Senjou no Enbukyoku (waltz) – Sub characters added

Original characters and story here:


Ran’s classmate. Extremely mild-mannered, he’s a student council type who can gather people to work. Having the blood of a far eastern country, he wields a special weapon called ‘katana’.

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Code:Realize Gallery updated

The gallery and scenes have been updated!  The heroine seems to be one of those “I’m so kind I love all my enemies” prototype, and we’re given more insight into the playable characters. As usual, there’s the friendly one, the hardcore cool one, the gentle one, the mysterious one and the Bro…. And the usual thing about men always being gentle, or praising girls for being cute. Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha.


Lupin「It’s alright. Believe in me.」

Having such a smart-looking outlook, it was unbelieveable that he held me with such strength. Afraid that the poison in my body would melt him, I drew away slightly as I held his gaze. But…

Lupin「See? Nothing’s happening right?」

He smiled out of context as if enjoying the situation. 
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Code:Realize “The princess of creation” – Official site open!

Game Review here:

FINALLY. Like FINALLY the official site is open, which means another web for me to stalk and glare at the creators of PS VITA. I’ve been waiting for this and it seems like a story revolved around the fictional mysteries of London, with Lupin, Van Helsing and Frankenstein. Looks kinda iffy at the moment, but has potential…


Cardia is  a girl who has deadly poison residing in her body and called a ‘monster’ as a result. One night, she meets a man who calls himself a Chivalrous Thief, Arsene Lupin. She proceeds to Industrial London led by him.  She meets various people in that strange land and an intricate story is woven slowly. What will be the answer that the girl called a ‘monster’ arrives at?




Due to the poison in her body, anything she touches rots or melts. Before she gets caught by the English army for being a ‘monster’, she meets Lupin who helps her escape. Having lost her memories since two years ago, she searches for her father who holds the key to her memories in London. Continue reading