Tsumikui otome game review

I haven’t had the time to do a full review, and I’ve not completed two routes yet, but here is a quick summary of my thoughts of the game before year 2016 ends. (Yikes! An almost empty gaming year!)

Please remember that these are my opinions and you are free to agree or disagree. Also, I’ve not written an otoge review in god-knows-how-long, so forgive me if my style is a little different from what it usually is. Continue reading

NOISE -voice of snow- Otome game review

This is one of the most revolutionary otome games (15yrs and above recomended) because uh, the heroine gets raped by one of the love interests. And not in a bad end but just halfway through the story, mind. Obviously there are no CGs and ero acting like an R18 but…. I’m just “wow did not expect that.” It has a very different taste from the usual ‘ufufufu ahahaha’ Otomate games where things are beautified in the name of love. This is a dark game, and the prologue has the heroine Mana almost getting taken apart so her organs can be sold and later joining a criminal organization of some kind. And I can’t count the number of times she gets stabbed, bad end or not.

Furthermore Mana got kissed by someone when she was 7yrs old, so no first kiss scenes too. One of the love interests actually said “If my daughter was alive she would be a year younger than you so I see you as my daughter.” Now isn’t that a new blend you wanna try? I definitely enjoyed laughing at the reactions of people in the story.

Of course the clumsy trope and the getting saved by the prince on a white horse trope still exists, but maybe because of the setting that the heroine is involved in, the balance between the ‘danger’ of the guys and their attitude towards Mana is well planned. For once, criminals are criminals with foul mouths like “The thing at my crotch is gonna explode” when the guys Continue reading