Happy Sugar Darlin’-Ebihara Sora, Tsukiyasha-Jyou Jyou Gento & Criminale-Chiave CD Reviews

This is a compilation post because I’m lazy to do separate reviews (I’m playing Hyakka), but just want to stop by before I disappear for a while.

First up: Happy Sugar Darlin’, which I’ve not done any reviews yet because this is the first CD I’m listening to from the series. My first impression: Absolute seiyuu fanservice. As usual I’ll show pictures of the Cd jacket for every first copy of the series I buy. As usual, we have amusing Cd jackets from Rejet:


I think Sora’s CD jacket is the nicest, luckily for me. When I got the CD, I wondered why the cover was so dark, since the art looked much brighter on the website. I opened it hastily and Tralalalala~~!!  Continue reading

Rejet’s new CD series! Happy Sugar Darlin (2014~2015)

So. If you watched the Natsu Matsuri live broadcast yesterday, you would have heard the announcement of the titles.




That’s me right now.

I’ll do some short introductions to encourage everyone to buy those you’re interested in. Let’s start with the one that made me laugh:

Happy Sugar Darlin

Continue reading