Tsukiyasha – Yashiro Hayato CD summary review

A must buy. Stop drinking Starbucks or eating TrashDonalds and BUY HAYATO’S CD!!! *Beware of Jyuuguchi in extreme hysteria mode in the track summaries because Hayato has triggered her Moe.* ( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`)( *´艸`) 隼人やべえ可愛い

Hayato is such a cutie! I actually teared up in the later half of his story @_@ If you follow my twitter, I was bouncing with excitement when his CD jacket and voice samples were released because he seems like the nicest Yasha out of all the rest of them, and he is. He calls her ‘Ojou’ which is something like ‘milady’ and he says he really should call her Hime (princess) since she is so vital to the Yasha for her blood. He makes her food and helps her kill bugs though he hates them (lol gap moe?) and though his story also follows the ‘I gave up X mission for my love’, his story plays out with more emotion than Gento’s and I loved the sound of his Geta in the walking scenes (・∀・) Misao complained about the idiocy of standing out with shoes like that when Yasha are supposed to avoid human attention as much as possible, but Hayato’s design does reflect his upbringing and lively character. His hatred for Misao is not only because of their polar characters but because of the way they lived their lives before they assembled at Reimeikan. Continue reading

Rejet’s new CD series! Tsukiyasha (2014~2015)

Here it comes…. Fantastical + Dummy head mic + Double CD. What are we going to expect? Something similar to Oz, Teistar and Sangokushi, no doubt. And did you say ‘vampiric’? All right, no further guessing is needed. It’s dialovers in a different setting.



The headline is: “For the sake of survival, we suck (blood). That wound is proof of our love…”

**Skit (rejet online shop) tokutens are mini charms for each CD! Rejet shop’s a bookmark.. Though I doubt many can go down to the physical store.. But the CD is available on a variety of websites that do international shipping, such as Amazon, so do buy a copy to support the Seiyuus and makers of the CD!


It is the time of Meiji, right smack in the middle of overlapping cultures. It has been after the Boshin war and Goryokaku war, and as Continue reading

Re:BIRTHDAY SONG (shinigami kareshi)

Game Review here: https://jyuuguchi.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/rebirthday-song-game-review/

Hohoho! They revealed the cast and here I am again on my off day, awaiting the later half of the year so I can play all those games….


This series is split into two games. This post is for Re:Birthday song that releases in Winter. The heroine is a shinigami candidate at a school, and all her playable characters are also shinigami candidates, whose age is that of which they died in real life. And I love the design of this heroine. Short hair! I mean, when did we ever get a short-haired heroine?

The heroine Cocoro did not choose a partner and as a result, ends up almost failing. She then has to attend some remedial class and there meets a few boys who have their own circumstances… and she ends up having to pair up with one of them. Will they successfully become shinigamis or…?


She’s naive but energetic and speaks to everyone without fear of rejection. She died on the day of her 17th birthday, and since then has been trying to become a shinigami. She fails at everything she does, but tries her best nevertheless. She knows little about herself since she has confused memories from her time in the living world.  Continue reading

Meiji Tokyo Renka Review + Summary

Originally a keitai game, Broccoli adapts it into Psp with dummy head mic!

The heroine, another bimbotic heroine with a tongue for beef, goes to a festival and is walking around when suddenly a weird magician appears in front of her and tells her to volunteer for his special trick show. He puts her into a box and counts to three and poof! she wakes up later after a deep sleep in some park. The magician finds her and tells her this is the Meiji Era and she is currently in Hibiya Park in Tokyo. Not believing it, she runs to find nobody, no cars and hardly any people. She looks for a train station and gets told by an uncle she’s wearing really shameless clothing so she walks on and on until she gets really lost. The magician chases after her and introduces himself as Charlie, and tells her that he can only send her back the next time  red moon shows, which is exactly one month away. The heroine gets hungry and Charlie suggests they should head to RokuMeiKan, where a party is currently going on and they should sneak in to eat for the day anyway.

Continue reading