Shinobi Koi Utsutsu – Review

Quite disappointed for this game. The theme had great potential, but it turned out really bad. I was drawn to the colour scheme of shinobi koi: it combines colourful neo tones with anime-like art, so it’s not as realistic as the recently played games, and actually really emphasises how this game is for younger girls (not a baabaa like me :p) The only thing good is probably the OP movie(song)!

The characters personalities overlap alot when they are in mero-mode which made the game very stale after a while… Still, if you play for the seiyuus you will probably like it.

Ok, so let’s start with the prologue. The heroine when she was younger, had her parents killed before her eyes by some bad guy and she was freaking out because she’s about to be attacked too when suddenly a man comes in to save her and fight the baddy. He wins the baddy and seals away something in her. Ever since then, she desires to become as strong as that ninja who saved her and hopes to meet him again someday.

She works in a teahouse to fund herself for living expenses and the dojo (like a school) for ninjas in the neighbourhood. One day the elites of the most famous ninja school are passing by and she goes out to take a look too. There’s the red-haired tsundere Sarutobi Sasuke, blue-haired taciturn Kirigakure Kuroto, white-haired glasses boy Yuri Kamakiyo, light- Continue reading