Happy Sugar Darlin’ – Satu CD Review Summary

So I’ve been misreading the bear’s name for six months until now (;・∀・) I thought it’d be Satou, Japanese for sugar but upon closer inspection after I heard ‘Satu’ its written as さとぅ!! I googled and found this:

[ syll. sa-tu, sat-u ] The baby girl name Satu is also used as a boy name. It is pronounced Saa-Tuw- . Satu has its origins in the Japanese and Finnish languages. It is used largely in Finnish and Scandinavian. Finnish origin: It is derived literally from the word satu which is of the meaning ‘fairy tale’. In addition, Satu is a form of the name Sato.

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Rejet’s new CD series! Happy Sugar Darlin (2014~2015)

So. If you watched the Natsu Matsuri live broadcast yesterday, you would have heard the announcement of the titles.




That’s me right now.

I’ll do some short introductions to encourage everyone to buy those you’re interested in. Let’s start with the one that made me laugh:

Happy Sugar Darlin

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