Bad Apple Wars – Otome game review

I had my eye on this game for a looooooong time, even before I quit otome and came back this year – but only because of the soundtrack and Ishida Akira. Who wouldn’t love the soundtrack? It’s done by none other than the composer of black wolves saga…!

Turns out, this game was better than average, but not stellar like some of the others which I really enjoyed, and the regular retarded heroine Rinka made me want to kill myself over and over again in NEVAEH highschool.

What da heck is NEVAEH anyway? A kind of hipster way to say ‘never’??? And the first thing I thought when I saw the character art was that the kids should not be wearing a mask that looks like…

Dat hole, and the line down… You know… You know????

Enough of your ranting, Jyuu, get to the review! Continue reading