D3P’s New PSVITA projects!!

What a surprise. 

D3P started a weird countdown on their web on April 10 and I thought it would be some lame crap but who knew it would make my day so good?

I was dying while writing my report for school when I saw the fantastic news from D3P. I thought that the response to their crappy porting of Otoko Yuukaku didn’t warrant enough reason for them to make new VITA games, but it seems like the response was good enough. For them. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Seems like there’re 3 new VITA games, 2 slated for release this year and 1 for 2016!!! And believe me, 2 out of 3 catch my interest simply from the illustrators and the premise itself. Much more than Rejet’s MoshiKami anyway! Continue reading

Otoko Yuukaku no Tsuyane~ CD Review

You thought that my next post would be about Code:Realize.

Wrong!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!



Sorry. (・∀・)

The truth is I’m really tired of Code:Realize because it’s so draggy and felt like abandoning the game a few times. So I’ve been listening to Nojima Kenji as Kagerou talk me to sleep with lap pillow with his young sexy voice. I bought this CD in Tokyo as a ‘trial’ since I preordered the game after I saw its release date (Reverse Harem in the flower district, but of course!!!!) The game started as a keitai game, but it’s made its way to Vita with sexy voices like Kuroda Takaya, Okiayu Ryotarou and Nojima Kenji.

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