Taisho Guuzou Roman: Teikoku Star – Fuji translations


Fuji’s story has many ups and downs, just like the 3 characters that have been released, but Fuji has multiple changes— It’s complicated. You would have to listen for yourself to know exactly how he changed. Fuji has got to be the most dangerous, yet the most gentle one of this sadistic theatre. You know the saying… the ones who don’t bark have the hardest bite. So, what gives? Seeing him cut his arm in the opening act, getting tied to the chair in act 1, having his mother die in act 2…. And having Fuji do everything in a ‘It’s essential thus I do it’ expressionless way is nothing less than moe quite frightening.

Of course, if your head is as wrongly wired as Jyuu-tan, you would be excited rather than afraid when Fuji does his yandere acts. But those who’ve played dialovers have nothing to fear. In fact, we’re used to this, right?

I was initially pretty distracted by KimuRyo’s breath intakes but when you get ‘into the swing’, you’ll see only Fuji. Only Fuji, and nothing else…. Hehehehe…

Opening Act

Fuji meets the owner who is looking terrified and he apologises for the other stars’ behaviour, since they had been threatening and looking down on her. As the bell for practise sounds, she follows him, saying she wants to see the practise. “To her, who had been at the receiving end of horrible treatment from the other stars, his polite demeanour was extremely welcoming to her. But she would Continue reading