NOISE -voice of snow- Otome game review

This is one of the most revolutionary otome games (15yrs and above recomended) because uh, the heroine gets raped by one of the love interests. And not in a bad end but just halfway through the story, mind. Obviously there are no CGs and ero acting like an R18 but…. I’m just “wow did not expect that.” It has a very different taste from the usual ‘ufufufu ahahaha’ Otomate games where things are beautified in the name of love. This is a dark game, and the prologue has the heroine Mana almost getting taken apart so her organs can be sold and later joining a criminal organization of some kind. And I can’t count the number of times she gets stabbed, bad end or not.

Furthermore Mana got kissed by someone when she was 7yrs old, so no first kiss scenes too. One of the love interests actually said “If my daughter was alive she would be a year younger than you so I see you as my daughter.” Now isn’t that a new blend you wanna try? I definitely enjoyed laughing at the reactions of people in the story.

Of course the clumsy trope and the getting saved by the prince on a white horse trope still exists, but maybe because of the setting that the heroine is involved in, the balance between the ‘danger’ of the guys and their attitude towards Mana is well planned. For once, criminals are criminals with foul mouths like “The thing at my crotch is gonna explode” when the guys Continue reading

Snow Black – Review

Again, a little reminder, this is a review, not a translation, so there will be only be summaries and my thoughts on the game.

This second QR game I play was a much better experience than Satomi, but I have the same complaint: too many silly endings, one-style-fashion sprite, the presence of a random JiiJii character that disgusts me and QR style ‘every playable character had the same storyline except for the icha parts’. But QR’s heroines are always hilarious and not the goody-two shoes (thank you CERO D?) who live to please others, which made it amusing to play through.


Our heroine Lib is the adopted daughter of the country Tressor’s royal family, making her the first princess of the country. Before 12, she lived with the trash of a father who treated her like a slave. But she had always been in love with a man who treated her gently and he would come on the snowy days to comfort her.

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Jyuzaengi Sangokuden – Summary & Review

Jyuzaengi 2 is coming soon, figured I should finish the backlot of the first game and glad I did! (It saved me after the crap called shinobi koi utsutsu) This is one of the games I truly enjoyed, with a plothole-less storyline and a cool heroine that I don’t rage at, and 6 characters with well-developed routes.

* Most CGs are in the video, my media space is filling up lol.

** Main story **

The heroine is a half breed, half human and half Cat-clan, which makes her the only one with black eyes amongst the 300+ catty people living deep in the mountains. But she’s strong, and one of the best warriors in the clan.


One day, Sousou (above) who is the Warlord of a singular province, come to the mountains to look for some bandits. (The yellow cloth bandits, seriously) He discovers the cat people and decide to make up some excuse so he can take them into custody because he knows about the strength of the cat people – they have superhuman fighting abilities, and he wants to use them for his army.

Depending on whose route you’re on, you get to interact with different characters during this scene.

snap023 snap061

In (left), Chouhi, the childhood friend of the heroine goes to stop Kakouton (blue guy) who is the sub-general of Sousou. In (right), the heroine stops Kakouton herself. In another option, you run to Liubi (below) who is the leader of the cat clan, and you protect him while the fight goes on outside.


In the end, they decide to get under Sousou’s custody and find the bandits to defeat them, so they can clear their name and go back home. They pitch tents somewhere near Sousou’s army and one night, the heroine goes out to look for the bandits. She finds the leader and its revealed he is also a cat

He is trying to overthrow the humans and make the country into the cat’s place, so he hid his ears and used the bandits. Unfortunately, he gets defeated by Chouhi and the heroine, and Sousou pops out from somewhere. Sousou says that they should slice off the ears of Continue reading

Toki no Kizuna [Sekighara Kitan]

Demons and humans do not live in peace. The heroine (suzumori) is a protector of a princess yashahime which is the central of the 10 demon clans. The heroine herself comes from one of the 10 demon clans and is the head of the clan but was brought up by 3 random Jiis. One day yashahime calls for all the heads to assemble and there. While investigating the barrier they set up to prevent weirdoes form entering in, Suzumori encounters 2 heads, Kazuya and Chitose. Both are apparently very good with the sword. She learns that one does not give your surname unless you trust them.  Then later she meets Kazutake and Shin in the meeting place. Shin is apparently worshipped as God by the humans and Kazutake is looked upon as the next big head of the oni clans. That’s the basic story.

First up, the heroine. I like strong women and historical stuff which is why I even played Continue reading