKiss look promising too! I’m betting on Ayakashi for now!~

7) October “Special Quiz – Know the Illustrators!” 

Thanks to those who participated! I hope it made you do some research on those who draw those gorgeous CD and game covers for us, and of course, our 2D lovers! (・ω<)

Otomate and Rejet are starting to engage new artists, so let’s support them by buying their works! I’m looking forward to all the upcoming projects.

8) November “If a genie granted you one new Rejet series” 


Hmm… I didn’t expect Wasurena3 to be in top list, but I would choose HSD, since it’s the series I least want to pay for :p I hope Tsukiyasha is the smallest percentage for the same reason, inverted.

9) December “You will spend your Christmas….”


I swear I didn’t change the results. With me included, 64.8% are true Otoge fangirls and proud to be wives of whoever we want to be, 未来永劫.  Happy Christmas!~~~

10) January “New year resolutions!”


Wow… staying faithful to 2D men is something that doesn’t enter my ‘maybe’ list. I hope everyone achieves whatever goals you have, and have a good gaming year! (๑′ᴗ’๑)

11) February “Outside the lingerie shop your ideal man…”

-System error, I couldn’t get the results ):

Options were 1) He says he’ll pick a cute set for you 2) He says he’ll wait outside

12) March “Your favourite Otoge platform”


PSVITA for me! PC is great for games with lovely graphics but recently all the great games are shifting over to VITA, so VITA it is for me.

13) April “How do you like Jyuuguchi blog so far?”


Ohhh seems like around 85% gave me 4/5 stars! Thank you all! And a big thank you to the one who gave me 9000 stars! It really made me happy to see that (*´▽`*);つД`)

Ganbarimasu!! And I hope you guys will continue supporting Jyuuguchi! ❤💕♡💛

14) May “Free Poll! Your country and what you like most about it!”

**Only replies that answered both questions are featured**


15) June “Which do you want turned into an anime?”

** I accidentally reset the results halfway through so there are some 0%s but the popular ones are still popular, it seems….


16) July “If one day Otome Games disappeared from the face of Earth”


Personally, no way Otome Games would ever disappear because the market is growing bigger… And true! I would like to try to create them too! (Not the software but the designs and storyline only :P) Most readers of this blog would disappear, I get it. Because our 2D lovers are all gone ( ;∀;)

17) August “Vita Otome Games are”


Oops alright, no more Japanese polls, I got it.

18) September You are at home one day when 2 animals show up and they bring 1 good news and 1 bad news. Who brings what? [choose 1 good 1 bad]



Your future is greatly influenced by your life partner. The animal messengers correspond to your perception of the kinds of people likely to bring you joy or grief. The animal you chose as the bearer of good news represents your ideal mate while the doomsayer animal is the type of partner you would fear and want to avoid.

A. Tiger:
– Glad tidings: You see yourself happiest with an ambitious and powerful mate with an indomitable will to rule.
– Doom: You dread vanity and a tyrannical person that growls at any mention of sharing burden or housework.

B. Dog:
– Glad tidings: unquestionable loyalty and absolute devotion are things you most seek.
– Doom: You are incompatible with those who try to please everyone and fret over what others think.

C. Sheep:
– Glad tidings: You see the key to contentment in a warmhearted, nurturing spouse.
– Doom: You fear winding up stuck with a boring homebody that simply grazes int he same old patch of grass.

D: Parrot:
– Glad tidings: You seek a talkative, fun-loving partner who knows how to make you laugh.
– Doom: Nothing is worse than a non-stop chattering person.

E. Tortoise:
– Glad tidings: Your desirable relationship is that of the serious, dependable kind where you know you will be supported in your time of need.
– Doom: The thought of yourself spending your life with a frustratingly slow-moving and slow-witted partner is your worst nightmare.

19) October “How sick are you of Otoges?”


I’m sick. Very sick of Otoges. There’s no good game coming up in the next 6 months that is not a port or fandisc.

20) November “You get the feeling this will turn out really bad.”


Seems like everyone has their eye on D3P… They should buck up (;´・ω・)

21) December “On the first day of Christmas your true love gave to you…”




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