B’s LOG 2014 7号 May’s Issue

I bought this together with my Dengeki issue 7 though this issue was released May 20. And to top it off I read Dengeki first since they had illustrations of more Rejet stuff. So it’s kinda late, but let’s get down to flipping through this issue. (As I spoon matcha ice cream into my mouth) I intend to scan some of the pin-ups and post them up at a later date, so don’t get put off by the reflections (^^ゞ

1) Reine Des Fleurs

It’s a special scoop! This issue’s special feature is on Reine (Which is why I even bought it (^_^;) Since I didn’t do a web-intro on Reine, I might as well do a little here. CGs here are not on the official web yet. Sneak peek!

This is (one-half, one-side of) a two-side two-page pin-up. Leon’s holding a wine glass on the right side of this page, and the back of it is a short story. (Gaah–!! Mendokusai!!)

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A random post for KamiAso fans

Many of the visitors to Jyuuguchi are here for Kamigami no Asobi. While the anime was crap, the game was certainly good. This is just a random post while I translate Isao and Sou Sou’s track… so have fun wishing you were in Japan 😉 + );

Collaboration kitchen by BUTLER CAFE (gets shot////) and Broccoli:


Greek gods’ cake:

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